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LIESSSSSSSSSS she's the best

Enchiladas Suizas

oh and covered in plastic wrap :o

Enchiladas Suizas

An easier way of doing this - cooking the salsa apart and frying the tortillas lightly (or like Bayless does it) then forming the enchiladas with the filling and placing them in a pyrex dish with the salsa on top and simply microwaving them with the cheese on top

At home thats the way we do it - im mexican

Seriously Delicious Holiday Giveaway: D'Artagnan Boneless Heritage Ham

The way my mom use to make it - ham, mayo and mustard between sandwich bread
Simple and reminiscent of my childhood :)

Taste Test: Hot Chocolate Mixes

I notice that there's a link for making "Mexican hot chocolate" but I'm asking myself why didn't Ibarra Mexican Hot Chocolate compete - it beats any of the mixes above and the fancy pants for indulgent and delicious plus its more mexican than the "mexican hot chocolate" recipe

Top 5 Frozen Yogurt Shops in San Diego

I love YogurtWorld, go there all the time with friends, definitely the best and only place i go to for FroYo in San Diego!

Cook the Book: 'Planet Barbecue!'

bbq'ing some pork ribs yummmm with homemade bbq sauce

Quiz: How Much Do You Know About Bagels?

@ snappy, then you've clearly never been to Montreal. Even Anthony Bourdaine declared his love for the montreal bagel. New York style and montreal style bagels are just two entirely different things which are both tasty.

Coffee: Five Questions for the World Barista Champion

Of course any barrista would say the future ofcoffee is black :D

Dinner Tonight: Monte Cristo

Though a totally different beast, Chow recommends that when making grilled cheese, butter the bread not the pan, to avoid blotchy toasting
could the same be applied to monte cristo's? Butter the bread before dipping in egg?

Nut-free Macaron recipe

Haha thank you everybody, yes she is not allergic to coconut so i will deffinetly look into it

Poll: What Kind of Cheese Do You Like on Grilled Cheese?

OH NO VELVEETA my beloved superior processed cheese almost no one likes it );

Mexican 'Fondue' with Chorizo and Tomatillo Salsa

this sounds good, a Spanish alternate could be using chistorra, a small spanish sausage similar in flavor to chorizo but meant to be kept inside of its casing rather than not
and instead of monterey jack, a sharper more complex spanish cheeese, manchego?

Why Ben & Jerry's Relationship with Walmart Is Actually Good For the Future of Food

I am from San diego but am studying ontreal and im almost positive it is illegal to use HFCS in Canada. Its actually very pleasing because all the products eat at home i can find here, such as ben and jerry's, soda, candy etc. and they DONT HAVE CORN SYRUP

the united states should really look into this, but they also dont care yet because their use of Corn syrup doesnt cost them healthcare bills

Healthy & Delicious: Black Bean Dip

Yeah exactly hahaha, definitely NOT BLACK BEAN that is pinto someone is failing?

The United States of Pizza: Where to Eat Pizza in California (Part 2, Southern California L.A.)

I kind of resent this post, i was kind of excited for the Socal pizza post but ALL OF THESE ARE IN LA COUNTY, it should have been called where to get pizza LA

In Season: Rhubarb

RHUBARB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! my favourite, i've been waiting for it since last summer

Rhubarb pie yum yum yum

Instead of _______ , I am on SE

Instead of Studying, I am on SE

thanks SE for making my life a little less boring

Serious Heat: Hot & Sour Soup, My Spicy Comfort Food

Enoki mushrooms, i usually find them at specialty or japanese/asian stores

Cook the Book: 'The Art of Eating In'

I like to eat at home because i love to cook like a restaurant chef!

Chilaquiles, a Great Way to Use Hot Sauce and Leftover Tortillas

If you want to make healthier chilaquiles what i often do, instead of frying them (as my grandmother will insist i do ) i cut the tortillas in tortilla chip shape then brush them with olive oil and broil.

Cook the Book: Ad Hoc at Home

House of 9 Dragons near me, best chinese food and close :)

San Diego: ISO restaurants, markets and of course pizza.

Three places i can think of, depends where you are staying in San Diego,

1) Sammy's Pizza: it's a chain in SoCal but they make pretty good "California Pizza" with a lot of variety and the pricing is good and service is quick
2) Bronx's Pizza in Hillcrest: Famous for its pizza, it's a small shack, not really a restaurant but it does have chairs and tables in the back. Only been there once but the pizza is good and pricing is decent
3) Leucadia Pizza: this is in north county and as such is pretty expensive, i doubt you are staying around here but i will mention it anyways. The pizza is pretty good i havent tried the extent of their menu other than cheese and pepperoni but i stress again its EXPENSIVE

What Foods Are Banned from Your Office?

@ Lobelia a little extremely said but i do agree in saying that i find banning foods to be ridiculous, everyone has the right to eat what he or she likes. Outside of serious food allergies, i see no reason to ban foods in the workplace.


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