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Meringue Is the Secret to Lighter-Than-Air Japanese Cheesecake

I'm assuming that using AP flour instead of cake flour would just result in a less delicate final product?

One-Pot Wonders: Cold Soba Noodles With Kale, Avocado, and Miso-Sesame Dressing

I love each of these individual ingredients, so this recipe sounded awesome.

However, I found that combined, it didn't add up to me.

The dressing was lovely - I will definitely make it again - and was great with the kale. But when the rest of the components were added in, it was less than the sum of its parts.

Thank you for a great dressing recipe, tho!

Steak and Corn Salad With Tomatillos and Ancho-Chili Vinaigrette

Thoughts on doing this with frozen corn?

I think the chances of coming across both tomatillos and fresh corn in my local market may be slim...

Open Thread: What's Your Favorite Movie Theater Snack?

Popcorn & Coke. And something sweet, usually Oh Henry, if they have it.

And the theatres around here, if you ask for your popcorn to be 'layered' you get your butter (some places still do real butter for an extra 65 cents!), distributed thru the bag. Heaven!!!

My biggest problem is that I've usually plowed thru half the popcorn & pop by the time the trailers are done, which translates into having to hit the washrooms right around the time the big action towards the end is happening.

Totally worth it.

The Food Lab Rapido: Pico de Gallo

A tiny splash of white vinegar gives it a lovely bit of brightness, in addition to the lime juice. Also, on the instruction of my Mexican SIL, I also add a bit of garlic.

Ask The Food Lab: Does Vodka Sauce Really Need Vodka?

You could leave it at the 4%, no cooking time, if you just put a little sugar in it....

Guava Bars

I'm with @BurgerBoyLA - isn't 1c of butter a 1/2lb?

Mexican Mashups?

What about a taquito/flauta tucked into a soft taco? You get the soft tenderness of a good soft tortilla, the crispness of the fried tortilla (which also happens to corral the meat filling) and then all the condiments/toppings that a taquito on its own just isn't conducive to carrying.

The Pizza Lab: The Best French Bread Pizza

Made this last night, was still craving it long past the point of fullness, and will most likely make it again tonight to finish up the other half of the loaf.

@Kenji, you are evil to put this within my grasp like this.

Also - for whatever reason, I had no idea a flavourful pizza sauce would ever be this quick. I will never open one of those stupid little cans of pre-made sauce again.

What spice blends have you decided to make for yourself?

@Kabybaby - I'm guessing as a SK transplant, you had to get used to hearing about things like bunny hugs and siwashes (sp?) as well? Love my friends from the prairies, but sometimes they have their own language... I'm curious what cheeses you stock up on when you hit the Island that you can't get there?

Anyways, on to the recipe! I got this out of a little mini-cookbook for chicken years ago, and it, along with the curry recipe that it went with, are the only things I've retained from it.

3 Tbsp whole corainder seeds
Seeds from 9 green cardamom pods (gently crush the pods, remove all the bits of husk and membrane and discard)
1 tsp whole cumin seeds
1 tsp fenugreek
2 whole cloves
2 Tbsp mustard seeds (I use the brown ones)
1 tsp whole peppercorns
2 Tbsp turmeric
1 bay leaf
1/4 tsp pepper flakes
1/4 tsp garlic powder

Put corainder, cardamom, cumin, fenugreek, cloves, mustard seeds & peppercorns in a small frying pan and heat gently, stirring constantly, about 5 min, or until fragrant (watch it - the mustard seeds can start to pop).
Remove from heat and put in spice/coffee grinder or mortar & pestle, add the rest of the ingredients, and work into a fine powder.
Store in an airtight jar.

Hope you like it! Let me know if you have any questions!

What spice blends have you decided to make for yourself?

Saskatchewan - you may not be able to get good spice rubs, but ohhhh, the Vico! And bismarks....mmmm... (BC girl here:) )

The only spice mix I do myself is a great South Indian-style curry powder. Mustard seeds, cumin, fenugreek, tumeric, etc. Not only good for the coconut-milk based curries I do, but also really yummy in squash soups.

I buy other curry powders as well, but always have a stash of this one on hand. Let me know if you'd like the recipe. Might be a bit tough to find some of the spices wherever you are, but there's always online spice retailers :)

The Vegan Experience: Two Steamed Bun Variations To Knock Your Socks Off

I half-expected to see a recipe for the buns themselves. Are they easy to come by in your neighbourhood?

Suggestions for a glaze/baste for ham

I usually do a combination of yellow mustard & brown sugar for mine. Brush it on before it goes in the oven, and then perhaps once or twice during the cooking.

Banana Oatmeal Bread

@Anna - would quick oats work in this as well? I usually only have rolled oats around when I am making granola, but I always have quick oats (not instant) on hand.

Looking forward to trying this!!

WFO Dream Job--I'm in mine finally, what's yours?

I would love to able combine my loves of travel, photography, and food. I've always thought doing the photography for Saveur would be amazing - varied locales, often off the beaten path, fantastic food.

Currently working in travel, but not in a position to use my passport as much as I would like to. Also trying to make a go of selling my photography, but it's still a long way to go before it will support me.

Who knows - perhaps one day it will all come together!

Pasta With Snap Peas, Garlic, Lemon Zest, and Black Pepper (Vegan)

@Kenji - do you always use this method for cooking your pasta (ie, barely covering with cold water and bringing to a boil, like potatoes, as opposed to adding dry pasta to a large amount of boiling water)?

Or are you using that method here for a specific reason?

Your bestest Quinoa recipe

Both salads, but big favourites in my house.

I prepare my quinoa per the package directions w/ chicken/veg broth, then cool on a cookie sheet. Mix in:

Parsley (lots), cucumber, fresh tomato, green onion, feta, chick peas, olive oil & lemon juice (optional: tuna)...


Cilantro, tomato, minced red onion, black beans, olive oil & lime juice.

Both make amazing lunches.

Open Thread: What Summer Dessert Are You Dreaming Of?

Homemade fresh peach & brown sugar ice cream. It would be part of my Last Meal.

Fish Sauce...What's the Turn Off?

For me, the smell is a little much, being someone who has a tough time with anything 'fishy'. I still use it, and don't mind the taste when it's in food or something like nuoc cham, but I can totally understand how tough it could be.

From a Polish Country House Kitchen's Pierogi with Potato, Cheese, Bacon, and Peas Filling

You could also use dry cottage cheese (as opposed to creamed) in this, if ricotta is hard to come by, or if you find it a little on the sweet side. That's what my grandma always used.

Or, if in a pinch, like when I was making pirogi for ex-pat friends in Australia, I drained regular cottage cheese overnight and did a quick pulse in the food processor to break up the curd a little. Did the trick!

How to Make Vegan Creamy Fingerling Potato Salad

When I make regular potato salad, I usually toss the hot potatoes in a bit of pickle brine to echo the minced dills that I add along with the celery, egg, etc.

Cooking for people with food restrictions

How about a big quinoa salad?

I do quinoa cooked in chicken broth (but veg could totally be used), then cool and add whatever you like.

Sometimes I go salsa-y - cilantro, tomato, finely minced red onion, lime juice, olive oil.

Or more Mediterranean - cucumber, tomato, green onion, parsley, chickpeas, tuna, lemon juice, olive oil..

Super filling, really tasty, no gluten, dairy, wheat, etc. I've found it to be a real crowd pleaser :)

Valentine's Day Coeur à la Crème with Raspberries

If you don't have a coeur de la creme mold, would you be able to use a small wire strainer, lined with cheese cloth?