I'm a twenty-two-year-old pescetarian-mostly-vegetarian home cook who loves good, mostly healthy, always inspired dishes. I'm always looking for new foods and techniques to try.

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  • Favorite foods: Fresh pineapple. Almonds. Eggplant. Yogurt. Apples. Winter Squash. Rosemary. Fresh summer tomatoes. Nuts. Forbidden rice. Maple sugar anything, including maple sugar candy. Hey, I might live in MD now, but I was born in New England . . .
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Vegetarians: would you eat something cooked in a skillet...

No, I would not want to eat out of a pan seasoned with animal fat. In fact, the vegetarian/meat cast iron skillets are the only thing I keep separate at home.

That said, I don't perform inspections at my friends' houses. It's just not something I worry about.

Cook the Book: 'Appetite for Reduction'

My faves from this book are the black-eyed peas and collards with ginger mashed apples and sweet potatoes, and the eggplant curry with cranberry cashew biryani (I don't know the recipe names off the top of my head).

What do vegans eat for breakfast?

Oh, and granola is not always vegan because it can contain honey. So, if you go that route, read the ingredient labels. Silk soy yogurt also isn't vegan, but Whole Soy & Company, So Delicious and Wildwood brands are fine.

What do vegans eat for breakfast?

Just ask. There are tons of breakfast foods that are already vegan/easy to veganize (muffins, pancakes, French toast, waffles, breakfast burrito sans cheese, some cereals, hash browns, roasted potatoes, vegan bacon or sausage, etc. etc.).

Ed Levine's Serious Diet, Week 123: Why Does Making a Salad Seem So Hard Sometimes?

I'm the opposite. When I get home, a salad's just about the only thing I want to make. No cooking! And I only have to wash a cutting board and a knife.

I say chop vegetables when you first buy them so they're ready to go. And eat veggies with salsa or hummus for snacks. Roasted veggie sandwiches can be fantastic, too, and are quick to assemble if you already have the veggies.

Gluten-Free Tuesday: Graham Crackers

I am so making these. I'm vegan, love s'mores and need to avoid wheat as much as possible.

And I can get sweet 'n' sara and dandies vegan marshmallows a few blocks from my house. :-)

shortcake recipe with soy milk

Cake shortcake or biscuit shortcake?

You can use soy milk in recipes that call for dairy milk. 1:1.

Bread Baking: Bella Gluten-Free Multigrain Sandwich Bread Mix

I really hope a local store will carry these. I can't eat very much wheat, but I've yet to make wheat-free things that I like. Well, except for one muffin recipe.

Bizarre Foods: Andrew Zimmern Meets His Match in Thailand

@Kenjii - You are probably right! I should have said that anyone who wasn't raised on it couldn't possibly acquire a taste for it.

Why Ben & Jerry's Relationship with Walmart Is Actually Good For the Future of Food

I think it's great that such a large company is going cage-free, but the truth is, cage-free doesn't always mean too much. But if it's at Wal-mart, my mom will buy it, and I'd rather she didn't drink growth hormones and eat eggs from battery-caged hens. And like it or not, Wal-mart is the grocery store in a lot of towns. I'd rather they all disappeared of course, but that looks unlikely.

Can't say I think much of Ben and Jerry's, which is fine, because I don't eat their products. Anyone going Fair Trade makes me happy, but I'm still not going to support the company, so my vote doesn't count. :-)

Bizarre Foods: Andrew Zimmern Meets His Match in Thailand

Remind me not eat breakfast at my desk again.

Raw liver in calf bile has to be one of those acquired tastes that 99.9 percent of people raised on a Western diet can't possibly acquire.

I'm a vegetarian, he's lactose intolerant...

You can also do a big veggie chili with cornbread, vegetable pot pie, tacos or burritos (he can just leave cheese and sour cream off – that's what guac is for), lots of different soups and bread, nori rolls with avocado and tofu, rice paper rolls with peanut dipping sauce, veggie kabobs, big pans of grilled or roasted veggies ...

You might want to check out some cookbooks from the library? I like Vegan with a Vengeance. It has recipes for some easy, accessible Asian and Indian dishes.

Nutritional Yeast- How do you use it?

@sailordave - I can't say I've any experience with hooker crotch, so I will yield to your expertise on the subject.

Nutritional Yeast- How do you use it?

@sailordave – your apparent experience with hooker crotch aside, nutritional yeast does not taste like cheese, but it does melt in sauce, and it provides a salty, umami flavor that might otherwise be provided by cheese, hence its inclusion in "cheesy" recipes and reputation as a cheese substitute. And for the record, I ate and enjoyed nutritional yeast before I gave up cheese.

Ed Levine's Serious Diet, Week 116: A Bite-by-Bite Rundown of My Calorie Intake

Ha, I gained three pounds last week after biking 150 miles between Monday and Friday and counting calories. It's depressing.

Nutritional Yeast- How do you use it?

I like it on popcorn with hemp oil and hot sauce. I've also used it to make "cheesy" sauces. It's tasty stuff.

As for recipes ... you could try making cashew or tofu ricotta? Not really like cheese, but tasty in its own right in pasta dishes. I think I also made a pretty good sauce once with salsa, tahini and nutritional yeast as part of a vegan chimichanga recipe ... I would have to look it up later.

I make THE worst black beans.

Do you have hard water? A teaspoon of baking soda might help.

Help me learn to like veggies

I would play around with different techniques, like braising and roasting (mmm, there' s not a vegetable that doesn't take good roasted). You could also play around with purees – for example, sneak some pumpkin into a dal or make a dip with cauliflower, thai curry paste and peanut butter. Pureed soups might be a good bet as well.

Does anyone here like Kombucha?

I like the plain, ginger and mango flavors.

I've actually never noticed the vinegar. Guess my taste buds are warped?

Does anyone here like Kombucha?

Love it. Can't afford to drink it very often, and I'm not sure I want to drink enough of it to buy a scobe.

How do you pronounce "vegan"? And why?

It is vee-gan. Vay-gun is what people say when they want to annoy vee-gans.

And vegans do not eat fish, or eggs, or dairy. Some will eat honey and call themselves vegan, though honey is not vegan. Vegans also do not use products containing wool or leather, but most people who eat a vegan diet will call themselves vegan.

If you eat fish, you are not a vegetarian. I say this as someone who was pescetarian for quite awhile. I had a coworker recently say that she was a vegetarian even though she eats fish because "fish aren't animals" and she couldn't have stunned me more with a baseball bat. (What does she think they are? monera?)

As to why the word vegan? Mostly because some dudes liked the sound of it:

Cheap DC vegetarian eats!

Have you looked at the vegdc guide from COK?

Food you thought you hated?

Asparagus and brussels sprouts. The first time I had asparagus, it was so stringy, I almost choked. And brussels sprouts were always boiled. Properly cook the first and roast or sauté the second, and I am in love!

affordable food

Oh, dark greens are also super healthy and very cheap – I can usually find them for 69 cents a pound.

Macadamia Nut Butter

Cashew butter's great! Hazelnut and macadamia nut butters are too pricey for me – no way am I spending $15 for a 16-ounce jar.

And I love stirring peanut butter or almond butter into oatmeal, along with fruit or pumpkin. It becomes nice and creamy, and very filling. Perfect if I'm biking to work!


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