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Philly Cheesesteak, Meet Dumpling: Introducing the Cheesesteak Pierogi

How did this beer conversation happen?? Anyway.

A Chinese-American restaurant in Columbus Farmer's Market (Burlington County, NJ) has the most amazing cheesesteak egg rolls. Or at least they did, before the fire, but hopefully they'll be back any time now~
And Brother's Pizza in Hamilton has great white pizza, specifically their cheesesteak pizza, even if their tomato sauce is too sweet.
These pierogi look damn good though.

Hey Chef, What Can I Do With Pickle Brine?

I never have fresh dill, so I always add a splash of dill pickle brine to my sauce for Swedish meatballs. Adds enough tang, with the sour cream, to really brighten it up without being too noticeable.

The Serious Eats Guide to Sugar

I uh... didn't realize that maple syrup had to be refrigerated, so I checked my own bottle, which off course says so right on the back... anyway.
So it smells a bit like molasses now. Is that a bad thing, and should I toss it? I wouldn't mind the smell if it didn't possibly indicate fermentation or worse.

Eating Roasted Alligator and Spider-on-a-Stick at the Explorer's Club 110th Annual Gala

Question about testicle/penis eating! Is it the fact that they're genitals that makes them weird to eat, in which case is it I am not that scared only because I'm a woman, or is it a texture thing? Like, what's the proportion of meat-fat-cartilage in that stuff? Does it actually taste good?

Also that elk looks amazing. And I'd like to see some non-animalian adventurous foods, they seemed to stick to some very predictable themes here.

Irish Potatoes: The Sweetest Candy You've Never Heard Of*

Yep, they're found in 7-11s all over South Jersey this time of year. Super sweet.

Tea taste test/brand preferences?

Wow, okay. Lots of contradictory recs here, but at least I have lots of new brands to try! Thanks, guys.

I'd still like a taste test, though. If anyone out there is listening...

Chefs Dish on Kitchen Diversity

I wonder how much "mystique and power" Samuelsson would have had if he was African-American, not Afro-Swedish. There are expectations, even if only subconscious, that Black Europeans can be more civilized than Black Americans. The "crazy African" wouldn't work there either.

More personally, I hardly work in a high-class restaurant, but I have served food, and I've overheard more than one racist comment about my coworkers à la "dirty" or "smelly." Not to mention the sandwich jokes from dudebros when I was at a deli- okay, fine, I'll make you a freaking HOAGIE or SUB, but you can make your own damn sandwiches!

Charting the World of Pizza

I'd say the main reason most of us Americans wouldn't eat Bald Eagles is because they're endangered, actually. Otherwise, you can bet there would be an audience for it, weird taste or not.

I Love Stewy/Saucy Things With Rice. Do You?

If you haven't yet tried jjajangmyun/chajangmyun, a Chinese-inspired Korean dish, you ought to. It's a black bean sauce usually served over noodles, but our leftovers always go on rice.
Also ddeokbokki, if you're interested in sauce poured over rice cakes.

Why Have I Never Tried: Toblerone Crunchy Salted Almond?

I once promised to share one with my brother and accidentally ate it all before I could.

Open Thread: What's Your Favorite No-Cook Meal?

I don't know about favorite, but some days when I'm feeling particularly lazy I grab some crackers or good bread, cheese (anything but sliced American), sausage, a jar of peanut butter, and fruit (usually an apple). All you need is a tray and a sharp knife. If you want to go full medieval I'm sure it would wash down fantastically with cold beer, if you're into that. It's fun figuring out the tastiest combinations- peanut butter, sharp cheddar cheese, and tart-sweet apple slices taste fantastic together on Ritz, by the way.

Corn Week: Grilled Corn with Spicy Korean Miso Sauce

Huh... so, basically ssamjang, but with mayo? Interesting. I wonder how it would taste with Japanese mayo.

The Ramen Rater's Top 10 Instant Noodle Bowls of 2013

It's not REAL ramyun if it doesn't include green onions and at least one egg though, so I don't see the problem here.

Details on the Museum of Food and Drink with Dave Arnold and Peter Kim

Looks like these guys have some Koreans on board already. I bet if they (you- you are reading this, right?) appeal to the SK Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism, promising an exhibit on one or more aspects of Korean food culture, they'd be happy to provide funding for it. The Ministry has been working overtime to advertise SK internationally for over a decade now, including some well-meaning but misguided attempts at showing off their food. It does seem to be working lately, though...

And honestly, I'm also surprised this doesn't exist already. It seems so obvious.

Bronx Eats: Jamaican Patties and Sweets at Royal Caribbean Bakery

*be picked at
*when spellings are interchangeable, stick to one in a piece of writing: patty or pattie, unless part of a proper noun.

Sorry for the nitpick. The food does look good.

Serving suggestions for "healthy" crackers

Of course I'll try them! I'd eat live octopus if I got the chance. But I couldn't eat two whole packages plain even if I did like them, ergo, serving suggestions.

Taste Test: Ready-To-Cook Meals From Blue Apron

I can see this being a good tool to teach an amateur how to cook, with the daunting steps of planning, shopping, measuring, cooking, and mixing pared down to a few well-organized directions. That said, they'd have to be pretty well off to bother to learn this way, and it's a lot of packaging- I wouldn't bother.

What To Do With Overripe Bananas (Other Than Make Banana Bread)

And of course what I'm eating right now, the banana split sundae.

American Classics: Persian Buns


Also, these need to come to New Jersey.

Have You Seen Giant Peeps?

The carrot and bowtie look like they're embroidered! So cute.

Serious Entertaining: The Vegan, One Meal Convince-A-Meathead Challenge

I would give every last dime in my bank account to get my brother to eat more vegetables. As well-intentioned as this is, he'd simply refuse to eat most of these dishes (too much green!). It would probably take getting stranded on a deserted island for him to change his diet... sad thing is, he's 29. My dad's not much better.


How to Make Pizza Bowl Ramen Soup

This is the first time on Serious Eats I have felt sick merely at the headline and picture.

Have to say, the video did not help.

Poll: Is Pizza "Unhealthy"? Yea or Nay?

Well, it's certainly not as healthy as, say, a plate of asparagus- sorry, Congress.