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Ideas for building around leftover Indian?

I think that Indian leftover breakfast are the best. You can pretty much mix everything up and make a fantasic omelette out of it, or as I call it, the Chanamasamelette.

Here is my write up of using Indian leftovers

What is the one dish that you've been intimidated to try? Why?

To add to the conversation, I'm intimidated to cook calamari. The few times I have tried I end up with meat that is the texture of an old shoe. I would like to be able to make a delicious breaded calamari steak. Tips apreciated.

Question of the Day: What's Your Favorite Kitchen Tool?

Just like children, I love all of my kitchen tools equally....

I will say that the kitchen addition that I love more than I thought I ever would are my Emile Henry bowls. What's in a bowl? Hard to explain. I love the weight of them, the ease of cleaning, I like to rise bread in them and serve hot or cold dishes in the bowls. They look great and function better. People look at me sideways when I try to explain why these bowls are so great, but I love them.

Serious Eats Basics: Braising

The first braising clip was great, now it's starting to feel like an infomercial for the book. Thanks for including the recipe with thhis one.

What is the one dish that you've been intimidated to try? Why?

Not to sidetrack the conversation, but pasta really is about the easiest thing to make, especially with the kitchenaid attachment.

3-2-1, alphabetical. 3 eggs, 2 cups flour, 1 tsp salt. Mix until everything makes a moist ball. Cover and refrig for about an hour. Take out, make shapes and drop in boiling water.

Table for Two: 'We Can Always Order More'

Ha! I'm not so presumptuous to think I coud do better, but if Mr. Steingarten is in Los Angeles, I'd gladly share a table with him. I am a big fan of his books. These table talks should be renamed "The Man Who Ate Everything Noshes With the Woman Who Ate Nothing"

Serious Eats Basics: Braising

Cliff- I would suggest trying it with chicken thighs instead of breasts.

Table for Two: 'We Can Always Order More'

I want to like these Table for Two segments, I really do, but these are painful. Fortunately I can just close the video and don't have to suffer through a whole meal. In contrast to JerzeeTomato above, I'd gladly eat with Steingarten, it's Susie that I don't care for. Why have someone with so many food issues hosting video on a site with Serious Eats focus?

Serious Eats Basics: Braising

Very well done, great recipe. Good job Meg on interjecting enough to keep things moving along without stepping in too much, you are a natural.

Is Serious Eats East Coast focused?

Well, we in Los Angeles will try to add some West Coast flavor.


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