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Sneaky Skinny - Healthy Tips That Don't Scrimp on Satisfaction

@Todd...sure re: beef - I even take it a step further and hit nutrition-less Taco Bell, but as for the Greek yogurt, I'm sorry, I'm just as happy with its fat free-ness as with full fat sour cream - don't miss a thing. Plus, I don't like eating sour cream with berries and honey in the morning. Point being, it's dual purpose, saving both money and valuable shelf space. Overall, I just find that when I cook myself vs. eating out, I cook healthier. I like the fact that I have to make a conscious decision to make a 20 min. RT car trip to Taco Bell, and its easier to talk myself out of doing that too often when there are better options in my fridge. I mean, hey, some days I eat less than 1000 calories - 2 packages of Reeses Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups (420) and a bag Herr's Kettle Dark Potato Chips (260) and half a bottle of wine (300)...then I made these tacos the next night :)

Out of the Express Line if you have more than 10 items, please!

10 items or a sneaky 15? ToMAYto/TohMAHto. How about: 1) Single Basket or 2) Everything Else Belongs in a Cart and Another Line unless 3) Pharmacy/Ready Made Food Cashiers Are Empowered to Use Discretion with Handheld Items. Oh, and 4) Exact Change, Checks, & Foodstamps

BUT! When trapped in any line, play Aisle CSI and guess the back stories of those holding you up. If you feel stressed, at least you can counteract that with a feeling if superiority toward the cranky woman buying hot dogs, ground beef, orange soda, boxed mashed potatoes, lunchmeat and Wonder Bread (and her shockingly insolent children!). I'll just read a trashy magazine and know I'm lucky to have my couscous, avocado, bananas and garbanzo beans....though I do wonder what they think when I only hold a head of garlic, dog biscuits and a $5 bottle of wine, but we're all critics, aren't we?

Pet peeve about self-checkout: Produce. Nothing effecient there.


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