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What are NYC's Most Overrated Restaurants?

Otto...rancid lardo, pizza margarita undercooked, barely better than frozen, spaghetti carbonara, a congealed mess.

Barcelona restaurants

Across from the Picasso museum there is a great tapas bar called el exampinet (sp?). Run by a lovely elderly couple...the tapas can't be beat. Next door is a great ceramic shop.

NYC/NJ Restaurants Advice! should consider towns along the NJ transit rail line- Mid-town direct. Those include South Orange-Maplewood, Millburn Short Hills (probably the #1 school district in the state...high pressure competitive though) Summit, Chatham and MAdison. Anything past there and the commute is long...I can recommend some places and realtors if you need. Don't consider Morris far and not an easy commute to NYC. Florham Park is a 10 or so minute ride to Livingston then the shuttle would be another 10-15 minute ride to South Orange...sounds like a PITA to me. If you want to talk about this off line I would be more than happy to share some info.

NYC/NJ Restaurants Advice!

Welcome to long resident here. If you want pretty accurate Montclair information, is a good site. Chowhound NJ boards are ok too. Montclair and Florham Park...interesting choices. Two very different communities. Montclair is more "hip, urban, liberal, artists, professionals, diverse" community with a great downtown. Florham Park is more straight up suburban. Don't know if you are commuting to NYC, but you may want to check South Orange or Maplewood. Both are on the mid-town direct train line and you can be in NYC in 30-40 mins. Montclair is on the train line, but there is limited weekedn service to NYC. Florham Park is only by bus to NYC. I can give you lots more info if you want to know about the area.

Feta cheese

Believe it our not, COstco sells a 2 pack of Israeli brand (can't remember the name) that is really good.

Austin Texas restaurant/ food help

well I think I'm looking more for dinner places. It looks like between coffee places and food trucks we'll have breakfast and lunch taken care of. We like great food, but not of the molecular variety or 20 course 3 hour dinners. Not looking for sushi, italian or chinese...I can get plenty of that here. I know everyone talks about Franklins for BBQ, but quiet honestly, I'm not into waiting on line for 4 hours to get served, so maybe another BBQ recommendation would be great.

Chinese Buffet Tempura Mushroom Help

Chinese five spice is a " sweet" spice...think cinnamon, clove, allspice. Not spicy salty at all.

Burlinton, VT

stone soup...excellent vegetarian/vegan breakfast lunch place. they have awesome pastries, salad bar, hot dishes. also non-veg dishes too.

Open Thread: What Words Should Never Be Used to Describe Food?

Hate the word crusty...reminds me of an old dried up scab

Crockpot Convert

You have to be careful about the amount of liquid you add. I find that since everything is cooked with the lid on, the sauce never really evaporates and thickens. It always seems watery to me.

Spiced Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Loaf

If you use mini chocolate chips they won't all sink to the bottom.

HD Photo of the Day: Watermelon Faces

I did this with a pomegranate.

/Users/jde60/Pictures/iPhoto Library/Modified/2013/May 12, 2013/IMG_0035.jpg

Turkey Burger ideas?

chopped mushrooms, chopped spinach, scallions and then seasoning depending if i want to go asian, (ginger, garlic ), mexican (cilantro, chili powder, cumin), maybe an egg and bread crumbs, but not necessary.


What the heck does sprinkle the lunette tops mean? And how pray tell does one sprinkle jelly? Perhaps the recipe should read dust the lunette tops with the powdered sugar and spread 1/2 tablespoon of each jelly on the bottom cookie. Did that really get past a copy editor of the cookbook?

Anyone have any food or cooking debates/arguments lately? true...a "no added salt in a restaurant" friend once recoilled in horror when he saw me putting a hefty (read necessary) dose of salt into the pasta water.

Used to "fight" with the MIL ...she insisted that capers were, NO their not.

Favourite Halibut Preparations/Recipes?

How about whipping up a putenesca sauce...sauté some garlic, anchovies till they melt...add a can of tomatoes, season with hot pepper flakes and cook till reduced. Add chopped olives, a mixture of kalamata, green and oil cured are nice. Poach the halibut fillets in the sauce. Garnish with chopped parsley.

Secret for the Perfect Meringue for a Lemon Meringue Pie

About a year ago Fine cooking published an article on lemon meringue pie written by carole Walter. It's a very thorough recipe and lots of tips and hints.

Bourbon Pecan Turtles with Fleur de Sel

What the heck happened to the tops of the turtles? Were they frozen? Seriously bad looking finished product.

Visiting NYC? Where to Eat in New York, the Best Restaurants and More

Otto...really?...had one of the worst meals there a few months ago...The pasta carbonara was thick, gluey and cold. Pizza Maragarita, just awful. Lardo appetizer was rancid, I mean really off.
Other than that, I'm thankful to have a good guide to go by in the next year.