My name is Emily. I'm marrying my best friend and love of my life Joey on June 7th of 2013! We both love food and I hope to go to culinary school! Our dream is to one day own a B&B.

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  • Location: Florence, AL
  • Favorite foods: I love all types of food but nothing says comfort food like chicken n' dumplings! I'm a true down home southern girl! I love finding healthier ways to make the foods I grew up on!
  • Last bite on earth: Last bite.... hmmm..... I can't choose lol

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Casual evening outdoor wedding reception...

I need help! I'm planning a evening wedding for the beginning of June at 6 or 6:30. Because it is in the evening lots of people have been saying that we need to serve dinner... I have no clue what to serve! The wedding is in the front yard of the house that my Grandpa grew up at so we want to keep everything casual and simple.. But BBQ is so predictable.. What are yalls ideas??


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