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So You Miss Deep Fried McDonald's Apple Pies?

In South America they still sell those delicious deep-fried apple pies. Man, those are really good. All bubbly, crispy shell and piping-hot melting innards. Mmh.

Send Us Your Beer Questions!


I am from Brazil, and 'til the day I traveled abroad to Czech Republic and England, I was proud to say I hated the watery stuff we have for beer here.

Things changed a bit there. The beverages I drank were fairly strong, had a nice, embodied flavour, and were very smooth to drink. The habits on drinking beer changed as well.

I wanted to know, if the beer we sell in Brazil, named Schol, Brahma, Schin and others, is really of the Pilsen kind, and not something else, because the difference was enormous.

I also would like to know some practices in how to better drink a beer.

Temperature, glasses, that sorta thing.


Snapshots from Sao Paulo: Fruits, Meats, Spices, and Sandwiches at the Mercado Municipal

Very interesting article, Lauren Sloss, but sadly, with a few typos. It is commonplace with Brazilian names, it seems.

First of all, it is "Mercado Municipal", and not "Mercada Municipal', as was said before by Daniel Katayama.

Secondly, it's not "Pastiés", but "Pastéis", the plural form of "Pastel".

I can't say if the fruits were spelled right, because I'm not that familiar with them myself, but all in all, this was very interesting and delicious, and I, for one, am quite glad my jolly ol' country is receiving attention from this beloved blog of mine.

Rock on, lady!

About Soups.

Oh, thank you for your wonderful posts. AnnieNT, sorry to confuse you, they ARE Czech. Bohemia is a region from Czech Republic, one of three. The difference being, the Bohemian people are the ones that call themselves as "Czech", unlike the other ones. We call all of them as such, anyway. No difference to our foreign eyes.

Blue, I'll ask her, but I'm afraid much will be to no avail. Many of her recipes make use of ingredients that simply cannot be found here. The only thing that she can afford to send us are dry native mushrooms - quite tasty -. They are good for soup, and we have about 500g of the dried goodness they are. I don't know exactly the name, but they are also damn good in the goulash.

Might as well make myself clear, I want soups that are tasty, similar to the Czech ones, but that do not call for overly native ingredients, yes?

((All those recipes are hellova tasty. The Goulash he himself cooks once a year or so, but his mother's goulash? Nom-nom, that thing was insanely delicious.))

About Soups.

Thanks for your reviews, but I must admit I committed a hideous mistake. He comes not from Bavaria, the region in germany - therefore he wouldn't be Czech. - but from Bohemia. Terribly sorry.

About his tastes, he does likes dumplings, but he firmly believes the ones he enjoys cannot be recreated here, because there's no flour like the one they use there, to which he could not translate the name. He likes simple soups, yes. One his mother served us, I think, was a simple lentil soup full of herbs, and one that had liver balls in it. Quite tasty.

About Hamburgers.

Hello guys, it's me again. Thanks for the wonderful commentaries, but I have a new question. I always see the " pre-heat to medium-high " and I was wondering how much, exactly, is that temperature? I feel it takes way too long for my burger to cook when I'm using the medium-high temperature ( about 200 C ) on my oven, so I was wondering.

Also, I think my burgers are way better now, thanks everyone!

Yet again, Hamburgers.

Terribly sorry, John Wozniak. I thought that thread was Left for dead. I've read your post - and what a post - and it was incredibly useful. I just made some burgers following your instructions, and it was damn good. Had some nice crust, too. Thanks for the advices, I will follow them by heart. Or stomach.

Yes, by Stomach.

Yet again, Hamburgers.

Thanks for all the advices, guys, it was most helpful. - Hey, is that Adam Kuban over there?

Anyway, there is one sad thing that happened to me. Since I don't actually make my burgers on my own house, I couldn't look at the advices before the burger-making, so I had to improvise a little.

For the Burger, I got some crustiness. It was not optimal, but I got some, yes. I think I'm using the wrong pan for the job, I will try different pans once I have the time to tinker with them a bit more. Now, I believe I achieved a nice seasoning on this burger, it was god-damn tasty.

Hell yeah.

One more thing, I'm starting to get the hang of the cooking time for Medium-rare and Medium, but even though I made most of them Medium today, my bun got soaked with the burger juices that were oozing from the patty.

You guys have no idea how happy I was once I saw the bottom bun soaked in that pink gloriousness. You don't have a clue. I even smiled!

Now, for the toppings, I used tomatoes with some salt and peppers, lettuce and some provolone cheese. It was all I had, sadly. It didn't melt properly, but it did add some creaminess to the mixture altogether. It's flavor was not optimal, but it didn't overpower the tasting of everything else, so I'm quite satisfied.

We don't have good bakeries from where I'm from, so finding good burger buns is almost impossible. Today I tried different ones, and they were able to hold the juices better than the other ones - the ones the supermarket bakes. They're not the best bakers around, that's for sure.

We had some French fries as the side dish, but it HAD to be the industrial-soggy-not-so-tasty fries, but I will be damned if the next time I won't try that ultimate fries guide. They will be the greatest fries ever, and I will cry grease over them.

Also, what do you guys think on Onion Rings?

I do like them, but - again - I never had really good ones. I've tried to create a mixture of my own some time ago, but It was quite sad, they were soggy after only 10 minutes, and the flavor was not really great, but, meh.

Once again, thank you for your advice, it is helping me REALLY much.

Yet again, Hamburgers.

Sorry, I don't actually BAKE the burgers, didn't even realize I wrote that.

Chicago: Flawed Execution Dooms Promising Burger at Duchamp

What would an explosive diarrhea be, my good sir/lady? I've never heard of it before.

And, aw, the burger looked so good on the first picture, why did it have to be like THAT? Ruined! Ruined!

About Hamburgers.

No, but if they were, I'm sure I'd still research them in the same way.
Thanks, for every single piece of advice, I will try to put them to work tomorrow, in my family's cookout. Thanks in advance, and, damn, happy burgers to y'all.

About Hamburgers.

I do think it's the opposite, but I will have to research that to be true. Since I'm from a very very little town with no cooking expertise whatsoever, our butchers are also a bit lacking. When I asked for my Ground chuck, I was expecting to see them grounding it in its full glory right there, but he just got me a little sack with it. It was ground within the hour, he said.
I didn't even have the will to ask him about the meat to fat ratio. I knew deep inside my stomach I'd receive just weird stares. Oh, the sadness.
It certainly felt a little bit more than 80/20, though. I think it might have been 70/30.

About Hamburgers.

I will try to grill some burgers this Sunday, funny you told me that. Also, they were brushed with a bit of oil, so...


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