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Dirty Frank's Hot Dog Palace in Columbus, Ohio

I've heard rumors of elephant ears and funnel cakes :) Corn Dogs too? :)

Best Caesar Salad in NYC?

proper core ingredient: Anchovy

Falafel ~ Tried and True Recipes?

Eating Straight Tahini would be nasty, do you mean hummus?

Hangover food

Love the Menudo call....

brighton beach russian food markets

I ate calves tongues the last time I was there out of a a hot food section of those markets. I love the idea of going into a restaurant with prepared foods and ordering things that you have no clue what they are....

Stranded in an airport.

Cassaendra love the mention of The West Side Market, A true gem....

What's your favorite curry recipe?

saying "Chavrie Goat Cheese"

is like saying I went to the grocery and bought cow's milk...

no need for the double affirmative....

Family dining in Columbus, Ohio

greeting I am from Columbus Ohio and love SE...

I would be happy to point you in the right direction. In fact I work at a great place called Figlio, its kinda like California Pizza Kitchen but homespun. PIzza pastas salads deserts all made in house. Its not really near the zoo. But on Grandview Ave. Google it! Woudl be good for kids too PIZZA! Not too many good mom and pops up near the zoo which is quite far on the NW side of town. The Starliner diner in Hilliard is great too! Grab some Jenni's Ice cream to make it an official columbus Trip... hope you have a great time let me know if there is anything I can do to help!

Taste: Brewer's Yeast vs. Regular Yeast

All i Know is i tried it with baking yeast and it was not too bad...


is there a brand thats best? Am I buying this from my grocery store or my liquor store?

Outdoor Wedding Reception Ideas

Id thought of more! But please add your 2cents!

Shrimp Cocktail with crackers and lemon wedges
Hot crab dip served from a chafing dish
Asparagas wrapped in prosciutto
Antipasto platter with sopressata, provolone, pepperoncini, an olive medly, marinated artichoke hearts and marinated mushrooms.
Toasted(cracker crumbs and deep fried) ravioli with marinara dipping sauce
Blue Cheese Spinach Filo Triangles
Scallops wrapped in Bacon

Need Name for a Soup Company

a million thanks for all the input so far!!!

thanks green for nominating some of your own and some from others!

Need Name for a Soup Company

thanks for your ideas so far!

keep them coming!

Original Iron Chef

so much more much more fun/funny with the voices...

Top Chef: Mother's Day Comes Early

did anyone else laugh when the said "I've got a culinary boner" at the end of the show?

Lamb and Mutton

I'd Love the same recipe for gyro meat!

How does anyone afford to travel & eat?!

39*7 = about 280 dollars a week! add 20 bucks for tax or a bit more thats 300 bucks a week rather than your 500!

Saving you 200 dollars....

I only charge a nominal fee of 10% of the money saved :)

so 20 bucks....(smile)

How does anyone afford to travel & eat?!

Im not here fluffing them I just use their site to find discounted hotel rooms. That paired with websites like SE and chowhound and I can afford to stay in decent accomodation and eat good local food. Not fansy stuff. But good homecooked food.

Just did a search on hotwire checkining in on a thusday and leaving on a friday and a cost for the room in Colonnade - Inverness in 39.00 USD's per night sure youll have taxes etc. But less than 50 a night is a great deal for 2 people.

Check it out!


Grits are ground hominy not corn meal


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