I am a lacto-vegetarian with an appetite for life and travel.

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  • Last bite on earth: Anything with cheese - cheese pizza, mac & cheese, grill cheese sandwich, goat cheese toasts...

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Let It Bleed (Humanely): We Taste the Vegan "Impossible" and "Beyond" Burgers

As a vegetarian.. I am glad for your review. I will look them up here in Puerto Rico. If not available, I will certainly purchase them when I travel and advocate for local health food shops to carry them if I enjoy them as much as you did.

Have you tasted Ikea's Vegetable Balls???? I liked them a lot...

Robicelli's Carrot Cake Cupcakes

so complex... are they really worth all these steps??? Particularly for the frosting??

Cook the Book: 'The Nourished Kitchen' by Jennifer McGruther

what constitutes tradicional??? I guess rice and beans is what's traditional in Puerto Rico!!

Secrets of the Spice Trade: How to Run a Spice Shop

If you're in Florida, I also recommend The Spice and Tea Exchange in Boca Ratón. A friend of mine recommended them and I was soooooo apreciative. I believe they ship too!!

A Guide to Tofu Types and What to Do With Them

love the guide. I have heard of freezing tofu, but I have never tried it myself. I will now. Thanks for advising me not to freeze silken tofu. That's what I have at home right now. It's just so convenient to always have in the pantry. But I am buying a block of tofu and start experimenting.

If i am looking to make the tofu into small bite-sized pieces, would you recommend I freeze it in slices, defrost, squeeze the liquid out and then cut it into smaller pieces before marinating/glazing???

Hot Dog Taste Test: Chicago's Vienna Beef vs. New York's Sabrett

maybe one day we should plan a review of Veggie Hot Dogs!!!! I can chime in with my POV. Lately I have become a veggie hot dog obsessed person.

I don't have a....

I also don't have a Dutch oven, standing mixer, kitchen scale, cast-iron anything, or a reliable way to sharpen knives. I do borrow my mom's ice cream machine once in a while.

My go-to knifes in my kitchen are these medium-sized Wusthof serrated "tomato knifes". I have two and they get used every day of my life, for the last 14 years.

I have managed to learn to make sorbets in my food processor... just freezing fruits and pureeing them with some sweetener. But given that you don't have that one either, maybe you can manage with a blender and then re-freezing??

cooking with frozen rhubarb

I have used rhubarb frozen mixed in with fresh strawberries in crisps... I have never used fresh. The results were very good IMHO.

'Tis The Season... For SMOOTHIES

@bloodsugar: I have mangos... I have avocados... I have almond milk... I think I might try myself a new smoothie tomorrow morning!!!!!

I am nowadays into mixing papaya, almond milk and coconut water. Papaya milkshakes is a favorite of mine, but to cut down on the milk and to make it vegan, I am trying these new alternatives.

My staple though - banana, strawberry, orange juice, yogurt and some kind of extra, like maca, chia seeds, ground flaxseeds, hemp, etc.

Happy Earth Day!

I had to organize a talk a few years back for Earth Day at the Yoga Center I attend... I did not know at the time that reducing your meat consumption was more beneficial to the environment and to reduce your carbon footprint than driving a hybrid car. I was already a vegetarian, but the stats impressed me. Maybe the fact will incentive some people to take a newfound look into a meat-free lifestyle...

"Caviart" Seaweed Caviar?

Where did you find it??? Interesting... Is it vegetarian???

Freezing tofu before frying---

I have heard of it... but never tried it. I will now. Any kind of tofu works??? Or does it need to be firm/extra firm only???

Tea Recommendations

I also enjoy a lot rooibos tea, which when taken with milk, reminds me a lot of chai masala or chai latte, as starbucks calls it. The spicy notes are delicious and very dessert-like for me. I like to make my own chai mixture because I can't have caffeine.

Tea Recommendations

to me, the best dessert tea or after-dinner tea is spearmint infusion. Just add spearmint leaves to a pot of boiling water. It's a great digestif and delicious!!!

Surviving Vegas

I had a really good time at Mesa Grill in Ceasar's Palace. I went to several "celebrity" restaurants and this was the BEST by far!!!

Regular dinner in Spain

Where in Spain will she be living?

Tortilla, very much what people have described above, the potato/egg fritatta-type dish is ubiquitous to Spain. You find and eat those everywhere. But there are regional things that you see more in some place than others.

Pan con Tomate (bread with raw tomato rubbed into it) is something my friends in Barcelona have frequently, but you don't see it as much in the north.

need NYC foodstuffs to take back home & food recs

I love to do some grocery shopping every time I visit NYC. I love to visit the Union Square GreenMarket to buy raw honey, garlic/rosemary jelly and some other goodies I can't find back home.

My new obsession are the Trader Joe's dried/unsulfured mangoes!!!!!!!I am bringing a whole suitcase of those on my next visit. you can count on it.

Best Bottled Products not made by a Name Brand Co.?

I love going to the Union Square StreetMarket to buy stuff from small providers... i love these jams/jellies and raw honey.

New Ways to Prepare Oatmeal

I have made oatmeal with almond milk... also added carob powder and dried cranberries. I guess chocolate might work well too.

If you want to consumer oatmeal in other ways... you can just add it raw to your smoothies or use it as a breading element for eggplants or other breaded dishes.

Best Cardamom Substitute

where do you live??? I just bought a 7oz bag of cardamom pods for $5 at an Indian neighborhood in Queens, NYC. Not that expensive for a flavor that is not easily substituted by anything else.

Avocado's Can Be Heaven

Avocados just by themselves are considered a salad in our family. If an avocado is creamy and buttery, it will not need anything at all. Of course, Fuerte avocados are the avocados I am most familiar with.

I love avocados chopped really little, mixed in with tomatoes to make it into a sorta salad dressing/sauce. And they can be absolutely heavenly inside a sandwich with tomatoes and fresh mozzarella.

Substitute for dry white wine?

you could also use a dash of white balsamic vinegar...