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  • Favorite foods: Anything deep fried (except okra, which cannot even be saved by batter and hot oil), any cheese except those from the "diaper" family, BACON, cake not pie, rare meat, peanut M&Ms
  • Last bite on earth: Shrimp Tempura

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Egg in Toast: What Do You Call It?

When I learned to make that in Girl Scouts, we called it Toad in a Hole.

"Cleanup in aisle seven"

I ran through the grocery store on the way home from the gym one night. I was sweaty and gross but I was also starving and just needed a few things. I opened up a box of crackers in my cart and started chowing down as I shopped. When I tried to put them through the self-checkout they kept coming back until finally a cashier had to come over and fix it. She picked up the box and said very loudly, "Did you really eat half a box of Cheez-its yourself?" Turns out the self-checkout system works by checking the weight of every item on the belt...

I'm new and so were you at one time. Help me be a good member.

@suzanne, if you use Mozilla's Firefox browser, it has a built in spell checker :-)

Giada's new Cooking line at Target

Back when I lived across the street from K-Mart, I picked up a ton of Martha Stewart stuff. I love it. It's good quality and was dirt cheap.

Giada would be better off with a line of foundation garments. The stuff she wears on TV is an engineering marvel.

Monte Cristo advice?

Do you remember what they were served with when he ordered them and if he commented on it? I've seen them served with raspberry jam, maple syrup, and honey mustard but my preference is jam.

Have you used this actifry thingy?

Looks cool but I don't have $300 to spend on a french fry maker. Even if it does make a healthy Chicken Tikka Masala too :-)

What's a good word to replace "garlicky"?

garlectable - like delectable

garlicate - delicate use of garlic, mostly for things flavored with roasted garlic

garlificent - magnificent use of garlic

Slow cooker recipes?

Thanks, I searched on "slow cooker" instead of "crock pot" and missed that one!

Are all celebrities 'gourmets'?

Gross generalizations don't usually hold up in any situation. "All" celebrities aren't anything because they are still people and you can't lump "all" people into any groups.

There are celebrities who are well known foodies like Robert De Niro and Gwyneth Paltrow whose opinions I respect because they are serious about food. Other celebrities, who eat at restaurants to prove they are A-list and can get a table whenever they want at an A-list restaurant, not so much.

Is dating a picky eater a dealbreaker for anyone?!

as a picky eater myself, my instinct is to say cut him some slack. I have a hatred of mustard (bordering on mental illness) that would cause me to politely decline the tastiest looking sandwich and go make myself one (to spare the cook having to make me yet another sandwich).

That said, I also know the difference between things I don't like and things I don't particularly care for. I am not ever going to like oysters or clams or raw tomatoes but if you saute a brussel sprout with bacon and garlic, I'll give it a shot. And when faced with something I have never tried, I will always give it a shot.

Respecting his likes and dislikes is all you can do but he has to meet you halfway and try to keep an open mind about what you cook. If he can't do that, you're just going to resent it more and more.

Serious Chocolate: Understanding Necco Wafers

@eeels ROFLMAO!

Reminds of of a conversation recounted by a friend this Halloween. Upon meeting a toddler Yoda, she said, “May the force be with you”.
He responded, immediately, “And also with you”.

Pig CSA?

My oldest and dearest friend lives in Saugerties, NY. She knows that when I make the 7-hour drive up, I enjoy seeing her but my real destination is The Smokehouse of the Catskills.

To me, local NY pork is a no brainer!

What's your stuffing / dressing recipe?

I grew up having to pick around the oysters in the Thanksgiving stuffing (not a bivalve fan here) so now that I make it, I just leave them out. I bake a big pan of cornbread with all the traditional green herbs already in it like sage and thyme. Then I saute some garlic, shallots, celery, and carrots in butter and add some chopped pecans in to toast in the same pan. I mix an egg with some chicken stock and mix it all together with the cornbread and bake it. Someone else does the bird in my family so I always make "dressing".

Oops, I left out the key ingredient, lots of chopped celery greens. I'm not a fan of the vegetable part of celery but I love the greens!

Weekend Cook and Tell: Vintage Recipe Redux

I have a real weakness for vintage cookbooks, the good, the bad, and the ugly. the 2 scariest things I have found are a lemon jello salad with sauerkraut and black olives in it and a "mock pineapple" made out of liverwurst then covered in cheez whiz. Luckily, both have photographs.

Breakfast in Baltimore

I second the vote for Paper Moon. I've never had anything there I didn't LOVE!

If you are downtown, try the Sunday brunch at Hull Street Blues.It's a tiny place but worth the wait for a table and the close quarters with your fellow diners.

If you had to choose just three vegetables...


and thanks for leaving garlic out. life wouldn't be worth living without it.

It's The End Of The World!

@g-meg sorry about that. I got hit by it in August and 2 weeks after I started my new job on October, my husband got laid off. It just plain sucks. Keep your chin up, it gets better once you get through the initial shock. Don't forget to file for unemployment!

The only silver lining has been being too broke to eat out has forced us to cook at home more and we're really enjoying it. Even if we can't afford the more expensive ingredients, it's still better than most average restaurant meals.

In the event of an apocalypse, I would need to befriend a farmer because I can't live without eggs and dairy. I'm sure I could figure out how to churn butter and maybe someone could give me cheese lessons. Did the goats survive? I need feta.

Luckily, I have a pantry full of salt so I will be able to season everything.

whats on your menu for the weekend?

@PerkyMac around here it's milk, bread, and toilet paper. to prepare for snow you must buy all things that are white.

your snow is going to be our rain but we're in the playoffs so I'm thinking a pot of chili is in order.

absentminded kitchen disasters

My most recent disaster was Thanksgiving. I cook everything but the turkey and schlep it 45 minutes to my mother's house. It was all cooked and packed when my husband reminded me of the Gravy Shortage of 2007 so I decided to make a big pan of gravy at the last minute, even though we were . When it was ready, I looked at the pan and decided, "helper handles are for wimps" and proceeded to pick it up and pour at least half a gallon of gravy between the stove and the cabinet.

My first kitchen disaster came when I decided to make Concorde Grape jello at the age of 10. I followed the instructions on the box but I wasn't sure if it was mixed all the way and since it was in a glass dish, the logical thing to do was lift it up over my head to look at it through the light. Crash! the dish comes down on my head and the kitchen and I are bathed in purpley, gelatinous goodness.

Ok, I will follow do you say Jalapeno

@soozm32 the new Girl Scout Cookie this year is the Dulce de Leche. I logged a lot of training hours this fall teaching girls (and parents) how to pronounce it. I still heard a lot of cringe-worthy pronunciations.

Overheard: strange things you've heard people say about food.

I can't count the number of times I have heard people order Chicken Tikka Marsala.

My grandfather firmly believed you could not eat dairy in the same meal with steamed crabs. Ice cream was forbidden for dessert.

My husband's family has the same belief about drinking milk with spaghetti.

My resolution is to . . .

figure out how to pay all my bills and still have enough money left over to be able to buy quality ingredients even though we have 65% less income than we had in August.

a big thank you to the economy for helping me with my 2008 resolution to cook more and eat out less.

oh, and I resolve to be less negative.

Chef Paul Prudhomme. What do you know about him?

@dearrie I thought he was dead too. I guess I was thinking of Justin Wilson. Or Dom Deluise...

"Bold" or Burnt?

I won't buy coffee from a chain coffee shop (I'd never go into sbux if it weren't for my tragic chai latte addiction) but I will go out of my way to get coffee from an independent coffee shop that roasts their own beans. There aren't a whole lot around here (I can think of three in all of the Baltimore area, luckily two of them are exceptional). If I am anywhere near Zeke's or Baltimore Coffee & Tea Co. I make it a point to stop by.

Foodie gifts? What did you get?

I'm not sure what she was thinking but my mother brought this pasta all the way back from Italy to put in my husband's stocking. Word's can't do it justice.

She also gave him some wild boar spread that looks kind of questionable. I'm not sure what we are going to do with it.

Santa was kind and brought me new hot mitts so I can stop using the ones that no longer have any kind of heat protection except what comes from the colonies of bacteria that have set up permanent residence in them.


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