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Storing homemade pasta for a just a few hours

Thanks all -- I actually ended up making sure each piece was floured well and then just put it in a ziploc bag in the fridge. Every so often I reached in and fluffed the pasta to make sure it wasn't sticking. Turned out awesome by the way!

Bread Baking: Starter-Along Sourdough Bread

I've been using rye flour and am going to add caraway and poppy when baking. love rye sourdough so .. what the heck?! This is my first experiment so I may as well go for it.

Sourdough Starter-Along: Day 4 - 100% Hydration

Argh. While everyone else is fortunate enough to smell vomit or rancid fruit and see bubbles, mine is still completely unactive. The water sits on top of the flour and there is not a single bubble. And I mean not a single bubble.

Maybe I should start over. The only thing is that I don't have a glass bowl or mason jar. Is that it? I'm using a ceramic/porcelain bowl ... like you get at the Japanese hardware stores. And I used a plastic measuring spoon. Certainly not trying to be impatient here, but come on!

My Pie Monday: Blue Cheese, Truffle Salt, Detroit-Style Pizza, and More!

@Adam: one retraction -- it's OK if it's from Whole Foods or in a sealed container, of course. I've just had some bad experiences, one of them from Trader Joe's of all places. I just recommend fresh if one can.

My Pie Monday: Blue Cheese, Truffle Salt, Detroit-Style Pizza, and More!

@Adam: I dunno ... maybe? Sounds about right. I never saw burrata on the menus in SF but down here it seems to be available and always on the menu at places like AOC and good Italian restaurants like Osteria Angelini. Dressed with a little olive oil and citrus for a salad and it's delicious. On top of pizza: even better. It melts like heavy cream on your pizza.

NEVER buy it at Whole Foods or in sealed container -- I don't care what they say. Even the guys at Beverly Hills Cheese Shop sell the stuff and I think it just takes on a bitter taste. I like my burrata freshly packaged which is why, again, I mention getting it at Joan's on 3rd.

My Pie Monday: Blue Cheese, Truffle Salt, Detroit-Style Pizza, and More!

@SkyHighGluten: That's incredible! I live in LA (smack-dab in the middle) so I'm hoping you'll post the name in the coming weeks and I'll come have some pie.

@Adam: Thanks! Yes, Burrata is killer - without a WFO, the ambient heat in my electric oven isn't hot enough to obliterate the mozzarella and I just found that it cooled and became rubbery too quickly. Plus, I'm a die-hard Burrata fan. There is a guy in Baldwin Park who came from Italy and started making his Burrata locally. Look out for DiStefano burrata (sold at Joan's on 3rd if you're in the city). Definitely the best burrata I've personally eaten, a bit saltier and fresher than normal!


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