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  • Favorite foods: South Carolina mustard based barbecue, jiaozi, Roquefort cheese, khao soi, and anything uni
  • Last bite on earth: Good hummus with Zomick's challah for comfort; very spicy Thai for a kick; and Whistlepig Rye for oblivion

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Los Angeles: 7 Challah Loaves We Love

@Calimom and @Leah B, so sorry for the confusion with the price on the Got Kosher challot. That price was for several loaves. The new slide more clearly reflects the price of the two kiddush-sized loaves pictured.

Los Angeles: 13 Breakfast Pastries We Love

@rainbowbrite An excellent question. Suggestions on what we should add to our morning rotation?

Sippin' Soda at Galco's Summer Pop Tasting in LA

Yum! I want to try my hand at making that Highland Park poptail!

Behind the Scenes at the See's Candies Factory in Los Angeles

@Koffe They weren't making Scotchmallow the day we were there, but I'm told they mix equal parts honey marshmallow and butterchew caramel in their main kitchen (the room picture in the CBC pix.) Once formed, that mixture goes through the enrobing room to get coated in dark chocolate.

Top This: Pizza Bianca (à la Pizzeria Mozza)

It really is so, so good. The sage really is venerable, and really puts this pie over the top. And as @L.A. Pizza Maven says, the addition of some of Mozza's fennel sausage doesn't hurt...

New at Wawa: Pepperoni Pizza Hoagie

Oh Wawa. They can make even a plain old turkey hoagie taste like heaven. I can only imagine what they can do to pepperoni pizza...

Taste Test: Crunchy Peanut Butter, No-Stir

Precisely right. While I usually have some measure of brand loyalty, on PB, I'm a house divided -- creamy goes to Skippy; crunchy is decidedly Jiff.

Exploring Thai Sweets at Bhan Kanom in Los Angeles

@Dcarl1 Right you are. I was told that it can go both ways--to the sweet or savory treat, but that often refers to dessert snacks, as is primarily the case at Bhan Kanom. Thanks for the clarification!

10 Smoothies We Love in Los Angeles

@cucumberpandan Yep! Simpang has all three of those. Do you have a go-to between Es Teler and Es Campur? Also, as a side note, I love the Es Duren (and other durian treats) while I'm actually imbibing, but then I always find that durian gets stuck on my palate for days after and I can't taste anything else...

33 Bites and Sips from Taste of the Nation, Los Angeles

@Foodie Fatties, depends where you are, but often the local paper's food blog has good listings...

Does Dr. Pepper Ten Taste Even More Like Regular Dr. Pepper?

@Mike N. Thanks for the catch. Wonder what that means for the validity of the good doctor's degree...

Los Angeles: 14 Salads to Eat Right Now

@Kelly Bone, wow! Great tip, that sounds like pie meets salad, which is perhaps an introduction that should have been made ages ago!

Top This: Momed's Etli Pide

Man I love pide! So warm and good. Can't wait to go check this out! (and maybe brave making some of my own...)

Our 5 Favorite Puddings in NYC

Oh man that Russ & Daughters bagel pudding makes me weep.

Hot Dog of the Week: Pimento Cheese Dog from Sandy's Famous in South Carolina

When we moved to SC when I was a kid, my dad was so disappointed by the available franks that he had to incessantly nag Piggly Wiggly and the other grocery stores to start carrying Hebrew Nationals. But then we found Sandy's and our dog needs were met. However, I've never had the pimento cheese dog! I can't wait till my next visit to Columbia!

Daily Slice: Margherita at 31Ten Lounge, Los Angeles

I'm definitely not a fan of over-cheesed pizza, but your description of "brown blistered lattice of salty mozzarella" is so lovely that it makes me hungry anyway...

A Sandwich a Day: Crema Café's Sweet Potato Sandwich in Cambridge, MA

So funny, I had almost this exact same sandwich last night at Simplethings in Los Angeles -- roasted sweet potato, avocado, thin sliced apple, with a schmear of chevre spread. Served on a mighty fine pretzel roll. Some serious sweet potato sandwich synchronicity...

Los Angeles: 14 Sandwiches We Love for $6 and Under

@Osomatic Sadly, Spitz's doner, even a la carte, is just over $6. So many great ones are...

Los Angeles: The Best of the 200-Item Menu at 'Northern Chinese Restaurant'

@IchHeisse Mmmm! I love Xinjiang Uygur food. Can't wait to check it out...

Healthy & Delicious: Broccoli Rabe, Turkey Sausage, and Grapes

Yum. Made this tonight. Was delicious, and since the grapes and sausage looked near identical once cooked, there was mystery in every bite...

The Ultimate In-N-Out Secret Menu (and Super Secret Menu!) Survival Guide

How have I not been getting chopped chili on my In-N-Out? Tomorrow is a new day.