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Tiki's Hollywood Origins and the Woman Behind It All

@badseed1980 -- Thank you!

@JPET -- Better than Tonga Hut, even?

@SteveSCT -- Agreed, the Tonga Room is a fabulous place.

@RichL -- Tell us what you think of them!

@thesteveroller -- Yeah, Ernest Gantt changed his name legally more than once, and at one point it was spelled "Donn." Dude liked to party.

Is Din Tai Fung the Gold Standard For Soup Dumplings?

Agreed. Din Tai Fung has about the least delicious xiao long bao in the San Gabriel Valley, the section of L.A. County where the best Chinese food can be found. I always think that the people who go mad for it just haven't tried XLB anywhere else.

Serious Green: Rent-a-Ruminant to Get a Tough Job Done

@accidentalepicurean: Lorenzo and others are correct, the morning glory used in Thai cooking is related to the plant that chokes European and North American gardens, but it is not the same thing. SE Asian morning glory grows in marshes:


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