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I visited Massachusetts last year and Jack's Abby is amazing! One of my favorite lagers I've ever tasted.

Drinking Traditions From Around the World

I can't believe they would send aquavit round trip to Australia like that - wonder if it really improves the taste or if it's just a gimmick. Seems like an awfully expensive gimmick to me!

Chicken for a Crowd

What about a parmesan chicken? It's always a crowd pleaser for me. I usually make it with a big salad and a rice side dish!

Prosecco or Champagne?

@Breezycooking Candoni is a favorite of mine too! @msecondo just a drink lover is all. I like to get suggestions so that I can try new things

Prosecco or Champagne?

Hi everyone,

Lately I've been on a real Prosecco kick which isn't surprising because I'm a huge Champagne fan. I was wondering how people choose the right prosecco and what makes it better (or worse) than champagne? Also any brand suggestions would be great!

Cream Liqueurs

I'm a huge fan of Baileys liqueurs but I'd like to try some other cream liqueurs out there. Does anyone have any suggestions or favorites?

I usually drink them on the rocks but would love to try them in a recipe too. Thanks!

Hornitos Lime Shot

My friend gave me a bottle of Hornitos Lime Shot over the weekend. I might be a snob but bottled shots don't sound quite as good as the real thing. Has anyone tried them? I heard Dekuyper sells them too.


Does anyone know anything about Fernet? Any suggestions on brands to buy? What does it taste like?

Premium White Rum

How would you drink a premium white rum (no Bacardi or Malibu, think $25+)?

What would you look for when shopping for it, and what would your budget be?

Any brands you'd suggest for me?

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