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Suzhou Savory Pork Mooncakes

I found that the pork inside became too tough after cooking. Is there anything I could do to prevent this? I was thinking of maybe adding some pork gelatin to increase the fat content - what do you think of that?

Making My Favorite Noodles in NYC at Fung Tu

Fung Tu was so delicious. I loved the fava bean puree as well - such a good sticky dense texture! Would love to know how he makes that too.

14 Essential Sichuan Eats (Beyond Hot Pot) in Chengdu and Chongqing

So jealous Kenji! There is also this amazing dish in Chengdu that is akin to a mapo dofu but with bone marrow! It's not the bone marrow that we're used to here that's served roasted and on toast, but it's white and thin (smaller bones I'm guessing?) and slippery and unctuous. Not traditional in any way, but what a delicious variation.

Win Two Tickets to the Big Apple Barbecue Block Party

Ubons of Yazoo! Because Mississippi is a state I've just learned to spell and if its good I can recreate it at home with their bottled sauce?! Really?! Too good to be true

Are Din Tai Fung's Soup Dumplings Worth the Wait?

The taro dumplings are really good! The paste isn't too sweet, at least not when I had them in Taipei last year

Ultra-Crispy New Potatoes With Garlic, Herbs, and Lemon

What if I parboiled potatoes and then put these under a chicken that I'm in the midst of roasting? Is crust development more about the amount of fat or the high heat?

McDonald's Debuts Mighty Wings in Atlanta, They're Actually Mighty Good

This is like McWings in Asia! ALWAYS meaty, always freshly fried with tons of craggy fried bits just waiting for you to bite into. Finally!

A Sandwich a Day: Cuban at Chez Henri in Cambridge, MA

You forgot to mention how the plantain chips come with this incredible tomato salsa/condiment and how the sandwich is absolutely humongous and even the salad is a well dressed accompaniment! I love this ... along with their duck tamale salad with bacon on a huge pile of spinach leaves, and their mojitos :)

Snapshots from Amsterdam: The Best Street Food

Herring! KENJI I love that stuff. I love the tart smelly oniony vinegar taste and the vague sort of crispness that the fish develops as it's gone through pickling. YUMS.

Dinner Tonight: Stir Fried Rice Cake with Gochujang Sauce

This is my absolute favorite.... But be warned. The flat rice cakes that are often sold next to the tubular versions cook up much much faster and will almost definitely make a sticky mess in your pot if you're not careful!

So Long, Folks (and See You Next Week)

Adam! So sad to see you go :( But best of luck at NYCgo ... I'm a big fan of that site too :) Incredibly useful. I'm sure you'll do incredible things there!

Enter to Win a Copy of the 'Alinea' Cookbook

I had this incredible dish at TW Foods in Boston -- the ice cream had bits of tobacco leaves and tobacco smoke and if you like cigars, it tasted like smoking a strong Cuban cigar, with a bit of a tingle at the back of your throat as though you were actually smoking, from the bits of tobacco leaves. Smoky and minty. It was also surrounded by this pool of syrup made from 15 year old Macallan Scotch. Beautifully sticky and eating it made me feel as though I were sitting in the back room of an oak-paneled old boy's club. Loved it.

Australia Dairy Company in Hong Kong

going here this weekend! i live just 2 blocks away ... am so excited. @aaron mattis, hopefully this lives up to your scrambled eggs

Video: Baby in a Watermelon

Parents do ridiculous things to their kids but that is adorable. I wonder how massive the watermelon is?

Sushi Poppers: A New Portable Sushi?

You ate them! So exciting :) How was the raw fish in that ..

Quiz: How Much Do You Know About Cheese?

@ W.Were Hong Kong is incredible - I actually just bought a massive chunk of Havarti cheese for after-dinner snack. I might gain a ton of weight from eating lots of take-out this summer. But worth it. Hoping to hit up some great restaurants over the course of the next ten weeks. :) Thanks for asking!

More Di Fara First-Timers Report on Yesterday's Field Trip

Aaron! It was your last day? What a perfect way to end :)

Fourth of July Menu Planner

That is the best cake! I love it :) I hope I can find something like that in HK

Meet & Eat: Lingbo Li, Serious Eats Intern

Your ability to handle spicy food astounds me. But can we go eat exotic meats together back in Cambridge? :)

This Week at Serious Eats World Headquarters

Yogurt?! I've never seen such healthy foods in the office. Blasphemy.

Seriously Asian: Big Wontons

You know, I've only ever seen "small" wontons in Shanghai. I thought it was a strictly breakfast food. I do love those more though. The skin has the best slippery texture.

Meet & Eat: Joan Fang, Serious Eats Intern

@ulterior epicure: any time. my love for dumplings really knows no bounds.

@maotai & every other bitter melon lover: maybe.. i'll give myself some time to mature before trying it again then. also, i love your username maotai

@chascates: definitely! so excited to explore hong kong's food scene. first up is definitely street food. yuuuumm. favorite part of asia.

Meet & Eat: Leah Douglas, Serious Eats Intern

Leah, SO GLAD we did Del Posto :) Delishious. More eating in NY next time I'm back?