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Hard to Find

Game meats are not the usual meats one finds in any restaurant. But I want squab, goose and rabbit this season. They are all on Top Chef and Iron Chef America but not anywhere else. I hate it when I want something that is so common in Europe but I can't find it here in New York. Even in Chinatown, sometimes it is hard finding something "extoic". I want more exotic meats in restaurants, who can point me in the right direction???

Cafe Au Lait... A drink of the middle

For those of you who don't know what a Cafe Au Lait is, it is a coffee with steamed milk instead of a latte where there is espresso and steamed milk. So far I have had the best at Tea Lounge in Park Slope. Previously, it was at Cafe Monte in Charlotte, North Carolina. I feel that Cafe Au Lait has to be a bit creamy than normal coffee with half and half. The one I had at The Tea Lounge had an almost perfect balance. Yet not enough. Does anyone know where I can get a better cup of Cafe Au Lait?

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