• Location: Philadelphia, PA
  • Last bite on earth: Liver in multiple preparations, stinky cheese, good bread, butter, fruit preserves, and a very fresh green salad.

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Coq au Vin (Chicken Braised in Red Wine)

I would like to request a recipe for the parsley potatoes pictured. That's one of those things that seems so simple, yet mine never turn out quite right.

The Best Burgers in Philadelphia

I was on a mission to try all the good burgers in Philly. Then I had a Royal Tavern burger and decided it was the only burger I'll ever need.

That said, the Butcher and Singer burger is delectably decadent.

Still, I can't take this list seriously without mention of Royal Tavern.

21 Halloween Candies We're Hoarding

First of all, how DARE you lump Snickers in with Milky Way! That's like lumping Mark Wahlberg in with... the other Wahlbergs. One is clearly the best of all worlds and the others are sad, would-be hopefuls.

Also... Butterfingers!

Hersh's Chef Josh Hershkovitz's Guide to Eating Well in Baltimore

I lived in Mount Vernon for five years and still yearn for Ethopian food from Dukem and Afghan food from the Helmand. I especially miss the Helmand. Sigh. Am delighted to see The Mushroom Stand get a mention. Those fried mushrooms... another sigh.

Chicken and Egg From 'Coi' (Part 2)

As someone who would never, ever cook anything from this book, I'm really enjoying reading about the process. You know what would be great though? Step-by-step photos. At least a couple!

Chinese Noodles 101: The Chinese Egg Noodle Style Guide

Shao Z. I'm loving your posts! My trouble with buying noodles at the Asian market (mostly Vietnamese) near my house is that most of them contain yellow dye. What's up with that? Isn't the yellow color supposed to occur naturally from a reaction with the alkaline salts?

We Try the New Lemon Oreos

Is anyone else chuckling at the inscription on the front of the package: "NATURAL FLAVOR WITH OTHER NATURAL FLAVOR"?

Behold French Fry-Stuffed Fat Sandwiches From RU Hungry in New Brunswick, NJ

I'm a fan of the Fat Beach: cheese steak, chicken fingers, mozzarella sticks, lettuce, ketchup, and fries BUT with some modifications: onion rings instead of fries, add hot sauce. Really, it's the best... in a way that only a completely horrifying combination of low-grade junk food can be. Thank you, New Jersey.

Super Bowl Party Giveaway: Pat LaFrieda Sliders

What else... wings! And potato skins. And chili. And triple decker chocolate peanut butter brownies.

Open Thread: What's Your Favorite Way to Tweak Traditional Burger Condiments?

Mayo cut with a little sour cream + lemon juice, paprika, and maybe a pinch of salt. I use this on burgers, for dipping (fries!), fish, roasted chicken... basically anything.

Trendy Asian Favorites Done Well at Philly's CHeU Noodle Bar

Thanks for this... checked it out this weekend. Not in love, but will likely be back.

How to Order Like a Local at South Philadelphia Taquerias

I'm so happy to be seeing more Philadelphia posts! In my neighborhood no less! This will help me break out of my Los Taquitos de Puebla rut (which, for the record, is an excellent rut to be in).

First Impressions of Han Dynasty, Philly's Sichuan Outpost in New York

This is my favorite Philly restaurant. Really, there are some amazing places to eat here, but this is the one I really crave. The affordability factor is a big plus. Order the Dan Dan Noodles - you won't regret it. For the record, I usually request to have the spiciness level toned down a few notches on most dishes, just so I can still feel my face by the end of the meal.

Where to Eat Near Times Square (Our Updated Guide)

Had a very enjoyable meal at Meskerem Restaurant at 468 West 47th Street. Ethiopian food. Inexpensive and perfect with a few friends.

Leftovers: Stray Links From Our Editors

Barbuzzo *is* awesome! The lack of reporting on Philly foods at SE is starting to hurt my feelings. If I send you guys some write-ups on my favorite places here, will you publish them?


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