I am a food photographer from the Netherlands. I've been living together with my guy for over 20 years now (and no not married) We love to travel. I love to read (cookbooks mostly) and love to pretend to be sporty.

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  • Location: Netherlands
  • Favorite foods: Too many to mention, but Italian is an alltime favorite, but I love desserts and baking as well.
  • Last bite on earth: I thought about it long and hard and it would have to be chocolate mousse... I think

Spelt salad with pomegranate

And did you like it?

10 of Our Favorite Cookbooks in 2011

O wow... many more cookbooks to add to the pile I can see! Love cookbooks so thanks for these tips!

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A Sandwich a Day: Italian Salami from Little T American Baker in Portland, OR

Grinders—named so because of the effort it took to chew through the hard, crusty bread used in the original version—often get overlooked in this day of more inventive, experimental sandwiches. But the Italian Salami grinder from Little T American Baker deserves the spotlight for nailing a perfect balance between quality cured meats and outstanding bread. More