I'm an eater.

  • Favorite foods: sushi, raw meat (steak tartare and lamb kefta), samosas, carnitas on corn tortillas topped with salsa verde, avocados, roast chicken, couscous, lobster rolls, eggs every which way, salmon chowder with bacon and fesh corn, french fries and aioli.

Giveaway: Win A Limited Edition "Zelda Collection" from Jeni's Splendid Ice Creams

A Whiskey Smash! A little tart and refreshing with the warmth of whiskey.

How to Make Fried Pork and Cabbage Dumplings With Homemade Wrappers

Kenji, this is one of my favorite tutorials yet. That slideshow has my mouth watering - I know what my weekend cooking project is going to be!

Win Tickets to the James Beard Foundation Awards, Monday, May 9, in NYC

Menton (Barbara Lynch)! She's a fellow Bostonian, an amazing chef and business person and the food at Menton is spectacular.

Sushi Week Part 1: A Sushi Style Guide and How to Make Sushi Rice

Also, are you going to go over how to roll temaki? Because that would seriously awesome. My temaki never really stay together like they should.

Sushi Week Part 1: A Sushi Style Guide and How to Make Sushi Rice

I love this! Thanks so much, Kenji, I'm really looking forward to reading the whole guide.

What to Eat and Drink on Cinco de Mayo

@LexieLo, I think they're the pan-fried fish tacos with white sauce listed in the "Tacos" section of the post.

The Vinnie Pie Lives on at Vincent's Pizza Park in Pittsburgh

Wow, that pizza looks amazing! I'd kill for some of that sausage, and what a crust. My mouth is watering.

Cinco de Mayo Poll: Mild, Medium, or Hot Salsa?

The only jarred stuff that I think is actually any good is the Frontera (Rick Bayless) line of salsas - the chipotle one is out of this world. Still, it's super simple and quick to make homemade salsa.

Family recipe you're glad to have

My grandmother's recipes for meatballs, stuffing and gravy. Knowing that I can make that those things and instantly have a taste of home is incredibly comforting.

Cook the Book: 'In The Green Kitchen'

Pork doesn't have to be cooked until it's grey and dry! It can be consumed while still a bit pink.

Cook the Book: 'Molto Gusto'

Rod Dee, a Thai restaurant - thanks goodness for their Pad See Ew with fried tofu!

Jamie Oliver - Taking On Obese America?

I have nothing to add, except to say that I'm horrified at how nasty this thread is.

Passover 5770 (2010) ~ Seders and other menus

@Gator Pam - thanks so much for the recipe! I can't wait to try it out. : )

Passover 5770 (2010) ~ Seders and other menus

@ Gator Pam - Any chance you could post your entire Maztah Ball recipe? It sounds delicious and I've never tried making them by separating the eggs!

What do you eat as an adult?

I think this was alluded to above (somewhere), but organic food vs. processed food is a false dichotomy. Processed food items can be organic. It all depends on how define "processed", I suppose, but - strictly speaking - there are plenty of healthy food items that are processed.

What Are the Must-Eats in Your City?

In Boston:

Neptune Oyster, for upscale, incredibly fresh seafood. Their raw bar is out of this world.
Mike & Patty's, for breakfast and sandwiches. Small and welcoming, with creative use of local ingredients.
UBurger, for the make-your-own burgers (they have vegetarian burgers and chicken). The meat is ground in-house, the french fries are fresh every day and the array of potential toppings is unrivaled.
Xinh Xinh in Chinatown for pho.
Flour - either of the locations - for amazing pastries. They also serve gourmet sandwiches and soups.
Modern Pastry in the North End for cannoli and cappucinos.
Toro for the BEST tapas I've had outside of Spain. The mussels with chorizo are to die for, as is just about everything else on the menu. Their cocktails are also stellar.

Restaurant Breakfast - Frustration in a Plastic Menu

I've never found that I'm forced to choose between blandness or sweetness when eating out for breakfast. Nor have I found that the only way eggs are served is scrambled. In any case, if you wanted to avoid eggs entirely, there is usually yogurt and granola, toast, bagels with a variety of toppings, hash browns, fruit salad, grits (sometimes), sausage, bacon, fried catfish (sometimes), and oatmeal to choose from. There is also, depending on where I'm eating, a variety of smoked fish, knishes and potato pancakes. Maybe you need to try better breakfast places?

Grown-ups should not eat SpaghettiOs

My mom would never let me have Spaghetti-Os when I was little, so, of course, I thought of them as terribly exotic. I became obsessed with trying them. One day I was over a friend's house after school and, wonder of wonders, her mom decided to serve us Spaghetti-Os as a snack! I was so excited...until I tasted them. The verdict: mushy, bland and faintly metallic-tasting. I've never had them again.

Weekend Cook and Tell: Superfoods

My fave superfoods are blueberries (in goat's milk yogurt smoothies), quinoa (I like to add tons of different veggies and dress it with a garlicky vinaigrette), Manuka honey (good addition to the smoothies), beets (roasted and in salads, or pickled), avocados (slathered on toast and topped with crumbled feta, olive oil and cracked pepper), and rainbow chard (sauteed with an anchovy, a squeeze of lemon and olive oil, topped with parmesan).

Ruth Reichl - Really?

Oops, that was meant to read "come off".

Ruth Reichl - Really?

I've never seen the show, but I've read all of her books (and her blog and her Twitter feed) and I adore her writing. She has never - at least to me - came off as ignorant or obnoxious in her writing.

Maybe she's just one of those people that doesn't translate well to TV?

Serious Heat: 25 Things To Do with Hot Sauce

My favorite is Sriracha mixed with mayo and put on just about any sandwich. It's also great on/in sushi.

Seriously Delicious Holiday Giveaway: Zingerman's Praise the Lard Gift Box

Trying char siu bao for the first time - I had never had pork belly before, and it was a revelation.

Negative Associations Ruining Your Food?

Tequila, because I've gotten epically sick off of it. And ramen, because I associate it with having the stomach flu (I used to eat it while recovering).

Seriously Delicious Holiday Giveaway: D'Artagnan Boneless Heritage Ham

Ham, arugula, mayo, and dijon (on a croissant).

Wanted: A non-BBQ recipe for Pork Shoulder!

I couldn't resist buying a huge pork picnic shoulder for only $12. $12! The problem is that I have no idea what to do with it. This piece of meat is so large, I'm not sure it will even fit in my I'm looking for recipes that 1) Can be made in the oven, and 2) Aren't BBQ (that is, no pulled pork). Please help!

Pasta Without a Pasta Machine: Mission Impossible?

So, the thread on ravioli fillings has me craving homemade ravioli. The only problem is that I don't have a pasta machine, and I don't want to invest in one, because I probably won't use it all that often. Has anyone here had any success with rolling out pasta with a rolling pin? Is there a recommended technique/recipe? (Disclaimer: I've only tried making pasta from scratch once before - using a pasta machine - and it turned out pretty rubbery...)

In Dire Need of Picnic Brunch Options!

So, I'll be attending a picnic brunch this Saturday, and I have no idea what to bring. Here's what others are bringing: Bagels and cream cheese, coffee, Bloody Marys, Screwdrivers. What should I bring? Obviously, it should travel well/be good served at room temp. Also, I'm thinking it shouldn't be too carb-heavy, since there will be bagels. Any ideas?

All about Arroz con Pollo

There are so many different variations of this beloved dish, let's talk about how you like your Arroz con Pollo!

Do you like it Cuban-style, or Puerto Rican-style (or some other way)? Do you like it with cilantro, or without? Do you use boneless chicken? Dark meat or white meat? Do you bake it, or just cook it on the stove top? Do you like it made with beer, or just chicken stock? And what do you like to serve on the side?

I like mine Puerto Rican-style, but with no bay leaves and minimal oregano. I usually throw in some Sazon Goya and always finish the cooking in the oven. Served with lots of beer on the side!

What to wrap in bacon?

What would be something a little different (i.e., not shrimp, dates, or water chestnuts) to wrap in bacon as an appetizer? I'm looking for something that will go well with the jerk pork sandwiches and jicama slaw being served as the main course. Suggestions?

What's the easiest way to make Skillet Potatoes?

I recall looking at a recipe where it said to boil the potatoes before putting them in the skillet. You were supposed to boil them, drain and then throw them back into the pot and shake them around. The shaking is supposed to make their outsides crumble a bit, which would them - supposedly - yield a better crust. Has anyone tried this? Is it making Skillet Potatoes too complicated? How do you get your potatoes crispy?

What's Best for Serious Eaters in NYC's Meatpacking District?

So, some friends and I will be spending a long weekend in NYC in March. We'll be staying in the Meatpacking District and are looking for recommendations for some sensational, serious restaurants in the area. We are not necessarily interested in what's the trendiest place - if it's trendy and happens to have great food, that would be fine. Where do you go for amazing food in that location?

Safety and Ethiopian Beef Kitfo

So, I ordered kitfo at an Ethiopian restaurant last night. Somehow, it escaped my knowledge that this was rare/raw (or mostly rare, anyway) beef. I attribute this to the fact that it was covered in a strong, spicy sauce and had a firm texture. Anyway, they packaged the leftovers up for me to take home...I was eating some of the bread that the meat was sitting on today and chatting with someone and they were horrified that I was eating these leftovers. Now I'm worried, too. Does anyone have any experience with this? Thoughts, stories, comments?

I'm not familiar with Pork Sirloin Roast, are you?

I picked up a pork sirloin roast at the grocery store, because it was cheap and I've been craving pork. However, I've never used this cut before - what would be the best way to use it? Pork and sauerkraut? Carnitas? Pulled pork? Comment away!

How do you like your Shrimp and Grits prepared? (I need tips!)

So, I am a recent convert to the deliciousness that is shrimp and grits, but have never made it for myself. I'm going to attempt to cook it tonight for some friends using this recipe: Shrimp and Grits.

Here are my questions: All the other recipes that I read said that it takes an hour to cook the grits, but this one says 25 minutes (using stone-ground grits). Does that seem right to anyone? Also, do you think that this will be totally ruined if I don't use bacon/bacon fat/ham? How do you like your shrimp and grits?

How Can I Use Up My Chicken Drumsticks?

So, I have a package of Trader Joe's chicken drumsticks that has been languishing in my freezer since August. Yes, August. They seemed like a good idea when I bought them, but I just haven't been able to figure out how to use them. Can I roast them? If so, in what? Please advise!

Food In Literature - What Has Inspired You?

So, the comments Dispatch from the UK: Turkish Delight inspired me to start this thread. What food out of literature was described so well that you just had to try it? Did it meet your expectations? (For example, I was always captivated by the descriptions of food in the Little House on the Prairie books, so I bought the cookbook. Most of the dishes ended up being underwhelming.)

Thanksgiving Salad?

What would be a good Fall-ish type salad to serve on Thanksgiving? I'm looking for suggestions, because everyone is bored of my standbys. Nothing with cheese, if possible...

Leftover Rotisserie Chicken Ideas...

So, in a moment of weakness I bought a rotisserie chicken at the supermarket yesterday. I ate some of it for dinner with a potato casserole and now I'm wondering what to do with it for dinner tonight. What would you do with a mostly intact leftover rotisserie chicken?

Dinner Tonight: Merguez Sausage with Collards and Couscous

Who knew that a spicy lamb sausage from northern Africa would get along so well with collard greens, a staple of Southern soul food? Knowing that sausages and greens are a natural combination, I trusted this recipe from, which cooks the greens quickly by blanching then braising them with some of the cooking liquid, rather than the long, slow preparation I'm familiar with. More

How do you make Brisket?

I want to make Brisket this weekend but before finding a random recipe I figured I'd ask you first...How do you make yours? All recipes/tips are more than welcome. Thank you! :-)... More

Pizza Girl Likes Things Squeaky Clean

Every week, Pizza Girl (Diary of a Pizza Girl) stops by with insights and a behind-the-scenes look into the world of pizza-delivery drivers. Take it away, PG! —The Mgmt. "But I'm not dirty, Pizza Girl!" [iStockPhoto/Aksam] I have found, over the course of the last year and a half delivering pizza, that I am good at cleaning. I am not blind to the irony that in my personal life I rarely clean unless I'm beyond shaking-mad. When I say that I like things clean I don't just mean that things should be "clean-enough" or "tidy." I like when counters are... More

Blizzard Food

I am about to head to the supermarket here in philadelphia, and the blizzard is coming. What great "blizzard food" should I (or would you) make(recipes welcome) or buy?... More

Four new foods! Now what?

I'm a little bit late to the "try something new" party, but today I found not just one, but four items I've never cooked. First, I bought a quince, which I see I need to cook. So maybe I'll do... More

Egg Watchers Uses YouTube as an Egg Timer

[Image: Egg Watchers] Egg Watchers by creative media company Poke is an online egg timer that will entertain you with an appropriately long YouTube video as your egg cooks. Just choose the size of your egg, whether it's straight from the fridge, and what doneness you want, and you'll get a random entertaining video. (Only warning is that you may not get the most appetizing video: On my first try I ended up Chainsaw Maid, a somewhat gruesome—albeit, cool—claymation of a family being attacked by zombies. When I tried it again, I got a Bjork music video.) [via NOTCOT.ORG] Related The Food Lab: Perfect Boiled Eggs What to Do with Leftover Hard-Boiled Eggs One Dozen Trader Joe's Eggs, Each... More

I need a potluck dish to wow 'em

I'm going to a potuck party in a couple weeks, and I need a dish that will be interesting and different. In the past, I've done fortune cookies and sourdough bread and rum cake. Mostly baked goods, I guess. Probably... More

Flowchart: 'You Dropped Food on the Floor. Do You Eat It?'

[Image: Audrey Fukman and Andy Wright on SFoodie] When it comes to eating food that has touched the floor, if you're a Megalosaurus you can eat whatever the hell you want. The rest of us should check this flowchart from SFoodie. Most cases point to yes. [via Buzzfeed] Related Flowchart: 'Where Should I Eat, Fast Food Edition' Flowchart: 'What Should I Eat, Cereal Edition' Flowchart: 'What Candy Should I Eat?'... More

Best food processor uses

I just got my very first food processor! (which I, of course blogged about using) So far I've used it for hummus, pie dough and am planning to use it to blend up some soup ( this weekend. A friend... More

How to Make Caramel Pears

A more grown-up version of my childhood favorite made with pears, hazelnuts, and cinnamon sticks. [Photographs: Jenny McCoy] I recently decided to make caramel apples for the first time. Not the bright red, hard candy-shelled type, but the sticky, gooey... More

Seriously Asian: Jumuk-Bap

Jumuk-Bap View the complete recipe here » What do seaweed, pears, and ground beef have in common? They all belong in Jumuk-bap, a Korean rice ball snack I learned how to make from a former Korean housemate. Jumuk means fist in Korean, which is a fair description of how compressed the rice becomes as you shape it into a ball. I'd always been more familiar with the Japanese version, onigiri, in which fillings like umeboshi (pickled plum) or salmon are tucked into the interior of a rice ball, which is then wrapped into a sheet of seaweed. For Jumuk-bap, all the components are mixed together with the rice before being shaped into balls. The secret ingredient in the ground... More

Serious Eater Twitter user names

Along the lines of the SE'er food blogs thread, I'm wondering who else in the Serious Eats community is on Twitter. I'm already having fun following the handful of folks I already know are on there. So, care to share... More

Homemade Goat Cheese Sounds Pretty Easy

[Photograph: Kiss My Spatula] A new year's resolution you should set? (Unless you're lactose-intolerant maybe.) Make goat cheese from scratch! Kiss My Spatula did and swears the distinct, clean, and tangy taste of the artisanal cheese pucks will blow your mind. Your salads, crostinis, pizzas, omelets, cheese plates, and beyond will take on an entirely new meaning. Basically, all you do is buy yourself a quart of goat's milk. Simmer it. Add some lemon juice. Tie it up in a little pouch. Leave it out to dry. And comes the hard part. Wait. Drip, drip, drippity drip. In a bit over an hour, you'll have, at your fingertips, a batch of homemade goat cheese. That sounds awfully too... More