• Favorite foods: Pho, Burgers, Soup, Soul food, Bacon & Sausage

Dirty Frank's Hot Dog Palace in Columbus, Ohio

I've heard rumors of elephant ears and funnel cakes :) Corn Dogs too? :)

Best Caesar Salad in NYC?

proper core ingredient: Anchovy

Falafel ~ Tried and True Recipes?

Eating Straight Tahini would be nasty, do you mean hummus?

Hangover food

Love the Menudo call....

brighton beach russian food markets

I ate calves tongues the last time I was there out of a a hot food section of those markets. I love the idea of going into a restaurant with prepared foods and ordering things that you have no clue what they are....

Stranded in an airport.

Cassaendra love the mention of The West Side Market, A true gem....

Cookie exchange: what do you hope others will make?

i hope someone bakes 7 layer bars..

What's your favorite curry recipe?

saying "Chavrie Goat Cheese"

is like saying I went to the grocery and bought cow's milk...

no need for the double affirmative....

Family dining in Columbus, Ohio

greeting I am from Columbus Ohio and love SE...

I would be happy to point you in the right direction. In fact I work at a great place called Figlio, its kinda like California Pizza Kitchen but homespun. PIzza pastas salads deserts all made in house. Its not really near the zoo. But on Grandview Ave. Google it! Woudl be good for kids too PIZZA! Not too many good mom and pops up near the zoo which is quite far on the NW side of town. The Starliner diner in Hilliard is great too! Grab some Jenni's Ice cream to make it an official columbus Trip... hope you have a great time let me know if there is anything I can do to help!

Taste: Brewer's Yeast vs. Regular Yeast

All i Know is i tried it with baking yeast and it was not too bad...


is there a brand thats best? Am I buying this from my grocery store or my liquor store?

Outdoor Wedding Reception Ideas

Id thought of more! But please add your 2cents!

Shrimp Cocktail with crackers and lemon wedges
Hot crab dip served from a chafing dish
Asparagas wrapped in prosciutto
Antipasto platter with sopressata, provolone, pepperoncini, an olive medly, marinated artichoke hearts and marinated mushrooms.
Toasted(cracker crumbs and deep fried) ravioli with marinara dipping sauce
Blue Cheese Spinach Filo Triangles
Scallops wrapped in Bacon

Any recommendations for Thailand, Vietnam and Cambodia?

eat pleanty of street bahn mi in vietnam

Need Name for a Soup Company

a million thanks for all the input so far!!!

thanks green for nominating some of your own and some from others!

Need Name for a Soup Company

thanks for your ideas so far!

keep them coming!

Food Trends in NYC

no other ideas?

Everyone has a dream of opening a restaurant...

Its a dream, so dream big!

Everyone has a dream of opening a restaurant...

get elaborate....i know we all dream...

Original Iron Chef

so much more much more fun/funny with the voices...

Top Chef: Mother's Day Comes Early

did anyone else laugh when the said "I've got a culinary boner" at the end of the show?

How does anyone afford to travel & eat?!

half of 1million is 500,000

Lamb and Mutton

I'd Love the same recipe for gyro meat!

How does anyone afford to travel & eat?!

39*7 = about 280 dollars a week! add 20 bucks for tax or a bit more thats 300 bucks a week rather than your 500!

Saving you 200 dollars....

I only charge a nominal fee of 10% of the money saved :)

so 20 bucks....(smile)

How does anyone afford to travel & eat?!

Im not here fluffing them I just use their site to find discounted hotel rooms. That paired with websites like SE and chowhound and I can afford to stay in decent accomodation and eat good local food. Not fansy stuff. But good homecooked food.

Just did a search on hotwire checkining in on a thusday and leaving on a friday and a cost for the room in Colonnade - Inverness in 39.00 USD's per night sure youll have taxes etc. But less than 50 a night is a great deal for 2 people.

Check it out!


Grits are ground hominy not corn meal

Homemade: Bacon Mayo

when making a mayonnaise from scratch, could you use the bacon grease instead of the vegetable oil?

has anyone tried anything like this before?

Iron Chef America : Exposed

Even with all the pom and circumstance of the opening of the show, I think the match ups are pre determined (I don't think the challenger is actually selection the competition on the spot).

Also, I think before the battle the challenger and the iron chef are given 3-4 possible secret ingredients which they would prepare for all of them. When the "secret" ingredient is revealed, they have some idea of a menu.

Also I think they only have to have one of each menu item plated before the buzzer rings.

What are other thoughts, behind the scenes ideas? rants, raves etc?

Thoughts on Tonight's Iron Chef...

Appleman vs. Symon,

This episode just left a really bad taste in my mouth. How can you have two amazing chefs. I'm thinking Appleman will win a Beard this year. AND have two silly sports jocks as judges? Boomer was turned off by the idea of eating brains and skin.

Appleman is a forward thinker, and his skill was not appreciated in the least.


Trends for 2009

As we begin to close the year, I would enjoy some input/chatter on what you feel will be the food trends in the upcoming year. I will offer my two cents.


1. Fried Chicken. As we have seen the burger craze hit the fried chicken will hit this year.

2. Slow Food and Braising

What is on your Christmas List?

Foodie related was wondering what you are all wishing for for Christmas, big or small...

If you don't have a Benriner Japanese Mandolin Slicer already you should ask Santa for one...

Best resource for soups?

As the air gets a little chilly here in the Midwest I have started making some nice soups. I was wondering if anyone else could share a good resource for wonderful soup recipes or share their favorite!


Taste: Brewer's Yeast vs. Regular Yeast

Someone once told me on this board to sprinkle brewers yeast on popcorn. I have yet to do so, but did try it with regular yeast as is was the only thing in my cupboard. Is there much difference?

P.S. how many ounces in a cup of cheese?

Outdoor Wedding Reception Ideas

My friend is having her wedding outside and wants to have heavy h'orderves to eat after. So far shes thinking small cold tenderloin sandwiches, Caprese Salad. What else would you suggest! Ideas!!!


Need Name for a Soup Company

Thinking of starting a grassroots soup company in Columbus, Ohio and brainstorming names. Some ideas so far:

Super Soups
Soup's On...
The Wooden Spoon
Village Soups (I Live in Victorian Village and there is Italian and German Villages in Columbus)

Day Old Soup : What's your Favorite?

I really really enjoy making soups. Everyone has their favortie. If you follow a recipe or just keep tasting and adjusting to taste. What are some of your all time favorite soups? Care to share a recipe?

- "You can do almost anything with soup stock, it's like a strong foundation. When you have the right foundation, everything tastes good"

-Martin Yan

Best casual restaurants...

What are your favorite restaurants for a casual Saturday afternoon lunch. Good comfort food at a good price point. The place where you want to take your friends...

Food Trends in NYC

Well have seen everyone and their brother now open a burger joint. Almost saturating the island. What do you see as the next big trend?

10 bucks! Feed 4!

Just like in top chef what would you make if you were faced with the same challenge?

Don't copy the ideas that they used on the show...

Best BBQ Sauce...

Can the great debate begin? BBQ sauce is a holy grail of sorts...

Which is your favorite "on the store shelves" kind?

Which is your favortie from a restaurant?

Which home recipe for BBQ sauce could you share with us?


Making Beautiful Chai..

Having spent 3 months in India I have become addicted to Chai. Spending the equivalent of 12 cents street side for a nice little cup of expertly made Chai. Whiel in india I purchased the tea. But was wondering if anyone had a good method to re-producing this wonderful little beverage Indian style...not S*bucks style ( I cant even bring myself to type those silly words)...A few questions:

Do I need a certain % of milkfat? I think they use a HEAVY milkfat

Do i add a cardamom pod while it boiling?


Re-Defining School Lunches

my mother is going to retire next year after teaching 1 and 2nd grade for 35 years. She now wants to become the school cook and feed students REAL food a la Alice Water's Martin Luther King School. I remember reading somewhere that there is a good book about re-defining school lunches but cannot seem to locate it. Was wondering if anyone from the SE community could point me in the right direction. I would like to get it for her for Christmas!

thanks guys and girls!

Family Cookbook : The Serious Eats Family

There are always church groups or PTAs or the ladies of the Kiwanis club coming together to submit recipes to compile a cookbook.

If you could only SUBMIT one of your recipes to the Serious Eats Family Cookbook which would it be? Why? and submit the recipe!

Happy Holidays!

For the love of Congee...

I'm not too sure peoples obsession with congee. Tell be if im wrong but its overboiled rice which has turned into a poridge of sorts?

Then you put topings in/on it and eat?

To be honest i've never had it....what kind of topings do you use?

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