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Vegetarian Lasagna

Oh - Here's the difficulty: white sauce, no red...

Lenten Friday Eats!

A question from a Jew - do you have to give up meat AND something else? I always hear people say how they're giving up smoking or sugar or whatever for that as well as meat, or instead of?

Thanks for the help, and @soozm32, tell me more about this torta de huevo...sounds delish!

Last minute trip to SF - cheap eats?

I'm not sure where it is, but Swan's Oyster Depot is always worth a visit if you like seafood.

Dating a Picky Eater - Redux

Quite honestly, I feel like you're looking for an excuse to dump excuse, or someone's (a Serious Eater's or a friend's) "permission".

Look, clearly no guy (girl) is perfect, but this one doesn't seem to "tickle your taste buds" so to speak. Dump him and find someone to have culinary adventures with, and let him find someone to enjoy toast, or whatever, with.

How much should a reservationist make at upscale NY restaurant?

I worked as a reservationist @ an upscale restaurant about 10 yrs ago, and I got paid around that much (maybe a little less). I also got free lunch, free drinks sometimes after work (I was friends w/the bartender), and customers used to bring me presents and tips for getting them a table (I didn't tell my boss that). All-in-all it was a fun experience, and I think you're right in the ballpark.

I need a potluck dish to wow 'em

Not as fancy, but I find that people are always really impressed by homemade ravioli...I stuff mine with a green pea pesto, and people are always amazed

Eating in class?

I don't care where or when people eat UNLESS it's hot food (which generally smells) or generally smelly food. Eating a ham sandwich in an enclosed area? OK. Eating McDonalds in an enclosed area? Not cool.

I can't remember what thread it was, but someone was talking about bringing whitefish salad on a plane, and I was HORRIFIED! Flying is bad enough without me having to smell fishiness.

Anyway, point being is that she's eating carrots,and other snack-type food...move away and let it go. Maybe it's her only chance to eat during the day.

Creamy Creamless Carrot Soup?

FYI - I made it by first sauteing some onion, salted so it wouldn't caramelize. Then, I added thinly sliced carrots (done in the kitchen-aid mixer food slicer attachment...brilliant), and sauteed/salted those as well. Then I covered w/veggie stock (homemade, so no salt). Let it cook for about a half hour, added a tsp or so of Chinese 5 spice, and then blended it w/a hand was creamy and flavorful and there's not a drop left!

Creamy Creamless Carrot Soup?

Thanks everyone! I'm sure it'll turn out fabulouso!

Creamy Creamless Carrot Soup?

Thanks for all the great suggestions! Hopefully it will be delish!

Creamy Creamless Carrot Soup?

Gastronomeg - what's the recipe?

Billy/Meg - How would I add the potatoes?

Good Mexican food in the City?

The best Mexican food this side of LA is at Rosa Mexicano in Brooklyn...there's one in Park Slope, and one in Sunset Park...not sure of addresses, but WELL worth the subway ride

Need Lard in NYC

FYI - The problem is, I believe, that trans-fats are illegal in NY. That's why finding lard is difficult.

Must eat in LA

In & Out burger and KooKooRoo!!!

Japanese Restaurant in the East Village

For sushi, the best is really Yama on 17th (?) & Irving....sooooooo good..not cheap, tho. Hasaki on 9th street off 3rd is fantastic as well for sushi, and all kinds of Japanese cuisine. For something cheaper, but not quite up to the same caliber, Sharaku on 9th & 3rd is very good, reasonably priced and consistently tasty.


Eating in Key West

Def go to Mango' was FANTASTIC....the Blond Giraffe has the best key lime pie imho

Pork Chops & Cranberry Sauce

Thanks guys, it worked out really well...I used chix stock instead of veg, and I added about 2 tbsps of dijon mustard....nom nom nom

Pork Chops & Cranberry Sauce

Thanks CJ....those are just the tips I needed!

vegetarian buffalo ________

I don't know about veggies, but I do know that the original (and best) buffalo sauce recipe is made using Frank's Red Hot & can be found here

Anything else is just an imitation

Dec. 5-7 Loner Vacation

At the Brownstone in NJ, I highly recommend a pancake's a big pancake stuffed with eggs and cheese and stuff..mmmmmm

Also, I 2nd Mamouns...I would go there for Sat lunch since it's not too heavy and you can save room for Katz's. Gray's Papaya is an EXCELLENT suggestion.

For Sunday dinner, this is a bit of an unorthodox suggestion, but I would really recommend Indochine. They have a great pre-theater dinner special that's $28 for 3 courses. The food there always delivers, and it's a lovely place

Lastly, if you like sushi, you should really go to Yama near Irving Place...the spicy tuna roll there is exactly what a spicy tuna roll should taste like, and the fish is super fresh.

Anyway, it seems like you have an amazing line up planned...I wish I was going to all of those places!

How New York Gets the English Breakfast Wrong

After living in the UK for a while, what I miss most is a proper fry-up...I just can't get it right, and I've never had one here that compares...

What would you eat for 30 days?

@salpico - that sounds amazing...I haven't had an egg cream in far too long. I'm off to buy some U-bet & Seltzer!

Dulce de Leche/Caramel Cheesecake in New York?

Have you tried Junior's? They have an outpost in Grand Central.

Tipping on Alcohol

As a former waitress and bartender, I can tell you that most people tip on the total bill, and $1/drink. If you order a glass of wine at your table, do you take that out of the amount you tip on? Quite honestly, I would have been pretty upset if someone took out the price of the liquor to base their tip on. Not upset enough to stalk someone out of the restaurant, but upset nonetheless.

Also, you tip $1/drink and on the 3rd drink you get a buyback (on which you should tip the price of the drink). It will ensure plenty more free drinks in the future!