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The Daily Meal's '101 Best American Pizzas'

Juliana's isn't on the list but Grimaldi's is?

The Daily Meal's '101 Best American Pizzas'

If pizza stuck more to its origins, we wouldn't have a list that classified five different types of food as one. Im not saying you have to use traditional toppings and ingredients but you have to at least be able to recognize that it's pizza.

@Archagon Being Margherita focused is a good thing if they're trying to compare and rank certain places on a list. That's one thing they did right with this list.

I'm happy to see Anthony Mangieri in the top five for once. It's a rare occasion when someone is not offended by his prices and focused menu. I want people to picture AM's pizza being $10, then tell me who's better.

A Pizza My Mind: Does It Really Matter Who Makes Your Pizza?

A pizzeria has a name. The quality and consistency of the pizza served will define that name.