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In the Kitchen with Alex Stupak: The Empellon Push Project

I'm a fan of Red Medicine! I wish I could have made it for this. Everything is so bright!

18 Great Late Night Bites in Williamsburg and Greenpoint

@howlingwolf Carumba! How could I have forgotten M Noodle? Sesame pancake with roast pork is my go to! Though, since they've gotten a little more traffic they raised the price by a dollar :\

Serious Eats NearMe Preview: SXSW Edition

I was losing faith in Foursquare but this really turns it up to 11 ! Aggregation, oh my :)

In a pickle

@shoneyjoe You and me both.

18 Great Late Night Bites in Williamsburg and Greenpoint

San Francisco transplant Rosamunde on Bedford Ave. is open 'til 4am on weekends. I'm not sure where else you can get a duck sausage at that hour, hehehe.

SXSW Guide: Where to Eat in Downtown Austin

I am weeping. 4 years of SxSw under my belt and I'm not going this year. (,◠⌢◠)/ Weeping!

New Goat City: A Beginner's Guide to Eating Goat in New York

Hooray! I live equidistant between the Clinton Hill and Bed-Stuy. I know where I'm going tomorrow.

In a pickle

Oh oh oh, my favorite thing is pickled cherries with rosemary and a cinnamon stick. I found that pickling fruits is much better served with sugary cider vinegar brine akin to that of beets vs. dill pickle brine.

Ask The Food Lab: Do Bones Add Flavor to Meat?

@scalfin The circulatory system is pretty much kaput when you separate a part of the body from the power source, much like taking the batteries out of a toy. The surface area of uncooked meat becomes a mass of cells with semi-permeable membranes that can take on or let out liquid matter. Depending on the meat thickness as well as the marinade's acidity, temperature, salinity and time-- it will eventually want to find some matter of balance between the tissue and its environment. It only works so far because as Kenji said, the cells are compartmentalized.


I'm also just a fan of the visceral Game of Thrones style of eating meat off a large bone.

10 Must-Eats in Austin Right Now

Sharing with all of my friends who are heading to Austin right now, I'm so jealous. Forget the panels, I'd just want to crawl around eating.

Soup De Poisson

I really liked the tomato based market soup from Fish. It's a little spicy but really comforting.

Good happy hour with food in the West Village?

Fish on Bleecker street always has 6 oysters + beer or wine for $8. But if you like fancy beer, Blind Tiger is across the street.

Sunday Birthday Brunch NYC

@hill3 Where did you end up going? Happy belated birthday!

NYC Vegan Baked Goods

Yes! Babycakes. They are also allergy friendly.

Food Writing Recommendations

If you want to get into it, Amanda from Food52 had a piece about careers in food writing.

What foodies are y'all following on Instagram?

I'm a huge fan of @murrayscheese , @culturecheese ...'cause cheese. CHEESE!
And @aprilbloomfield & @themeathook ..'cause meat. I'm @jenndlv by the way.

Will it melt?

@pavlov I'm dying, oh my god. Dying! Hahahah.

Duck Fat Revolution

D'artagnan says duck fat is 20% lower in saturated fat than butter. I've been trying to find an article newer than 2011, but L.A. times says duck fat is between olive oil and butter in terms of healthful use. Even though it has less saturated fat, it is still a source of it. So moderation, my friends!

Not exactly sure why it's not a good "all-purpose" fat, perhaps it has to do with the low melting point of 14c (or 57ish F). I don't make nearly enough duck to warrant making confit, but I want to try some time.

*covers eyes*

@littauer That sounds like a dance you'd do AFTER all the rum drinking...

From Scratch or With a Little Help?

Scratch if I'm cooking for others, but if its just me, friends or family -- I'm just happy to use up everything in the fridge :)

Raw avocado

If I already cut it open I use the tough avocado for salsa. It's harder to peel but after a day or two with acids of the tomato and lime, it's pretty tasty.

How has Serious Eats changed what you eat?

I tend to think a side-effect of this website is the notion of "I can do that." I rarely eat out anymore unless its something I absolutely don't know how to make (yet).

Keep Austin Weird: 12 Unique Foods Found in Austin

@rosewood You'd have a lot of luck with food outside of downtown Austin proper. I'm a huge fan of Alamo Draft House (where they hold a lot of SxSw film events) and the Highball next door, which is a bowling alley, restaurant and music venue.