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  • Favorite foods: Cream, chocolate, Fennel and noodles
  • Last bite on earth: Grandma's beef noodle soup and a poached egg on top. chocolate cake, swigs of scotch and a maybe some fresh cold milk.

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Food you like that everyone else seems to find disgusting

some of the things I like are duck tongue, pungent cheeses, frog legs, pate, and all the hated veggies.

my all time breakfast that produces the worst breath - sardines on buttered toast, runny eggs and fresh sliced leeks. yum! breakfast in bed anyone?

great post. though the OP is grossing me out.

It's expensive out there !!

coffee beans, steaks, greens, butter and flour. I figured if i want to make something from scratch, it better be worth it.

another thing is beer. We don't drink that often, so when mama needs a brewski, it better be good...

Nasty Bits: How to Roast an Eel

could you knock it unconscious first before the cutting and blood draining?

Equipment: Cookie Sheets

i have those aluminum pans also. love them. i got a few from costco a few months ago, but it seems theirs has a coating on them...

What did you have for lunch today?

quizno's tuna melt. i have no choice. too busy!!

Cook the Book: 'Around My French Table'

a trip to Taiwan, visiting family. Everything was good!

How Often Do You Eat Meat?

and seeing the crap they feed animals these days, we try to get good meat from a butcher, when we can afford it...

How Often Do You Eat Meat?

2-3 times a week, just counting dinners. We have trouble remembering to defrosting sometimes.

for lunch i usually try to do vegetarian and the hub usually makes a sandwich with deli meat.

Poll: Do You Care About Cupcakes?

i don't get it either. I was recently in a cupcake store, needless to say it wasn't that good, but the packaging (box, little cupcake stands, cute forks and knifes, ribbons, sticker seal and bag) probably cost more than the cupcake itself... crazy.

California Mayor Charged with Stealing Industrial Mixer for Homemade Pizza

This makes me laugh. Thanks for the post. ^_^

what happened to lending? i thought schools don't make their own food anymore (?) why do they have a mixer hanging around anyway?

Gadgets: Pasta Server and Measuring Cup Ladle by Epicurean

at first, i thought you were referring to diet spoons or something =) sound handy enough though. having a diet spoon for serving doesn't hurt either, i suppose.

11 of the Most Fun and Delicious Things at the 2010 National Restaurant Association Show

I'm interested in getting the chorks for our wedding, since we might end up doing chinese food. We don't need all 500 (min/order). we'll need 120- tops..

does anyone want to share my order and take the other 380 pieces? I'll even mail them to you (!)

Get Your Serious Eats Reusable Bags

i'm making the avocado pound cake joythebaker posted a while back.

SO's B-day and he requested a mud pie. it's a puedo-mud-pie with brownie bottom, fudge sauce, chocolate chip ice cream folded with peanut butter fudge and lots of warm fudge on top.. we are going to pass out.

my sister and I will be killing another duck and roasting it for that birthday celebration.

Cook the Book: 'Seasonal Fruit Desserts'

grilled peaches or plums.

fresh cherry crostada in a almond meal crust

Serious Heat: Homemade Harissa

i've made several versions of harissa, with tomato, with tomato paste, roast dry chilis in hot pan, one/plenty of garlic...

your version with peppers sounds milder and sweeter. i'm trying this version next. thanks!!

Photo of the Day: Jean-Georges; Cinnamon

i want one to hang on my wall... that is just awesome!

The Crisper Whisperer: 10 Secrets for Making the Most of Your CSA

i have problems with all those avocados that become ripe at the same time. Need to find new ways to use them up...

Our 7 Favorite Bites from the Beards

the pastrami and nori brioch sandwich is a good idea. I wonder if anyone have done this elsewhere?