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Scandinavian Street Food: Danish Æbleskiver For Christmas

An added link - I just saw that have a very good selection of æbleskiver pans in both aluminum and cast iron

Scandinavian Street Food: Danish Æbleskiver For Christmas

sparkle - too bad the Washington State restaurant couldn't please you. Hope these ones can - but, if you don't like pancakes, I doubt that you'll enjoy 'em.


Scandinavian Street Food: Danish Æbleskiver For Christmas

kdroste - well, Danish sweets are meant to be eaten whenever, and "dessert" might be the wrong label for Æbleskiver...


Scandinavian Street Food: Danish Æbleskiver For Christmas

CrashBangBoom - the savory idea is really cool; Thomas Herman of Herman Copenhagen (1 Michelin star) serves it at his restaurant - so you were ahead of your time :D

The Physiology of Foie: Why Foie Gras is Not Unethical

Wow Kenji - A fantastic piece, it's going to be very interesting to read the comments. Surely, you'll be in for both praise and hell for this one. Well done!

Scandinavian Streetfood: Fried Herring on Crisp Bread in Stockholm

Wunami - well, it's borderline. Served standing up at a stall in a market hall, but on a real plate... It is a "deluxe" version of the ones served on paper plates outside. To me it is streetfood - a quick bite before you continue shopping.

Scandinavian Street Food: Danish Crispy Pork Cracklings

@mandyhello - thank you very much, hope you tried them and loved them!
@drake - sorry 'bout that - but I think you should be able to order them from your local butcher?
@maom - thanks back!
@bkhuna- yes, those are amazing as well!
@dinaof doom - thank you very very much for that nice comment

Scandinavian Streetfood: Rød Pølse, the Essence of Danish Hot Dogs

@kaszeta - you are absolutely right! Remoulade is extremely important in the danish sausage culture, and I'll come back to that in later posts. But, if you order a "Rød Pølse Med Brød" in Denmark, you'll most likely get just ketchup and mustard as standard accessories. Remoulade sauce would be available as an extra - just like the raw onions (my fav) in the picture.

Scandinavian Streetfood: Rød Pølse, the Essence of Danish Hot Dogs

@kanavera - thank you! :D
@Pickled Egg - I did not know about "nakki". I guess it comes from "knackwurst", or am I completely off? Yes, the swedish dogs sometimes contain some weird stuff - and I'll be covering that in later posts.
@vikingappetite - thanks for the comment, but Norway, Denmark and Sweden are actually the only Scandinavian countries. Finland & Iceland are Nordic, but they are not part of the Scandinavian peninsula. However, there might be a few Nordic features here in the future as well, as some traditions span the whole region.
@sheba - too bad. Would have been great to be able to get a danish dog (a great dane?) in NYC....

Scandinavian Streetfood: Rød Pølse, the Essence of Danish Hot Dogs

@Hawk - thank you! There are some pretty interesting variations in Sweden.
@Kenji - I appreciate it! Next time you're in Scandinavia, make sure to make time and room for some danish dogs aswell.
@scatteredsong - hahaha! I agree completely.
@yayfood - yes, the china is amazing.
@splik - absoultey. Rødgrød Med Fløde is one of my favorite danish desserts, and I wouldn't dream of keeping it from the lovely Serious Eats-readers. And frikadeller - another classic that surely will be featured here eventually.
@hotdoglover - I did not know about F&B, will make sure to go there next time in NYC. Danish red sausages are always made pork - but there is a growing interest in lamb-based sausages in general aswell. I doubt they will ever make a lamb-RED-sausage though... Danes are way too conservative for that ;D
@kanavera - I agree that I should have ended the article with a danish salutation; perhaps "Velbekomme"? I blame my swedish passport for that messup... :D

Scandinavian Streetfood: Rød Pølse, the Essence of Danish Hot Dogs

@healthytouch - yes, the one in the picture is natural, but unfortunately protein casings are getting more and more common today.

As to your request - I am currently preparing the holiday specials, so there will definitely be a piece on "Lussebullar" right here on Seriously Scandinavian during December.

@chiffonte - really? Compared to other western countries?

@Mandyhello - thank you very much. Hope you can find a decent dog where you are!

Seriously Scandinavian: Swedish Meatballs

@Tacky & Robis - Thank you very much for your comments and variations, I really appreciate them! I personally think that the use of breadcrumbs/milk is down to what level of smoothness you want your meatballs to have, as it mainly affects texture (not flavor). Many of the most famous restaurant-meatballs in Sweden are very smooth and packed with panade - but I like 'em more chunky and coarse. But, as I said - it's all down to the way Mom made them. Regardless of the Mom. And regardless of the meatballs.

Dinner Tonight: Sea Scallops alla Caprese

Yes! I love it - the idea of switching the cheese for scallops is really cool. Thanks!

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