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Naming the family Cookbook

Hi! Its been awhile...but you can view my cookbook at the below link! I decided to title it: Just Like Mom Used to Make It, a collection of recipes from Laurie's kitchen. You wouldn't believe how many times me, my brothers, and family friends use that phrase when referring to my mom!! I have ordered the books and they will be under the tree for Christmas :) Just got off the phone with my brother and he asked me to bring some of the recipes to California (where we are meeting for Christmas)...I can't wait to give him the whole book! Thanks again all of you for your help, and especially kind words :) Have a wonderful holiday everyone!



Naming the family Cookbook

Hey Adam- I spent an hour or so looking at the photo review...OMG! I cannot believe how much time went into that, but it is so helpful for anyone thinking about making any kind of book.

Janaatwg- I am so thankful you are gathering recipes! And I completely agree that the more you know about a recipe, the more special it is. If I could have gone through all the recipes with my mom this project would have been even more special, if that's possible :) You guys are making me so excited to give these to my brothers and dad!!

I am loving all these awesome names guys- so clever and helpful! I will let you know when I pick one...the book is almost finished, just waiting on a few recipes from my aunt and scanning a few more pics! I think I can display the book online when its done- if so I will add the link on here!

Naming the family Cookbook

We are meeting in Orange County...not Orange Country!

Naming the family Cookbook

Thank all of you so much for your input and support- what awesome ideas you have given me!! I have been reminded of the impact strangers can have on you :)

I am using to make my book, actually using the software they have to be able to make it a little more unique (Booksmart). They print and ship it to you. It has been great therapy for me to look through her recipes and hundreds of photos! My family is meeting in Orange Country for Christmas this year and I can't wait to give this to them!


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