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Weekend Cook and Tell: 'Tis the Season for Soup

After spending 2 days in Bologna, I had to try and replicate a real tortellini en brodo. Even without some authenticity (capon, mortadella) it turned out remarkably well!

Weekend Cook and Tell: Summer Seasonality

Wow, so many things! I am currently loving the stone fruits and berries though... I have been eating lots of cherries, and just teh other day I whipped up a quick cobbler for me and my husband with what was in the house - peaches and blueberries!

Weekend Cook and Tell: Romantic Respites Revisited

I don't cook many sweets at home.. but I made a few pink meals that work quite well, which you can at least say are festive? The crab risotto is probably the best, it's pink and labour intensive which helps to show you care.

Of course, there is also the recipe I posted today, a risotto with radicchio, walnuts and gorgonzola ... its the right colour but I am suddenly thinking it might be too bitter for Vday? Of course, my husband loved it :)

Weekend Cook and Tell: Get Back to Your Roots

I made a wonderful chickpea, kale and chorizo stew that I just submitted. The stew has a healthy amount of sweet potatoes in it and they go so well with the chorizo.

Weekend Cook and Tell: Your Go-To Markets

Ha! Does my own garden count as a market? I made this fabulous kale and chevre pizza. The kale was from my garden, and the cheese was from a little local farm store on Mayne Island in BC.

Weekend Cook and Tell: Dinners in Under 10 Minutes

I also made a really easy vegetarian carbonara with tomatoes and basil. It takes about 15 minutes if you count waiting for the pasta water to boil, but as far as active time it is less than 154 minutes! I am just loving these super fresh tomatoes.

Weekend Cook and Tell: Dinners in Under 10 Minutes

I just did a post on poached eggs, you can do an endless amount of things with poached eggs but I made an easy dinner with fresh bread, sliced and salted radishes and blanched broccolini. So quick, so delicious!

Weekend Cook and Tell: Picnic Provisions

I love salads that can be served room temperature. I made a mexian quinoa last week which works very well warm or at room temperature.

A Sandwich a Day: Porchetta at Meat & Bread in Vancouver

I can attest to just how delicious this sandwich is! Oh, and while you are there try the bacon ice cream sandwich.

Kitchen Tricks: Squeeze Bottles with Built-in Recipes

I LOVE this idea, though I am not sure I eat enough salad dressing. I usually just make enough for the day (its not like it takes a long time!) . I do however use squeeze bottles at home for all my oils. Love it!

Weekend Cook and Tell: What's on your Nutrition Plate?

I like eating "real" food, but that mostly comes when I cook at home. When I am trying to eat healthier I generally lean less on butter and refined grains and more on quinoa and other whole grains. I made a great and healthy halibut en papillote last weekend that I think is pretty fun. Great served on a bed of quinoa or brown rice.

Weekend Cook and Tell: Spring Frenzy!

I am all about asparagus right now too! I just tried my first raw asparagus dish which worked out really well. I shaved it with a vegetable peeler and then made a hot dressing with pancetta and prange to pour over it. Very good!

I also did a yummy asian fusion asparagus recipe a few weeks ago where I combined fish sauce, mustard and steamed asparagus and then topped it all with fried shallots. It totally worked!

What makes a food blog successful?

One more thing to add. The best reason to write a post or recipe is so someone can come back and say that they loved it. I guess that is writing for other people not for yourself. But it is very rewarding, which is good, cause the money ain't.

What makes a food blog successful?

@dbcurrie - sites that play music when you arrive are horrid! The only time I don't immediately close my browser is when I am looking for a menu on a restaurant website. I still curse though.

I struggle with finding the right balance between being personal, and also concise, having my own voice and talking about the recipes. I have been spending more time working on my photography but it is still hard to find out what is a perfect food blog and what brings people back.

I still feel like I could work on my design more. And there is always room for improvement of course. Feedback welcome :)

Cakespy: Cadbury Creme Deviled Eggs

That is so creative! On that theme, check out this recipe I made which is a Cadbury Creme Egg cupcake.

Cook the Book: Quick and Easy Korean Cooking

I love bimbimbap when it is full of vegetables. I also love kimchi! Would love to learn more.

Weekend Cook and Tell: Resolute Menus

One of my resolutions is to eat more whole grains! So I did a Winter Quinoa Salad Recipe with Squash, Pears and Almonds. I love healthy but tasty food.

Weekend Cook and Tell: Let the Grilling Begin!

I just love grilled shrimp and they are so easy to make! I tried a new marinade with my excessive quantity of cilantro from my garden:
Grilled Shrimp with Lime, Cilantro and Ginger

Weekend Cook and Tell: Spring Greening

I made a nice risotto with asparagus and peas . Plus lightened it up with some lemon and mint. It was comforting but still fresh.

Weekend Cook and Tell: Foodtography

@Fred Rickson - while I agree with you, I think there IS a place for fuzzy food when you can emphasize part of a dish it really pops. I actually think my example is one of those:

@dbcurrie - I actually pre-crop a lot of my photos when I export them if there is a shot that will look good square. It makes a big difference in quality if there is no auto sizing.

@flavacrisp - the light does look good!

Cook the Book: 'Molto Gusto'

A fabulous little restaurant on Mayne Island BC called the Wild fennel. They have the world's best Bison Burger with Goat Cheese and Banana Peppers.

Weekend Cook and Tell: Foodtography

Natural light really makes it way easier to get a nice photo. It is so nice this time of year when I can get natural light until almost 7:30. It means I can cook on a weeknight AND get a nice picture.

I am working on my photography as well, I have had the blog for 3 years and I think it the last 6 months since I started trying the pics have improved immensely. That said, sometimes you just want to eat!

This weekend I made some delicious muffins and played with aperture sizes. I find larger apertures can be really pretty with food. It is amazing as I think the colours in the photos look almost fake, but that was the colour the muffins turned out! (I swear)

Weekend Cook and Tell: School Lunches Reimagined

Also Canadian but I did sometimes by from the "Caf" in high school. My favorites were mac and cheese, piroshkis and mexican rice. And the occasional hot dog obviously.

Gotta say I love me some mac and cheese so I made a fancifed Macaroni and Cheese with Smoked Cheddar, Chorizo and Green Onion. So good!


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