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  • Last bite on earth: my grandma's sticky rice with all the fixins

A Day in the Life: Ed Levine, Serious Eats Overlord

Ditto @AdamKuban! Miss your writing, Ed, but great hearing about your day! I had an insane crispy whole chicken (gutted, boned, meat removed) stuffed with sticky rice at Oriental Garden in the HQ hood last week. It's basically crisp chicken skin plus sticky rice. I think the SE team would love it.

Farewell, Serious Eaters!

Alaina, you're such a warm, wonderful person and I wish you all the best on your next adventure!!

Sriracha and SPAM Fried Rice

Yess -- a childhood favorite that my grandma used to make! No SPAM? She used to do chopped up hot dogs too!

Sardines for Breakfast Anyone?

Searching for the Bay Area's Best at Val's Burgers in Hayward, CA

Loved this place -- best onion rings.

Seriously Asian: Korean Kabocha Porridge

Great post. One of my favorite ways to have the red bean porridge is to chill it to semi-soft and topped with vanilla ice cream!

Lunch for One: Great NY Noodletown

Tried to go there late night for chow funn (not the mai fun) and they were sold out! Can't wait to see how this elusive dish pans out.

Drying Out a Cellphone in Rice: It Does Work!

Now fiancee? Congrats, Adam!!

Amazing 66: A Truly Amazing Menu in Manhattan's Chinatown

We go here whenever my parents are in town. The chicken stuffed with shrimp (one of my mom's favorites) though never had a pre-order requirement. The golden prawns over twin rice and the straight-up roast chicken with garlic are definitely two of my favorites. I end up putting those soyed-up garlic bits on everything that touches my plate.

Ed Levine's Serious Diet, Week 90: The Return of Thinner

Ed, we were totally in New Haven at the same time. Pepe's was out of clam pies by the time we got there though sadly.

Do You Have a Favorite Mustard?

Dinner Tonight: Roast Chicken with Saffron and Lemons

Made this last night with great success! Served it with some sauteed greens and brown rice fried up with with golden raisins, slivered almonds, sliced onions, a pinch of cumin and ground coriander, then sloshed with delicious pan juice!

Recipe on the Upper West Side: A Recipe for Success That Needs A Few Tweaks

Ed, I've been so happy about all these Upper West Side reviews and I'm still wondering when I'm going to run into you at Gray's (though with your Serious Diet, this might be less likely. See you at Fairway?).

More importantly, was this monster still on the menu at Recipe??:

Dear AHT: Best Burgers in Philly?

Attention Word Nerds: Food-Related Tom Swifties

"Oh God, I ate so much hummus at Jenn's midtown lunch cart I can't move," said some chick peacefully.-- (courtesy of friend, Polo)

Best soft shell crabs in NYC?

Great NY Noodletown in Chinatown. Especially at 3am after a long night out.

A Beginner's Guide to Soft Shell Crabs

Just had the soft shell crab from NY Noodletown at 3am this past weekend...helllooooo spring!!

Checking One Off the List at The Bucket in Eagle Rock, California

Hey Damon! I heard you're a fellow Williams alum...good to know there's another Serious Eater Eph out there!

Ed Levine's Serious Diet, Week 59: How Much Should I Weigh?

Thinking about grandparenthood so soon?! You're going to freak out Will, Ed!

Ed Levine's Serious Diet, Week 55: A South Beach Burger Bash Meal Plan

-3 pounds? YES!

Hanci Turkish Cuisine, a Much Needed Turkish Restaurant in New York

Ali Baba's pretty good-- don't know if I'd go out of the way for it though.

$24 Lunch prixe fix at Cafe Boulud: Anyone done this yet?

I went this summer and it was good-- but not amazing. Had a recent RW lunch at Dovetail that was much better.

Super Bowl Party Giveaway: New York Burger Limerick Winner

Bill, I am very excited to eat this meat this Sunday. Thank you for being my talented limerick-writing friend. Love from, perpetually-hungry Jenn.

Mark Bittman's Savory Oatmeal with Scallions and Soy Sauce

I actually don't like oatmeal and have been trying to get myself to eat it for years-- this sounds GREAT, especially with the fried egg. I'd even add a little sesame oil/chili oil. The microwave option makes it perfect for the office!

Rack and Soul: The Best Fried Chicken and Ribs in New York?

I live right around the corner from here and the best is the $6 kids meal-- a decent amount of food, especially if you get the pulled pork. I ordered the catfish strips meal once and thought they were a bit on the chewy side until I got halfway through and realized they had given me chicken strips! Getting catfish confused with chicken-- pretty embarassing!

Need Suggestions: Bay Area Burgers and More

I'm flying out to the Bay Area after Christmas and have only SEVEN DAYS to eat as many delicious West Coast nummers as possible. Serious eaters, I call on you for your ever-knowing wisdom. I'm especially looking for a great burger that's not In-N-Out (had it, loved it, need something new!). I'll also be in Lake Tahoe for a day or two. Thanks!!

Christmas present for the In-Laws! Help!

I'm visiting my friend and his family in the Bay Area around Christmas time and would love to bring an edible gift with me from New York. The food gift doesn't have to be distinctly "New York," but it would be nice to bring something that is unique and maybe not so easily found in CA. Lox and bagels come to mind, but my friend doesn't really like them. And after considering Shake Shack and Gray's, I've relented to the sad fact that burgers and hot dogs won't travel so well in my carry-on...HELP!

(Note- They aren't *technically* my in-laws, but they possess the in-law "spirit" and a food blog is no place for the finer details of my love life!)

What to do with cucumbers?

To be honest--I really don't like cucumbers but, I have three big cucumbers in my kitchen that I'd like to use up. I haven't looked up what kind they are but, they're about 2" in diameter with bumps all over. Any good ideas for recipes that might change my feelings?

Big Apple BBQ Thoughts?

Did anyone else go to the Big Apple BBQ this weekend? It was ridiculously hot on Saturday, but I found myself there for about 4 hours, eating BBQ, drinking great beer, snagging a bite of an out-of-town friend's Shake Shack, and even catching Ed's BBQ talk. I felt like I was at a Disney World for BBQ! As per Ed's recommendation, I got Ed Mitchell's whole hog, which I wished had more crispy bits that would have reminded me that I was eating the whole pig! I had some of City Grocery's smoked crawfish and okra hushpuppies, washed down with Rogue's Dead Guy Gale, which just put me over for the top. Hours later, only a soft couch and the AC on full blast could bring me back to full consciousness.

Anyone else go to the festival? What did you eat?

Crazy delicious and creative hot dog creations?

I just signed up to attend The Great Hot Dog Cookoff ( and after looking over the past contestants, which included a Buffalo Wing Style Dog (with hot sauce and blue cheese) and the winner, the Pesto Dog ("served in a hollowed out Italian roll, and wrapped in pesto sauce and mozzarella"), it got me thinking about other ridiculous but delicious hot dog creations. There's the Chihuahua Crif Dog (wrapped in bacon, topped with avo, onions, and sour cream, then deep-fried), kimchee hot dogs from Snacky in Williamsburg, and even the bulgogi hot dogs SE just picked up on via Eater.

Has anyone had some of their own crazy and delicious hot dogs? Any ideas? I was thinking of one with a fried egg, furikake, and sriracha...

Going to Hilton Head, South Carolina! Recommendations?

After classes end, almost all the seniors go down to spend a week in Hilton Head, SC before Senior Week and Graduation. We're on Dune and Dove, supposedly close to restaurants, bars, etc. Any recommendations? We're on a college kid budget, so some cheap eats would be great, but also a few nicer places too would be awesome! Thanks!!!

$300 budget for dinner for 3! What should I make??

I just got funding to make dinner for a professor and a fellow student and my budget is $300, including alcohol. Any ideas on what I should make? The problem is that here in Williamstown, we only have a Stop n Shop, so I'm somewhat limited. I'd like to do lots of seafood and steak, but I'm not sure about the quality of ingredients I can attain. Help!

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