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Santa Monica, CA: Milo and Olive

I didnt mean to come across argumentative....i am just amazed that it could take that long at that temperature without serious damage to the bread/crust....i guess i will just have to go there. My pies are loosely based on the artisan bakery style and have used oil and have serious burning issues after 3-4 minutes....

Santa Monica, CA: Milo and Olive

That really surprises me. I have a conventional oven and i make pies (similiar style) and if i left it in for 10 minutes, it would be charred to oblivion, especially given the oil on the rim. My max temp is 550 (maybe it gets to 600).

Keeping the pinky (i meant pinky ring) :)

Santa Monica, CA: Milo and Olive

i like this style of pizza, but i am a bread head.

I highly doubt that the pizza bakes in 10 minutes. In fact, i'd bet my pinky on it. Probably 3-4 minutes at that temp.

San Francisco's Mobile Pizza Truck Population Doubles

I wanted that oven Craig! In terms of engineering, Jon has spent a long time dealing with all the issues highlighted. I'm certain he has spent a fortune insuring safe travels with that rig.

Serving Vessels for Whole Pizza

@txcraig1 - I know and the cooking in the pan is probably worse for you then just serving on it. BTW, i almost bought your oven from Jonathan before you did. You beat me to the punch. The guy you bought it from is an insane pizzaiolo!

Serving Vessels for Whole Pizza

Adam, are your Neapolitan plates special or just a standard white 12" flat porcelain plate? I once heard that there is a plate more suitable for pizza that has special qualities in that it keeps it warmer than say a std plate. Any info on that?

In the ATL, i went to Antica and they serve the giant Neo pies on old full size (rectangular) sheet pans with a liner on it. Owner says because it was an old bakery, they had all these pans lying around and they just decided to use them. I guess when i started this post, i was looking for something clever like Antica.

Serving Vessels for Whole Pizza

@dmcavanagh - with that logic, tobacco companies would be extinct as well. I guess the issue is that some of the aluminum gets in the food, but the level is (apparently) low enough that it's acceptable.

Serving Vessels for Whole Pizza

Do you cut the pie on top of the aluminum tray or precut and then place on the tray? I always hear it's not good to eat from aluminum? Never researched why....

Serving Vessels for Whole Pizza

And warm probably, unless the stone is cold, which in that case, it may wick away heat from the pie. I never see restaurants serve on a stone. Can imagine the stone gets a bit yucky after all the cheese and sauce hit it.

My Pie Monday: Pumpkin, Welfleet Clams, Tuna and More!

Thanks Everybody. I've been lurking in the shadows for years here...never bothered to get a username. Been making pies for years and studying the craft a lot longer. I have a very expensive dual fuel wolf range. The oven get's hot, but it only goes to 550. It has a roast feature that kicks up the heat/circulation so i believe the oven probably gets u[p to 650 ish....but, i was never happy with the stone, felt like it never heated up enough. So, i went to a local metal worker and had him cut and polish the edges to the exact specs of one of my racks. It really does a great job in that the bottom really cooks fast, i get a nice char and it holds the heat when i make multiple pies. TXcraig, i envy your oven and your pies, but most of all, your quickness. I thought about buying that same oven from the guy you bought it from, i just wasn't fast enough on the trigger. Oh well. hope to open my own space one day soon. Glad to be apart of this community.


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