5 Tea Myths That Need to Disappear

" lest you irreparably ruin their subtle flavors and transform their antioxidants into deadly neurotoxins." - Source?

In Defense of St. Louis-Style Pizza

I'm from STL and I LOVE Imos.

Now that I live in NYC, I go to Speedy Romeo's to get an STL style pie.

Visiting NYC? The Ultimate Guide to Eating and Drinking Well Across New York

How to Deep Fry a Turkey Without Killing Yourself, Indoors and Out

Outdoor frying - yes! We do it every year.

Indoor frying? I can't imagine how long that peanut oil smell will linger in the house for.

How I Built a Barbecue Restaurant in Brooklyn: Finding a Space is Just the Beginning

11 days since the last article? I would happily write content for you guys if you need it!

9 Lesser-Known IPAs You Should Be Drinking

Needs more OTHER HALF.

And Flower Power used to be my favorite beer until they changed the recipe. :(

How I Built a Barbecue Restaurant in Brooklyn: My Lease Safari

You can find the same horror stories just looking for an apartment in NYC. I can't imagine looking for a space for a business.

How Korean Cuisine Got Huge in America (And Why It Took So Long)

"I wouldn't want a jar of kimchi in my fridge as the aroma tends to bleed into everything else."

Um No it doesn't. As someone who has a constant jar in his fridge (and as someone who is Korean), kimchi jars do a fine job of keeping in the smells.

Why Beer Costs What It Does

Hey Torst - Stop charging $5 for a 8 oz pour of Boat Beer. I don't want to pay for your marble bar.

Manner Matters: Who's On the Grill?

I think it depends on the person throwing the party, but if you bring your own meat just be prepared to watch over it.

I usually end up being the grill master no matter whose party it is.

But usually I manage to get off the grill after the first few rounds of meat because I'd rather drink than stand over a hot grill all day.

Bagelnomics: The Curious Pricing of New York's Bagel With Cream Cheese

Yeah every time I pay $3 for a bacon/egg/bagel - I realize I could get about 2 dozen eggs for the same price and eat every morning for 12 days.

The 11 Best Things I Ate During My Cross-Country Road Trip

I was born in St. Louis and I love IMOs.

I need to go to Speedy Romeo's in Brooklyn to see if their STL style pie stacks up!

Taste Test: Should I Use Filtered or Bottled Water for Tea?

Tap works for my green tea. Granted, even though I drink green tea constantly, I drink it for the nutritional value more so than the taste.

How Ivan Orkin is Changing New York's Ramen Cuisine

@bostonadam - if you make it to Tokyo, go to Ichiran and order the extra spicy ramen. They have a box of kleenex behind every seat.

How Ivan Orkin is Changing New York's Ramen Cuisine

"I wonder how long it'll be before some enterprising Japanese cook opens up a diner in Tokyo specializing in American-Japanese fried egg sandwiches and pancakes?"

Oh they exist!

Taste Test: The Best Bottled Barbecue Sauce

Bull's Eye was great when it had real sugar. Then all the sudden it got replaced with HFCS. I had to stop buying it.

A Beer Beginner's Guide to Hops of the World

Should be noted that Hops(Humulus) and Marijuana(Cannabis) are both part of the Cannabaceae family of plants. You could call them cousins. ;)

Paulie Gee's Five Must-Eat Pizzas Across NYC

Di Fara's is definitely a hit or miss kind of place. The last pie I got there was half pizza perfection and half soggy mess.

The Best Food to Order at Panda Express

I think the last time I ate at Panda Express was in the late '90s in a mall in Naples, Florida.

Open Thread: When Did You First Fall in Love with Pizza?

My earliest pizza memories are from the early '80s at the Pizza Hut pizza buffet.

The Best Italian Hero on Arthur Avenue is a DIY Sandwich Hack

What's the total price I meant.

14 of Our Favorite Double Burgers

Steak n Shake Double Steak Burger with Cheese please!

The Best Italian Hero on Arthur Avenue is a DIY Sandwich Hack

Looks great, but it the total price?

The Best Affordable Lunches in Midtown West

Need more Go Go Curry! :)

Also if you go to Tehuitzingo for a torta get the Cubana. It's a meat lovers paradise.

Where to Eat Before or After a Concert at Terminal 5

Now we need an article "How not to get mugged after a concert at Terminal 5."

Places for lunch around City Hall Park

So I am staring a new job right near City Hall Park.

Food wise - I don't know that area well at all.

So if anyone has suggestions for cheap lunches around there - I would greatly appreciate it. Anything from street meat carts to restaurants.


Blue Collar Burger in Williamsburg

Just had their burgers today for lunch. Both a Burger and Cheeseburger with everything on them and a small fries. Total with tax $11.98.

Some people have been comparing this place to In-N-out, but I would have to say it's a closer match to Shake Shack (minus the insane lines).

The beef was good. Flattened and seared in a similar fashion to Shake Shack. And in my opinion, nearly just as flavorful. Both the burger and cheeseburger were topped with lettuce, tomato, onions, pickles, and a special sauce which I'm assuming is a thousand island blend. The veggies on the burger were fresh and crisp. No soggy, flavorless toppings here. The cheeseburger had American cheese which was perfectly melted.

The fries were good as well. Skinny, fast food style that were hot out of the fryer. I ate them all before I got to my second burger.

I would definitely go back here to eat. It's nice to have a burger option in the neighborhood that isn't as huge as Dumont or Diner.

St Anselm's Patty Melt = Amazing!

So usually when I got to St Anselm in Brooklyn I get the $15 butcher steak with garlic butter. But this time I decided to have the Patty Melt and I'm so glad I did.

This was one of (if not) the best patty melt I've ever eaten. A patty combination of beef and pork topped with melted mozzarella, caramelized onions, and grilled pumpernickel bread.

This patty melt is pretty much French onion soup in a burger form. I can not recommend this patty melt enough. Go get one! And for about $10 it's a great deal.

Tsukemen in NYC?

Anyone know a good place to get tsukemen in NYC?

I had the tsukemen at Fuunji in Tokyo and it was so delicious.

Need to get me fix some where!

Blacows in Tokyo. World's Greatest Burger?

Having read this article:
I decided to go to Blacows on my birthday while I visited Tokyo. I got the same Cheeseburger and fries that Eataku's writer ordered. Pic -

Was it delicious? Yes.
World's Greatest Burger? I wouldn't go that far.
Would I go back? Definitely.

They didn't ask me how I wanted my burger cooked so it came out medium. A bit more overcooked than I would have preferred. The flavor of the Black Wagyu A5 beef was amazing, but I felt the sauce they put on the burgers overpowered the meat a little bit. I definitely would go back to try it again, perhaps without the sauce. And for ¥1,100 (about $13) I felt it was a pretty good deal on a good burger in pricy Tokyo.

I will also say that the Wagyu Roast beef sandwich my friend got was amazing . Pic -

Store with Good Selection of Hot Sauces?

I just tried ordering a hot sauce variety pack off amazon for a friend's xmas gift only for them to refund my money due to it being out of stock.

So does anyone know of a good store in NYC that carries a large variety of hot sauces?

Google search only comes up with "Sweat n Spice" which seems to do only wholesale.


Events Calendar

I do appreciate the event listings that are posted for the week-ends, but I would love to have a little more notice about those events.

So perhaps there could be a link to a month long calendar that lists all upcoming food events.


Serious Eats the TV Series...

Everyone knows that the Food Network's current line up is severely lacking anything interesting or original. Do we really need a reality show about crass cookie makers?

I'm surprised there isn't a food blog style TV show on the Food Network.

A weekly show where all the latest news in Food and Dining would be discussed. Everything from notable restaurant openings or closings, to interviews with Chefs, to random industry news, and even announcements such as any current food recalls that are going on.


Going to Tokyo for a week. Suggestions for where to eat!

So my friend and I are visiting Tokyo for a week in September and I would love to hear any suggestions for where to eat and/or drink. We'll be staying in Shibuya.

Food is one of the major reason I'm going to Japan so any kind of restaurant recommendation is welcome!


What to do with Onion Greens...

My roommates and I just joined a CSA and now are getting a bunch of different veggies.

We got a few white and red onions with the full green stalks attached.

My question is: What to do with the green stalks?

Any recipes or suggestions?

Cooperstown, NY - Where to eat?

Going up to visit the Baseball Hall of Fame and Ommegang Brewery this Memorial Day week-end and just want to get some suggestions of good and unique places to eat.

I love all food so any suggestion is welcomed!

Myrtle Beach - Restaurant Recommendations

I'm going to Myrtle Beach at the end of the month and would love to hear some good restaurant recommendations.

Especially any good BBQ and Seafood places.

Just going for a few days so not looking for anything super expensive or formal.


Recommend something unique to make for Thanksgiving

My friends and I always try to do something special for Thanksgiving dinner. We love trying new recipes and ideas, but unfortunately I haven't be able to think of, or find, any interesting dishes for this year.

So if anyone has a recommendation for a unique savory dish, or a dessert dish, I would love to hear about it and get the recipe.

(We do love deep frying, so anything along those lines would be great as well)

Thanks and Happy Thanksgiving!

Great Korean Style Wings at Fat Buddha in the EV

Found a nice little spot in the East Village I have been to a few times over on Ave A and 13th called Fat Buddha. A nice bar with an Asian style tapas kitchen.

What brought me back was the Honey Ginger Garlic Korean wings. Not the same kind of wings available at Bon Chon etc, but leaning more towards buffalo style wings. Much larger than the average size hot wings, what sets these apart is the honey ginger garlic glaze. The sweet honey mixed with the ginger and garlic makes for one very tasty, albeit a little sticky, wing. Also they have their own spin on the traditional style hot wings, which were some of the better hot wings I have had recently in this city. There is one last style of wing that had a sweet and spicy chili pepper sauce, but I have not tried it yet.

Everything here is served up tapas style - so sharing dishes among friends is recommended. Other dishes I have tried worth noting:

Buddha Buns - braised pork with lettuce on a steamed bun with garlic mayo and chili paste. Second best thing on the menu. Slider sized and delicious. Beef and tofu versions are available but I haven't tried them.
Salt and Pepper Squid - Fried squid with peppers. Asian style calamari is the best way to describe this. Perfect for dipping in soy.
Crab Croquettes - 4 fried crab croquettes with a cilantro dipping sauce. Tasty but I would have preferred chunkier crab.
Pork Belly with bok choy - Meaty with a nice layer of gelatinous fat. Melt in your mouth good. The bok choy has a nice smoky flavor to it.
Buddha Bowl - Vegetarian dish with tofu, asparagus, string beans, bok choy, and other vegetables. A friend got this so I only had a few bites but as far as veggie dishes go, I could see myself ordering this.

The kitchen is open late and the staff is friendly. I recommend it!

Best Mozzarella Sticks in NYC?

So mozzarella sticks are a guilty pleasure of mine. I find them hard to resist when I see them on a menu.

But I rarely order them nowadays because I know the majority of the time they are going to be premade, frozen junk with a side of store bought marinara.

So I'm looking for a restaurant/bar/pub that has excellent mozzarella sticks with a well made marinara sauce (or some other special sauce) on the side.

Any suggestions?

Ever try making Street Meat at home?

Ever since I started working from home my access to good street meat has disappeared.

So I was thinking of cooking my own version of chicken over rice.

What types of spices are most commonly used? Any sort of marinade for the chicken? Type of rice recommendations?

I know there are a few recipes online but thought I'd get the opinions of SE users.

Traif is Truth!!

Finally made it over to TRAIF in Williamsburg last night and I will have to say it was an amazing meal. My friend and I arrived at the restaurant around 7 pm and we received a warm welcome and got a table for two immediately. The staff was extremely friendly and attentive. So here's the meal we had:

Started off with a complimentary amuse-bouche of a Muscle Chowder. 2 plump muscles in a creamy mushroom broth. Too bad it was only a few bites because I could have eaten a full bowl of this delicious chowder.
Crispy Confit Chicken Wings with five spice glaze: Top notch wings. Tangy and sweet with a nice crisp chicken skin. Traif could make a killing selling trays of these during football season.
Lamb and Chorizo Meatballs: 5 small meatballs packed with flavor. The lamb really comes through and the sauce was excellent. The crostini added a nice texture contrast. I wish I could make a meatball hero out of them.
Fried Oysters with fried lemon chips, thai basil: One bite of this took me back to Korea for some reason. The oysters were nicely fried and the aioli sauce was a good compliment.
Sea Scallops, snap+english pea risotto, caper brown butter: Perfectly cooked scallops on a bed of rich pea flavored risotto. Full of Buttery goodness.
Braised pork cheeks a l'ancienne, prune jus, polenta: Falling apart tender cheeks sitting on top of a creamy polenta. Reminded me of a high end shepherd's pie. Excellent stuff.
Seared Foie, fingerlings, sunny egg, ham chips, maple syrup: Prob the tastiest dish of the night. Deliciously seared foie gras with an amazing maple syrup sauce that is more savory than sweet. When mixed with the egg, runny yolk, and potatoes, you have the ultimate breakfast bite. A must.
Bacon Donuts with Coffee Ice Cream: 5 little glazed donut bites with bacon on tops. Could eat those everyday.
Strawberry and Passion Fruit biscuit tart with cream: Excellent way to end the meal. Rich, Fruity, and oh so good.

Traif is Truth!

Good Street Meat in Williamsburg?

So this year my office got shut down and they forced everyone who wasn't fired to work from home.

Now I love working from home but one thing I miss about working around midtown was the ample supply of street meat.

Are there any Halal carts anywhere in Williamsburg?

I think I've seen one randomly on Bedford.


Fatty 'Cue. Good Stuff.

So this past Saturday I had my birthday dinner at Fatty 'Cue and I will have to say the experience was a pleasant and memorable one.
We had dinner reservations for a party of 11 at 7 pm. When we arrived the placed was slammed. Every table and the bar seemed full. Even so, the hostess only took about 3 minutes to get our table ready and had us seated up on the very top level. (Not sure if you can request it, but I think this area is great for large parties since it's kind of private).
We were greeted by the waitstaff who were very attentive and friendly. We then proceeded to order copious amounts of food.
Pork Spare Ribs spiced with Indonesian pepper: Very tasty and pretty much falling off the bone.
Pork Loin with green peppercorn aioli and herb salad: Thinly sliced and delicious, wish I could make a sandwich out of it.
Red Curry Rubbed Duck: One of the best things I ate in the night. Perfectly cooked duck.
Bone Broth Bowl: Simple, smokey, and flavorful.
Master Fat with Toast: Rendered down pig fat than resembles clarified butter. Toast for dipping. I was expecting a lot more flavor but it was lacking.
Coriander Bacon with steamed yellow curry custard and toast points: Tasted like breakfast heaven
Clams in bone broth and bacon: Good size bowl of well cooked clams.
American Wagyu Brisket: Very tender brisket with a beautiful layer of fat. Comes with steam buns to make sandwiches.
Bowl of Noodles: Can't recommend this one. Tasted like plain old ramen.
Celery Salad: Very clean tasting. Good palate cleanser.
Chocolate pie with hot chilies: Tasty pie but with a spicy kick.
Pecan pie with fresh cream: Tasty but by this point my taste buds were done with.
The 'Cue cocktail is one of the most interesting drinks I've ever tasted. Extremely complex and tastes just like a BBQ.
They did forget to bring the lamb shoulder but we had so much food we didn't really notice.

I definitely recommend this place.

Anyone else been yet?

Who Is Jimmy T? aka Jimmy T sandwich

I've noticed that many NYC delis have a "Jimmy T" sandwich which usually consists of grilled chicken, melted cheese, roasted peppers, lettuce, tomatoes, and mustard.

Anyone know who this Jimmy T was (is) ?

I thoroughly enjoy his sandwich.

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