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Where to Eat Ice Cream in Berlin, Germany

@mangold Thanks for the catch! @Robyn Lee Hope you can come back and try all these wonderful cafes!

5 Traditional Pastries You Must Try in Berlin (and Where to Get Them)

Hi @TiminNY You're absolutely right about the cream cheese, you can find it in many of the large supermarkets here. But for cheesecake, the traditional German version is made with quark. Hope you enjoy these bakeries as much as I do!

5 Doughnuts We Love in Berlin, Germany

@candide @ Hungry Dan I'll make sure to take interior shots next time!

5 Doughnuts We Love in Berlin, Germany

@berroci That's right. @L. Lee Ross @britalian The story and expression is often exaggerated. Asking for a Berliner in Berlin, when you mean a jelly doughnut, is a bit of a faux pas.

Cook the Book: 'The Splendid Table's How to Eat Weekends'

I was just oogling this cookbook as a possible new purchase, so I'd love to win! I use dinner parties as a way to try out new recipes, so I'm always cooking something new, but a favorite recipes is a crispy skinned roast chicken stuffed with homemade preserved lemons.

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