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Tea Wing: A Source for Premium Matcha

Tea Wing carries a select range of Japanese teas (the owner personally goes to source in Japan each harvest), and matcha is their signature product. I visited the Tea Wing headquarters for a taste, and their offerings were easily best matcha I've tasted in US. More

Ask A Pastry Chef: What To Eat At Maison Boulud, Montreal

The Ritz-Carlton Montréal closed for a four-year gut renovation and when they reopened last summer, they did so with Daniel Boulud's second location of Maison Boulud—the first is in Beijing—attached to the hotel. Pastry Chef David Jubin, formerly of Michel Bras and Le Louis XV in Monaco, heads the sweets department where desserts are simultaneously whimsical and decadent with plenty of nods to the region. More

10 Smoothies We Love in NYC Right Now

This updated list includes long-time favorite spots like Liquiteria, Jus, and LifeThyme Market, but we also made room for some hip newcomers like The Butcher's Daughter and Melvin's Juice Box. And we're not just talking a cup full of mushed berries and yogurt here: these days, smoothies are made with everything from whole coconuts and cacao nibs to ginger and dates to watermelon to cilantro. More

Bakery Guides: What to Eat at Salon de Thé de Joël Robuchon, Taipei

@nataku thanks for catching that! correction made ^_^

Can't-Miss Egg Custard Tarts at Newark's Teixeiras Bakery

ahhh now I have to go here! ^_^

Kathy YL Chan's Top 10 'Sugar Rush' Sweets in NYC

Hi guys! Thanks so much for your sweet comments, you made me tear up ^_^

Max - I'll miss working with you (at least on a daily basis ;)!

Adam - Ahhh, you are too kind! I still remember when I first met you and Robyn back in 2005...at Luzzo's :D

Sugar Rush: Takashi's Soft-Serve

@travels4food: Yes! sorry about that, will make the correction, thanks.

Limited Time Offer: What Happens When, Chef John Fraser's Pop-Up in Nolita

Great post Kenji! Perfect timing too - am headed there for dinner tonight :)

Cool Drinks, NY: Horchata at Peels and Pinche Taqueria

@kenji - the photo is from Peels

Sugar Rush: Gelato at Stellina

I prefer L'Arte del Gelato for the classic flavors (clean, pure and bold), but for fun (sometimes silly) and creative gelato flavors, Stellina does an excellent job.

Lunch for One: Fresh Agnolotti at Otto

yes! it's on the permanent menu (listed it's own section right below the dried pasta dishes)...woohoo!

Attn. tea snobs: recommendations?

Are you thinking of the Kusmi Earl Grey? It has the blue sub-label with black and white design....


Attn. tea snobs: recommendations?

The Brunch Dish: Spicy Duck Burger at Perilla

Whoa. FOUR doughnuts in an order! There were only three when I went...were these doughnuts stuffed with any curd or cream?

How to Make Kimbap

Hahah, I didn't even notice the happy face on the fish cake when you were making it!! Thanks for the post Grace - this is awesome! :D

Eggs Travaganza in Midtown: The First Power Breakfast Cart Ever?

Thanks for the great post Ed! My office is right by on 51st and Madison, and I never once thought to stop by for breakfast at the cart. Pancakes on the agenda!! :D

NYC's Top 10 Ice Cream Sandwiches

@ orenale: Definitely go to One Girl Cookies! How Sweet It Is unfortunately closed down a few months ago...they're catering operation is still in business, but the retail storefront with the ice cream sandwiches is now gone :[

Sugar Rush: Chocolate Pudding in a Mason Jar at Sarabeth's

@ Grace: $4.25...which I thought was fair for the amount of pudding + mason jar ^_^

Sugar Rush: 'Dirty' Cupcake at Sweet Revenge

@ ksac810: I've had all the Sweet Revenge cupcakes multiple times. I'm a huge fan of carrot cake but I've found theirs to be more often on the dry than moist side. Buttercream frostings are overly sugary, but the ganache topped ones are simply spectacular :)

Sugar Rush: Sun Mary Bakery’s Steroidal Chocolate Cream Puff

Golly that is intense! I loved the look on your face when you spotted it at the Bakery and was like WHAT IS THAT??

Grand Opening of Flip, a New Burger Joint in the Manhattan Bloomingdale's

Yay! Thanks for the post Robyn! I've been curious all day ^_^

Prosciutto Balls from Joe's Superette in Carroll Gardens

WHOA. I did not know this place existed!! you have induced my latest craving ^_^

Best NY Food blog

Danny left out his own blog (http://www.foodinmouth.com/), which is a pretty darn awesome site ^_^

May's Teri Burger from the 2009 Punahou Carnival in Hawaii

@ Pomai: Thanks for commenting! You made awesome points regarding the burger. It's really one of those you-gotta-experience-it-in-Hawai'i things to understand the appeal. It doesn't look like much, but when you have the burger right after a malassada (or two? ;) and follow it up with shave ice...few things in the world could taste better ^_^

Chong Qing Chicken and Pea Shoots at Grand Sichuan

Ok yeah, Robyn, next time we're ordering everything Kathryn just listed there! :)

Sugar Rush: Where to Find Avocado Shakes

@ bephf: You'll want the one from Thang's in Honolulu's Chinatown -> http://apassionforfood.blogspot.com/2008/12/omg-avocado-smoothie.html

Sugar Rush: Happy National Carrot Cake Day

OMG. The M&I Carrot Cake. I love, I love, I love :D

Sugar Rush: Brooklyn Blackout Cupcake from Ladybird Bakery

Golly, I think my heart just went thumpboomthumpboomthump super fast just looking at that. Mmm CHOCOLATE! :D