Orange Sweet Potato Juice

We juice every day, but I haven't tried sweet potatoes because I guess...I didn't think they'd have much juice? Too dry? Guess I'm wrong too. I'll give them a try. Thanks!

Science and Fruit Cake

It should be moist, not dry and crumbly. I'd be appalled if mine crumbled when cut regardless of the size of the piece.

Science and Fruit Cake

I took over the family fruitcake making well, more than three decades ago. lots more, but that isn't the point. There is no alcohol in the recipe (the original was great grandmothers, we think: it had instructions such as "as many currants as a large man's hands can hold, twiceover"). It definitely has to age, or ripen to use the correct term. Tightly wrapped and cool and dark. Not as cold as the fridge, but cool. Best year ever was when I had to make it before Canadian Thanksgiving, so it had extra weeks to ripen. No mould, just incredible depth and yummyness.

Do you have a pastry blog you go to?

Thanks all. I've added three to my list: farmette, Joe Pastry and David Lebovitz.

2 Ingredients

one box of angel food cake, one 20 ounce tin (I can only find 19, it worked) of crushed pineapple, juice and all. Mix, bake @ 350 for 30 minutes.

Do you have AND use a deep-fryer?

On the topic of used oil: my former in-laws left a vat of oil cooling on the back deck once. And their dog ate/drank it. The vet told them there was nothing to be done other than having a large amount of water constantly available and keeping them OUTSIDE for a couple of days. Fortunately they lived on an acreage and it was summer so they could do that. Still haunts me everytime I think about used oil.

Moose Roast

Know for sure it is moose, my neighbour/landlord is the hunter. I'm the hypocrite - couldn't kill one, sure willing to eat one! I will do the smaller cuts idea I think. Some for burgers, a smallish batch of chili and then a red wine braise. Thanks, serious eaters!

Puff Pastry - what would you bake today?

I ended up making brie en croute. We had five year old cheddar, spiced gouda, ham without the deadly (for me) nitrates, some wine and some french bread. Adding a baked brie seemed like the best supper ever! Finished with port and chocolate. That was a good day.

Puff Pastry - what would you bake today?

ooooh Tarte Tatin. I've been thinking about that recently anyway, which is why i had that previous question about what pan to use! Thanks S.Eaters!

Pastry Magazine

The only one that seems decent is Pastry and Baking Magazine. In the end I decided to get bunches of "essential" pastry books from my library and see what appealed. The magazine - particularly as I'd be paying in American dollars - was equal in cost to most of the books I was looking at.

best new (to you) kitchen equipment 2013

I too got married in May, and clearly the crowd knows I love cooking and my mister is happy to eat anything: nearly every single gift was kitchen related! best? Three granite pans. I love them. Two large and one small. I've given them their own special drawer where nothing gets stacked on them or bumps into them. Lucky me!

Has a recipe or technique ever blown your culinary mind?

Starting popovers in a cold oven, Comfort me with Apples, Joe Fiorito (he give his source for doing it this way I just don't recall who it was). And grinding my own hambuger meat. I can honestly say that reading SE and decidng to grind my own meat in the search for a perfect burger has been life changing. Wish I'd started much sooner in life doing burgers that way.

What is your favourite soup cookbook?

I am a...well-seasoned? soup cook. Best at breads, but soup and bread is where I made extra money when times were tight. Becoming a single mom with a baby and toddler, I have to say that being able to cook was a huge budget saver. Soups and stews appeared several times a week from September to March. I used to sell individual frozen soup with a large home made bun to co-workers to get some extra cash in my pocket. Somehow, now that the children are out on their own, soup isn't much on the menu.

I got married in May (after being single for 18 years, complete surprise. Life can be like that!) and have two new kids. My two grew up fairly adventurous children in the kitchen. My new son is diabetic, and his sister is a fussy eater. Not unusually so, just the regular 13 year-old fussiness. I pick my battles in life, so the only parenting edict I've made so far is no making different meals for everyone. Just goes against everything I believe in. Winter is here (well, where I live it is!) time for soup. I could haul out some of the old favourites and certainly Italian Wedding with kale will be on the table this winter but wanted something specifically soup related, not just a soup section from my cookbook collection.

Lighter food suggestions in Victoria BC

If you do eat there, can you post what you had and what you thought? My sister and bro-in-law don't like it, but I don't often enojoy the same foods they do. I'd like someone else's opinon as I am in Victoria quite often.

50 year old KitchenAid standmixer parts?

I have that one too, and a local small appliance repair place orders stuff in for me. Maybe you have something local too?

What would you do with grape jelly?

Many thanks for all the comments; it is a pretty tart jelly (wild grapes way too sour to eat out of hand, too much even for a decent wine). Will try the meatballs, and I need a dessert for a potluck so jelly roll. oh for the days when my son ate two to three double layer pbj sandwiches as a midnight "snack". Never had to much jelly then!

What to do with all of these crabapples?

I make crabapple cordial with mine, after all the jellies. let me know if you want an email with the recipe!

Looking for a specific bread book.

Sww? SEE?? Ain't nothin can't be answered by S.E. people. Many thanks brooks.

Potato Buns for Burgers

Thanks you guys. Am going to try ATK first as they looked more hamburger-y and if that isn't what I hope it will be will try the boastfulbaker and then maybe something brioche like, although I have gone that route before. TAsty, but not my preference for a burger bun. Which makes me want to ask another burger bun related question. Think I'll make it a new topic, though.

What's Your Favorite Hot Dog Topping?

Tipsykit37 - I'm so grieved! Used to get cheese dogs at Top Dog in Kingston, Ontario. Haven't been able to have one since 1980 something. It's one thing to find a hot dog I can eat (there is a local place that will - assuming i order a whole lot - make sausage and hot dogs for me) but I've never come across a cheese dog. Good times, good times.

What's Your Favorite Hot Dog Topping?

Hot dogs and bacon and ham existed long before the added chemicals. If I invent a time machine I will try not to mess up the time line, but I may have to bring back real hot dogs and ham. And bacon. And pea meal bacon. I don't know what you call that in the states, they don't even call it that here (I'm from eastern Canada, they just call it bacon here). The flavour in those meats used to come from smoking, not the chemicals. Plain salt brine, and a smoke house. There are people here who make their own bacon. I've had that all of once in my life, when I was far north, away from the bigger cities. The family raised pigs, and always kept a couple for themselves, and made their own ham and bacon the way their family had been doing for countless generations. Best bacon I've ever had!

What's Your Favorite Hot Dog Topping?

Oh, and yes, naturally smoked bacon and ham tastes like it should. Better, in fact. My father now only eats what I do, because it tastes the way he remembers bacon in his childhood. Smokehouse bacon, yum. In fact, he recalls his parents talking about the regulations coming in that smoked meat HAD to contain the chemical to be sold commercially.

Until McLeans, my only ham type food was Prosciutto from Italy. I don't know if you can import that in the US, but we can in Canada. There are tons of things - even in Safeway and Superstore - labelled Prosciutto, but I'm talking about the real thing. Not a chemical in sight and melts like butter in your mouth. Gotta go, cuz now I'm really hungry!

What's Your Favorite Hot Dog Topping?

Kenji - McLean Organics in Canada has hot dogs I can eat. When different companies started coming out with no "added" nitrites, I contacted one of the companies customer service department. They said that yes, they use celery extract which is a natural nitrite, but at extremely high concentrations. Higher than just having normal chemical filled hot dogs. She was very happy to tell me that our bodies break down the veggie source, instead of storing it in fatty tissues as the lab nitrites do (with NO studies or information to back that up, she just "knew" that it worked that way). And then conluded with "but if you're allergic to the chemical, then don't eat our products. Ever.". So I don't. I can't even eat a hamburger that has been cooked on a grill that had hot dogs on it. It's never enough to send me to hospital, but enough to make me very ill indeed. As my doctor explained it, the older I get the more sensitive I will become.

Woodstown Farms bacon and hotdogs from McLeans I can have, and in Port Alberni (Vancouver Island, British Columbia) Hertels makes bacon I can have too. Nothing else in their line like thick cut bacon or ham but still: when I visit family on the island I always come home with a suitcase with LOTS of bacon. Sometimes in my carry-on too. Which doesn't get taken at security but sure has earned me some interesting looks!

What's Your Favorite Hot Dog Topping?

first, has to be from one of the few no nitrites/nitrates places. And no celery extract either: it's natural, but still deadly if you're allergic to nitrites/nitrates. For topping...corn relish. Love it to the point where I bring it myself to bbqs, as no one seems to supply it. All the ketchup and mustard and sweet green relish you'd ever want, but the lowly corn relish never seems to be present.


I had a Breville, and my daughter (aged 16) sold it at our garage sale. I hadn't put a price on it yet. That lady got a deal. Now I'm juicing again (I'd noticed in migraine journal that my least migraine months were when I was juicing) and bought the Jack Lalanne. It works, but I really want my Breville back. Badly enough that I'll probably by a new one.

The main difference is the amount of juice. The Breville left a fairly dry pulp behind, the Lalanne is quite soppy.

Do you have a pastry blog you go to?

ummmm...title is rather self-explanatory. So, do you? One you like for recipes, the writing or learning? No, not planning on starting a cooking blog, Fiction Friday is enough for me. Just looking for some coffee break reading.

BioIV (or any other S.Eater) about the moose:

I took the advice and am trying a few different things with the moose. It was a HUGE roast. Tonight is moose burgers. I have a fair chunk sawed off, waiting to be ground into moose burger meat. When I make burgers from beef I don't (thanks to Kenji) add anything else, just season the beef and handle as little as possible. Will this work with moose, or should I grind something else in with it? I made potato buns last night, and have some aged cheddar to go on top. Both those things and respect for the moose make me want to NOT mess it all up with unnecessary additions. Then again I am worried about the lean meat being without flavour. Or moisture.

Do you have AND use a deep-fryer?

I've managed to get through life without ever having a deep fryer. Likely because my weakness is sweetness, not salty/savory. My new family - which is really just adding a new husband and two kids to the two kids I already have from a first marriage - prefers the salty. So they end up eating a lot of store bought from the freezer oven baked fries. I suspect that technology has advanced enough that you can make fries in a deep fryer that aren't that much worse for you than oven fries (and possibly better: no addititives, etc) but is this just me wanting a new toy? And will we end up eating terrible things like deep fried oreos? Will it be a dustcatcher in the storage space?

Moose Roast

Again with the "I have a ________" to cook, what would you do? In this case, our neighbour gave us a big moose roast (roast is big, assuming so was the moose!). I know to cook low and slow for tenderness, but that's pretty much it. I don't want to do my ususal slap-dash pot roast in the slow cooker meal. I don't often get such a gift, would hate to have it turn out awful. So what would you do?

Puff Pastry - what would you bake today?

I made puff pastry for a specific recipe. I actually ended up (planned it that way) with three one pound blocks. I made an apple galette with one, froze a block for croissants next week and have one final block in the fridge. And I'm undecided as to what I want to turn make it into. What would you bake tonight with a pound of puff pastry waiting for you?

Pastry Magazine

Two topics in one day...yes, I might be procrastinating. Anyway: once upon a time I was a pastry chef. Which was great. At the same time I had a full time job in government, which is what I am doing now. The restaurant I was working in got sold, new owner wanted pre-bake desserts from a local place. Fair enough (ick), but that was the end of my job there.

I still bake at home, but I decided a moment of not liking the day...that subscribing to a pastry magazine and having it delivered to the office would make for a lovely break in the working day now and then. Recommendations?

Tarte Tatin Pan - what do you use?

I have a cast iron skillet, I could use that. I have a 12 inch granite pan I could use that but I love it (I've been told that after I opened it at the shower I spent the rest of the afternoon stroking it like a puppy) and what if I screw up? I could go to Village de Valeur and buy a Visions glass one - I wouldn't care if that got wrecked. Those of you who make tarte tatin: what do you use?

Bison Short Ribs

Probably didn't post this here (but I certainly did elsewhere) but my beloved - married May this year - husband got me the most incredible b-day present: a bespoke chef's knife. It's amazing. I'm the only one that I will let use it, although really it is smaller than store bought ones, to fit my apparently tiny hand so not really good for anyone else in the house.
Anyway; I ordered bison short ribs from a local organic butcher and they are in., what now? With beef short ribs (English cut, not flanken) I braise, even though that is not my favourite thing to eat. Not sure how bison will work with a braise. Suggestions?

What is your favourite soup cookbook?

Thanks to S.E. I am getting Best Soups in the World from my local library. There are (surprisingly) over a hundred soup books in the library system. I'm not asking for them all! And perhaps I'll just go cookbook shopping.

Regardless of which I do, what would you fellow S.E.'ers recommend I look for?

What would you do with grape jelly?

I made many jars of wild grape jelly on the weekend, and picked enough chokecherries for two batches of that tonight.

I have a potluck next week, and I'd like to use the grape jelly in something. Not thumbprint cookies, and I've done puff pastry tarts with almond cream and a blob of jam before too.

Other than those two, what would you make?

Looking for a specific bread book.

This is a long shot, but if it can be answered by anyone, it'll be someone from S.E.!

I had a cookbook whose name I no longer recall that I want to find again. Unfortunately, I can only recall three recipes from the book.

Fortunately, they are moderately unusual. One was bread using red wine, one was for bread with white wine and onions and the third was this giant flat bread made to look like a sheaf of wheat.

Familiar to anyone?

Potato Buns for Burgers

I have completely changed the way I make burgers thanks to the Burger Lab's top ten tips for making a perfect burger.

I would like to encase my burgers in the perfect potato roll. I read the taste test for best burger bun, but we don' get the winner here. In fact no potato products at all, which is kina weird.

However...I am a baker. Can't get Portuguese Sweet Bread in Saskatchewan? Doesn't bother me, I'll just make my own. Same goes with most things, but I have not been happy with my hamburger bun experiments.

Reaching out to you, Serious Eaters!

First meal with new stove

New oven gets delivered to new home. New to us, the house is 101 this year! I got a boatlaod of awesome cookware for the wedding ALL of which I want to use, of course, right away. But the stove.

I keep changing my mind on what to make. First of all, it's hot here (not as bad as some of you in SW US, but still mid-thirties Celcius) so maybe I should not do anything. But it is new! And being delivered today!

So what would be your first meal with a new stove?

Blueberries and apple in a pie

My baby is 21 on Monday so Sunday night is family supper, with things he likes for the meal. For dessert he wants either a Black Forest cake or a pie with blueberries and apples unless I think that's a terrible combination.

I don't, of course. Think it's a terrible combination that is. But I'm torn as to whether I should add apples or applesauce to a blueberry pie.

On the one hand, the sauce might help my blueberry pie turn out better than it usually does, blueberry being my only consistent pie failure. Other than that I'm a pie genius. Or maybe just a pie smartypants. Genius seems a bit much.

On the other hand, you might not taste much in the way of apple that way. Thoughts?

American Cheese?

Seems I'm frequently running to you guys for answers as to what something is.

I occasionally come across recipes (like the one here for mac n cheese with black beans and chipotle) that call for "American Cheese".

When I looked it up, it was defined as cheddar cheese. But...why not say cheddar, then? It must be something other than just basic cheddar. Cheddar with a gun? Cheddar with some interesting regional addition to it? All I know about your cheddar is that it is SO much cheaper than Canadian is. We must have some very expensive cows!

What spice blends have you decided to make for yourself?

Part of finding spice blends is where I live: Saskatchewan. Yes, it's a real place, truly!

We're a bit isolated. But still,I can get things like Cajun. Except...I just read the ingredients on the back of the bottle? WHH is all that stuff? Why sugars and chemicals and so on? Do dried spices really need that much stabalizing and sweetening? I gave up, I'm going to make my own. What do you guys mix and blend for yourselves?

Need specific Jambalaya Recipe

Shrimp, Chicken and Sausage Jambalaya.

So. I am making jambalaya with my soon to be step-son on the weekend. But...
No ham. I have about one ounce of nitrite free ham left, but a ton of nitrite free sausage. It ain't andouille or chorizo, but beggars with allergies can't be choosers.

Tomatoes are fine, no tomatoes also fine. I don't care. I do care about taking time to cook it. I have never enjoyed recipes that have you shred up pre-cooked stuff. Share a recipe and help a girl out!

Type 1 Diabetes cookbook

I'm getting married (woohoo!) and my hubby-to-be has two kids.

The thing is, his son has Type 1 diabetes. I LOVE cooking. I am very excited to be cooking for more people(my kids are older and mainly on their own).

My library has nearly 30 different cookbooks relating to cooking for diabetics. I could check them all out...or I could poll S.E. readers and look for recommendations to narrow the list down.

Suggestions? Of either books or useful websites?

ATK Complete TV show cookbook

I like some of the ATK cooking magazines I have, others not so much. (Slow Cooker revolution was good, didn't like anything I made from American Classics).

Has anyone bought this book? Liked it, regretted it?

Roast Goose Help

My son bought me a present. He said it was something he could cook, but knowing how much I love to cook he didn't have to if I wanted to do it myself. Lo and behold, yesterday he showed up with an 8 pound goose. (He's in construction, the current site is owned by Mennonites).

I don't want to mess up. Don't know why I'm worried, I do chicken and turkey all the time. Still...want to make this as close to perfect as possible. Suggestions?

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