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'Top Chef Masters' Improv Episode: Just The Tasty Bits

I think it's hilarious how much everyone seems to dislike this show. I'm not its biggest fan either. Top Chef Masters is inferior to Top Chef in every way. Its biggest problem is that it's just so BORING and tedious to sit through. I'm counting down the days 'til Top Chef DC premieres on June 16th!

'Top Chef Masters,' Episode 4: Just The Tasty Bits

Thanks, Leebo!

Personally, what I don't like about Top Chef Masters is that you don't really get to know the competitors like you do on Top Chef and other reality shows. Most of the contestants are only featured for one episode, and then poof. They're gone. What fun is that?!

If Bravo wants Top Chef Masters to be as successful as other reality shows, I think they need to change the format. Bring all the chefs in. Force them to live together. Have them all compete every week. But then again, most of these Top Chefs work at their own restaurants, and would probably never leave them to their own devices for such a long period of time.

Maybe Top Chef Masters is just doomed. But like you said, StudyZone, I just can't get into it this year either.

Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution (Ep. 6): 'The Finale'

A quick response:
I'm not sure how I was "spreading negativity" with this article. I didn't insult anyone. I simply tried to provide a lighthearted look at what is nothing more than a reality television show.

To everyone else who enjoyed the recaps, thanks for the cool words. I enjoyed covering the show.

New KFC commercial

We just wrote an article about this over at Food Network Humor, too. KFC had the audacity to put this woman in a CHEF'S JACKET for these promo ads? Sandra Lee is not a chef, and pouring a can of mushroom soup over raw chicken in a slow cooker is not cooking. What a joke.