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How I Built a Barbecue Restaurant in Brooklyn: The Toll of Owning Your Business

I went into this article expecting to read about the physical and emotional toll that giving birth to the swine is exactly upon you. I came out misty, and as is often the case when I read about your food rather hungry. Keep up the good work pal.

Joey Deckle

How I Learned to Stop Ordering 'Thai Spicy'

@Andrew It's good to back on SENY. Well if "Thai Spicy" means "appropriately seasoned to Thai tastes" I'd say all. And if it means "aggressively spiced" then I'd definitely say tom yum. That said there are certain Thai dishes pork leg over rice that have barely a whisper of heat.

@BrooklynChef I too love to order it blazing, but only sometimes these days.

@ajordan Your pronunciation is just fine. I think you would be better off saying it in Thai.

@seriouslyeating One would think that's what it means but it is usually interpreted as crazy burning spice that no one on the planet can comfortably eat"

Bronx Eats: Hot Flat Sopressata at Calabria Pork Store, Arthur Avenue

There culatello is stupendous!!

On The Game Trail With Joe DiStefano: A Tour of Flushing and Elmhurst's Asian Enclaves

Big B--I think Asian Taste 86 is run by some folks from Surabaya and is pretty good,odd that they have have chosen to market themselves as all things to all Asians with that name and a slightly odd menu

Jo Ju, the place that replaced Bromo is quite good, it's part of my Elmhurst tour

On The Game Trail With Joe DiStefano: A Tour of Flushing and Elmhurst's Asian Enclaves

@Big B Thanks for your unput on Java Village...so whihc is the fourth place that repositioned..say it's not Asian Taste 86 because their food is great

Meet and Eat: Jason Littrell, Bartender, Rising Star Award Winner

Never he started with names first when creating drinks. I once asked Giuseppe Gonzalez of Dutch Kills to create a drink based on a name: The Syndicate. The result was a complex sipper made with plenty of Cynar, Campari and other Eye-talian ingredients. A pretentious request with delicious results.

Pizzaland: The Pizza Place in the 'Sopranos' Opening Credits

Cool! Looks good, you have also given me the itch to rewatch the Sopranos!

A Trip to the Liquid Lab, Junior Merino's Cocktail School

@candycarrot: Say what you will about Junior no cocktail workshop I've ever been to beats the lab

@Laren: I humbly suggest you call your drink the Smoky Spirer, that or the Pineapple Triathalon!

Tower Pizzeria & Indian Foods: Is There Such a Thing as Indian Pizza?

@tonycalzone: Wow I haven't been to Golden Boy in like 20 years!
@AK: Sag paneer za'? Now you're talking!

BaoHaus Ups the Ante With Broccoli FOB, Beef Noodle Soup

@Simon: Just doing my job

Getting in Touch With My Roots at Brooklyn's Meatball Slapdown

As far as I know nobody used bone marrow; why do you?

8St Kitchen Brings K-Town Downtown

@Simon I like the soup dumpling at Nan Xiang in Flushing better than Joe's

'TLC BBQ Pitmasters,' Episode 2 Recap

Looks you're now a bona fide BBQ blogger. You done good boy!
-- Joey Deckle

Serious Eats Turns Three: Happy Birthday To Us

You say it's your birthday...well, it's my birthday too...not really, but I remember when Ed asked me to join SE:NY and I'm glad I did...Happy Birthday Serious Eats!!!!!!!!!!!!

Golden Vietnam Bakery: Queens's First Bánh Mì Specialist

@scoutiepie: So it's Fujianese-run...very interesting. It was hard to find?

Golden Vietnam Bakery: Queens's First Bánh Mì Specialist

@klg19: Gank away just PayPal me $1 for every usage!

Raising the Bar: Banh Mi at Terroir?

Reminds me of a another wannabanh mi: the one at Blind Tiger Ale House.

Midtown Manhattan Gets Another Sichuan: First Look at Lan Sheng

@eatfood; Yep looks like I spelled the name wrong, thanks for pointing that out

@Robert Sawyer: Who is this Mr. DiSefano whose review you're critiquing? Point taken about the language "crazy good," though." I am looking forward to trying their dan dan mian, and agree that having a new kid on the wok will keep the others on their toes.

FergusStock at The Breslin

Egads that all looks killer-diller!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And I don't use exclamation points lightly. Robyn your pix are so good I was licking my monitor screen, then I realized it was just a photo of lamb neck.

Chichi, you're my kinda gal, you took the skull home. You should get some of those little beetles that the Museum of Natural history uses to clean the flesh off animal skeletons.

Sneak Peek: Bill's Bar and Burger, Meatpacking District, NYC

"...the five lions have joined to form a Voltron of unstoppable burger deliciousness..." Adam, I stand in awe of your ability to combine hamburger geekery with Japanese toy geekery.

Anyone else notice that the old catalog page tables were copped from Wendy's?

Mix it Up: The Golden Ticket at The Randolph at Broome

Jason is the best and that Golden Ticket is a brilliant cocktail. Tell the truth the pickleback is good in its own bizarre way too.

The Best Mooncakes for the Mid-Autumn Festival

You should try Malaysian mooncakes...the pandan ones are really cool ...you can get them at the Malaysian grocery in Flushing Mall

Manducatis Rustica in Long Island City Makes Some Serious Calzone

@polecat: I have had the squid ink pasta which was quite good and also the Rustica Pizza...nice pie a little too much greenery for me though....I haave not had the Louie & Ernie's zone, but spose I will have to...I have also heard good things about Lucali's

Off the Beaten Path: Qingdao Cuisine at Flushing’s M&T Restaurant

@fressa...aw don't playa hate participate..it's not my fault you're going to law school...look me up when you're in town we'll get our grub on

Off the Beaten Path: Qingdao Cuisine at Flushing’s M&T Restaurant

@boppy: how do you really feel Robyn? Sounds like a SE:NY expedition is in order...there's a ton of stuff I haven't tried (duck yolk with pumpkin and a whole series of dishes named after the resto, like Mei Er Te fish hotpot)...and stuff I've tried that I left out of the piece, like squid dumplings