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Boston, MA: Great Burmese Salads at YoMa

I've been wondering when YoMa would finally be featured on this site. Easily my favorite restaurant in Allston.

We Try Trader Joe's Jail House Gin

@rockfish - I really hope not - It's like nine dollars by me, and it's certainly better than this stuff sounds. I picked some up about a week ago, so maybe they just have two kinds of store-brand gin now.

Licorice: Where to buy and what kind to get?

I really like salty licorice, and my favorite kind are licorice "pretzels. I don't know the brand, but they have them at a lot of specialty candy stores.

Cook the Book: 'Every Grain of Rice'

Mapo tofu! Or anything with black bean sauce.

So This Exists: Chocolate Cheese

I once had a "goat cheese truffle" that was a big dollop of chevre-like cheese covered in a chocolate shell. I liked it a lot, and cherry sounds like a good match.

Maker's Marketing: How Bourbon Came Back Into Style

This article is really great - I'd love to read more of these mini-histories of foods and drinks.

Bacon Fat=Lard?

I make the Food Lab version, but like Lemonfair suggested, I often use half bacon fat and half veggie oil - it tastes extra porky, but not too bacony. It's really good!

Do you cook well with others?

I love cooking with other people. If you do it right, you can make them do all the boring things - chop the onions, grate the cheese, etc. - and save the fun parts for yourself, while getting everything done faster. The trick is knowing people who like getting bossed around.

Is Little Goat TRULY a diner?

If you can't get a coffee and a breakfast sandwich for less than five bucks, it's at least not a diner I'd want to go to.

Personal cookbook organization.

I like to keep them all in a google doc - it's easy to search, and it's available when I have to cook at other people's houses. If it's not already on a computer, though, typing everything up would be kinda a bummer.

Comic: How to Cut A Pizza

When you spiral cut it, do you eat it from the middle out or from the outside in? It seems weird not to start with the point to me, but it also seems like it would be horribly messy to start in the middle. On the on the other hand, eating an entire pizza's worth of crust first seems like it would be less than satisfying.

The picture may be a joke, but it raises very important questions.

Fast Food: KFC Chicken Dip'ems

Is the KFC you go to the one by Twin Donuts in Allston? Because I always get an extra piece of chicken in my order whenever I go there.

Bruce Aidells' Spinach and Gorgonzola-Stuffed Flank Steak

When you cut it up to eat it, you end up cutting it against the grain, so it pretty much ends up the same however you orient it.

Favorite Christmas Dishes

Pasta shells with ricotta peas, and bacon. I don't know why, but it's not christmas without it.

Recipe pet peeves

Recipes that, when listing ingredients, uses descriptors like "organic" or "local." Like, come on. I am sure I can make this quiche with normal eggs.

Where to buy hanukkah gelt

But it's supposed to taste weirdly waxy! That's, like, the whole charm.


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