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Video: Tabasco Singing Pepperoni Pizza Commercial

Don Draper and the rest of the Sterling-Cooper Ad Wizzards couldn't come up with a commercial that could make me want pizza and Tobasco any more than this one - seriously.

A16, San Francisco

Great review. Also, I think SF has at least one quality slice Joint: Golden Boy in North Beach. It is a non traditional slice, but truly amazing none the less.

Restaurants: Here's How Getting a Good Review on Yelp Is Done

Sadly Mel's is a pretty sub-standard chain. SF is crazy for yelp, huh?

Ben & Jerry's Chubby Hubby Renamed 'Hubby Hubby' in Support of Gay Marriage

This is great, too bad it won't be available everywhere.

When they legalize marijuana, Ben and Jerry's will have to introduce a whole new line of flavors. Wait, never mind, they'll just keep the ones they have actually.

Alice Waters' Startup Story

Her practices as a restauranteur are all great.

That being said, I still can't separate a sense of smugness from Alice Waters when she talks about Chez Panisse. Its kind of like when a parent talks about their wonderful, successful children -- "Mark had his pick of the Ivys, but he decided to take a year off to go to Costa Rica -- we feel it's important for him to explore other cultures, and Harvard will always be there when he gets back!" That kind of thing.

To Sir Cutlets, with Love

As I see it Josh has got a pretty good thing going here -- he's maybe the only person to get Momo fried chicken delivered straight to his door.

Burgers to Be on the Menu at Momofuku Midtown in NYC

Seriously, the hottest table in town is now a night stand.

Announcing The 2009 Vendy Award Finalists

Rickshaw embodies all the worst things about the food truck trend. It serves an overpriced, pseudo gourmet version of a street food that is universally cheaper and tastier elswhere. I also can't stand their gimmicky design "Who's your edamame..." etc.

Thoughts from Di Fara First-Timers

I took my girlfriend and my folks visiting from out of town to Di Fara's recently - it was all three of their first times. With the commute, the wait, and my own hyping up of the place, I was worried that they would be underwhelemed by the finished product. I couldn't really tell if any of them were enjoying the pizza while we were actually splitting the pie, but on the train ride back, with the collective experience in their minds, it seemed like everything clicked.

Take this experience and the actual product and compare it that of a place like Grimaldi's. Sure, the pizza there is fine, fine, fine, and you get your pizza in 15 minutes, but you can see the two pizzaolas in the center of the room banging out pizzas like they could do it in their sleep. Eating a Di Fara's pizza, you taste the fruits of Dom's fussing.

Jamba Juice's New California Flatbreads: We Ate Them So You Don't Have To

I love how these aren't even flatbread pizzas. The look more like some hell-bound, pseudo intellectual version of a Red Baron individual pizza.

Crazy-Ass Anal-Retentive Pizza Cutter

I don't think any gathering that that involves this thing can be called a "pizza party".

The Fake Nicky's Pizza in 'Julie & Julia'

I am particularly excited to see what her apartment in the LIC looks like. In the preview, it looks like it has a large al fresco terrace, overlooking the city skyline, in the shadow of the Triboro bridge. If only most people in the hood could be so lucky!

'New York Post' on Di Fara's $5 Slices

I think the reality is that slice overall have gone up, but people haven't caught up to that yet. My local pizza place (which is no great shakes) charges $3.50 for a slice with toppings now, and I've seen that become the standard at a lot of other place. A slice of Artichoke is hovering around the $5 range too. I think for better or for worse, Di Fara's has just become the pizza price barometer, because its always been pricier, and far superior than most slices.

That's That: Una Pizza Napoletana Is But a Memory as Mangieri Packs It in for SF

I can't believe UPN has closed. Man, this is a huge bummer. I never got the chance to try this place, but after NYMAG's profile on him last week, I was putting this on my list for the weekend. Oh well, at least he went out of NY on a high note.

First Look at Mantao Chinese Sandwiches

Thanks for the great review. That last shot of the wontons - I don't know where people like this place and Rickshaw get away charging $5, even $7 for something that is universally a dollar in Chinatown. It's like a pizzeria charging $10 for a slice or something.

Video: Hamas vs. Hummus, from 'Brüno'

One of the funniest bits, too. Another favorite food related bit of Bruno: when he gets drunk on carbs.

A Star Grows In Brooklyn: Reinvented Southern Classics At Williamsburg’s Brooklyn Star

Thanks for the review. Also: these are some of the best looking food photos I think I've ever seen!

General Tso Conquers Pizza

The Question is: When you eat General Tso's Pizza, do you get hungry again 2 hours later?

Grilled: Jason Beckerman of Burger of the Month

I know, I know, different strokes for different folks.

BUT, your ideal burger is Medium Well? With Bacon? BBQ Sauce? 1000 Island Dressing? And Maybe Chili?!!

You could replace the meat with a dirty old sneaker and not know the difference.

New Jersey Dispatch: Clover-Brewed Coffee in the Garden State

Great write up. I still feel, personally, that Clover Brewed Coffee is kind of like Acapella music: Just because its complicated and quirky doesn't mean its necessarily very enjoyable...

Di Fara Raising Slice Prices to $5; Will Close Tuesdays in Addition to Mondays

This all fine by me. Any steps that this man can take to keep his product, and his enjoyment of making the product, at this level is a good idea.

Individual-Size, Slice-Accompanying Pizza Wine in Greenpoint

The sad part is that Greenpoint is severely lacking in decent pizzerias :

(except Casanova on MCGuinness - they're gandma slice is the best!)