• Location: NJ
  • Favorite foods: Everything. Though I have a deep love for all things rice, hold the peas.
  • Last bite on earth: Chicken pirri pirri from Portugal with a big hunk of bleu cheese and a bowl of my mom's rajma chawal.

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Win Tickets to Three-Course Beer Dinner With Edible Manhattan

In Universal Soldier, Jean Claude Van Damme has just recently been regenerated and is at a diner. He's hungry, and the heroine of the film orders him some food. He eats and eats, and because it's a JCVD movie, some people in the diner don't take to kindly to him, so they decide they'd rather kick his a**. However, JCVD, between bites of food, manhandles the angry patrons with effective kicks and punches. He pleads with the mob, says, "I just want to eat." They don't listen, so that's why they end up on the ground with broken bones.


Feltner's Whatta-Burger Holds Steady in a Time Warp in Russellville, AR

In 1977, this is the place where my mother had her first hamburger. She never ate meat in her life prior or since. She was pregnant with my older brother and forced my father to pull over at this joint and get her a hamburger. It's a story I've been told millions of times. Good to know it still exists.

Hidden Gems in Philadelphia???

Taqueria Veracruzana on 908 Washington Ave, on the outskirts of the italian market. Amazing, cheap tacos

Belgian Cafe, on Green St, for great beer. Must try the sweet potato hummus.

Slice Poll: Do You Make Pizza at Home?

I buy Boboli whole wheat crust, make my own tomato sauce, top the pizza with onions and salmon. When pizza is done, I add a bounty of arugula and a splash of olive oil. SOOO GOOOOD.

Barcelona food/restaurant recommendations

Ginger - Awesome tapa's place in the gothic quarter. Probably the best pollo arroz I've ever had.

For cheese, check out Fromatgeria La Seu. Owned by a very friendly Scottish woman, she's very helpful and gives you great food rec's.

Also, for a quick bite, head to Cafe Viena on Las Rambla for the sandwich voted by Mark Bittman as best in the world.

What's Your Favorite Cold-Weather Meal?

A big bowl of Pho. Or a dish called Dhaal Dhokle, and Indian dish from the state of Gujurat. It's spicy, rich, thick, warms up your soul.

Any food you could eat daily til' you kick the bucket?!

All I could live on would be a bowl of basmati rice, add in yogurt, and a big dollop of chutney. I'll be set for life.

Foodie Vacation

Try for the Southern part of India, such as Kerala. Totally different experience from what you would imagine India to be like.

If that's too expensive, I second Lisbon. It's my favorite European city. Ginja and roasted chicken from Bon Jardim is my ultimate last meal.

What's your favorite food when drunk?

53rd and 6th Halal cart! Best drunk food in the world!

Montreal - L'Express ou Garde Manger?

L'Express has one of the best fries I ever had, and the mayo sauce they serve is out of this world.

Kithchen Galerie has two amazing things about it: 1) The chefs/waiters/sommeliers. The small team does everything and are very friendly and helpful. They really make sure you enjoy your time there. 2) Using local ingredients from teh nearby market. That way, the menu changes daily and you get the freshest ingredients.

I'd start with L'Express as my first restaurant I go to in Montreal for a nice lunch. Then for dinner, head to Kitchen Galerie.

Cook the Book: 'What We Eat When We Eat Alone'

Tomato paste sandwiches! Plus, I make a quick sauce with a can of tomato paste and frozen veggies, maybe some ground turkey, and have it over salad greens or rice.

I also like to add canned sardines to chick peas, dice up onions, add in salt, pepper, chili flakes, top with olive oil. One of the most simplest, tastiest meals I've ever made.

Montreal! Where to eat?

Kitchen Gallery by the main Market. It's run by 2 chefs who do all the cooking, waiting, etc. The menu changes daily, based on what they find at the market. Also, I highly reccomend Pinxto, probably one of the best tapas restaurants I have ever been to. Anywhere. Boris Bistro near Old Towne has a great al fresco dining area. Best fries were had at L'Express, a classic French bistro.

Watch It with Us: 'Top Chef Masters' Episode 9

Who would have thought that the Michael C. from his Food Network show was the same person shown on Top Chef. By watching his Food Network show, I thought he'd be the nicest guy around.

Also, the moment when Kelly asked teh chefs to eliminate one chef from their team was stupid. They did it to cause drama, but then they didn't show anyone's reactions from being cut! WTH??? There was no drama!

I do want to make a trip to Chitown now just to go to Rick's restuarants.

The Best Thing I ever Ate ...

I went to Lisbon last year and had the best chicken @ BonJardim restaurant. It's roasted on a spit fire, and its served with a hot chilli oil called piri-piri. Amazing. The chicken was so juicy, the skin was very crispy, and to have it with a cold glass of Super Bock beer, nothing in this world is better.

What to do with paneer

Buy indian spice mixes, make a sauce, and add it in. Or fry it in oil and serve with mint chutney.

Weekend Cook and Tell: Anchovies

Is it a recipe if you eat the anchovy straight from the can?? It's pretty salty, but nonetheless, good eats! And, Omega-3's, so that helps my hear....

Cook the Book: '660 Curries' by Raghavan Iyer

I am Indian, so my first encounter with Indian food was from the day I was born.

It's funny though, I used to hate paneer and anything with eggplant, but now I love any kind of paneer dish and love stuffed eggplant with potatoes, indian style. For the past few years, I've been getting into Gujrati cuisine as well, due to my sister-in-law's parents. There's some great sweet/spicy flavors in that region of India.

Win Tickets to an NYC Advance Screening of 'Julie and Julia'

The cookbook of life is what has inspired me. I don't usually refer to cookbooks. I'll make up dishes as I go. Some with success and others end up unsuccessful.

Cooking Classes

Inst. of Culinary Education offers classes to the general public. You'll want to check out their website for price info...

I eat ______ out of the tin/jar/bottle...

This may sound strange, but I ate tomato paste straight from the can last night. Just added a dash of olive oil. It was pretty tasty.

Cook the Book: 'The Barcelona Cookbook'

This random place in Barcelona, with the meanest customers and wait staff, had the best patatas bravas I ever ate.

It was worth the taxi ride and getting lost just to have those hot, crispy, potatoes. The aioli was unbelievable.

I'm booking a trip right now....

what to do this weekend for a solo traveler?

I say start at the top of Central Park or in Harlem and walk your way all the way down the west side then make your way back up via the east side.

On your journey, stop at whatever stores and eateries you find pleasing. Blog about your findings, take pics, and I guarentee you'll have an amazing experience.

Wine store recommendation?

There's a place right next to the Whole Foods on Houston. It's on Bowery, to the right of the YMCA.

I forget the name though.

Dear Food Network, Please Stop

Yeah, the lady who won season 3 of TNFNS dissappeared into oblivion. I saw one episode and then nothing. Did she quit? Did the network realize she wasn't that good? I see that they are trying to have Aaron McCargo more in focus and in more shows, but I could see him fading too.

If FN produced more shows of Good Eats, Barefoot, and Everyday Italian, we'd be in a better place. Though Throwdown is a fun show.