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Increasing quantities

I have made various bread recipes, and loved them, so thank you. Now I have a question regarding doubling, or even trebling of bread recipes.
I bake for myself, my parents and elderly neighbours, so to save time I need to increase the quantities, usually by x three.
Is there a standard recommendation for doing this? I am competent enough to know how to vary dry and liquid ingredients, but yeast is a puzzle.

Bread Baking: Olive, Rosemary, and Feta Loaf

I had a tasty slice of an olive bread the other day, and my first thought wasn't where to buy that bread but that I should make an olive loaf as soon as possible. Sometimes that's all it takes for me to start working on a new recipe. I liked the olive bread, but I knew that anything I made would be better. This bread cooks in a Dutch oven starting in a cold oven. It sounds a little strange, but it works well and there are several advantages to this method — all of which you can read here, along with the recipe. More