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Jaya Saxena

Jaya Saxena


I'm a New Yorker, a writer, and an unapologetic Cel-Ray enthusiast.

Jaya Saxena is a New York-based writer, tackling everything from food to comics to etiquette to feminism. She has contributed to Serious Eats, First We Feast, The Toast, The Hairpin, and a whole lot more. You can find all of it here.

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  • Location: Queens, New York
  • Favorite foods: Matzoh ball soup, matar paneer, kothu roti, spaghetti cacio e pepe, crawfish, oysters, and piles of cured meats and cheese.
  • Last bite on earth: Some magical, not gross combination of the garlic sardines I had in Valencia, the kebob I had in Lucknow, my own matzoh balls, and my mom's mac & cheese.

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Suggestions for a large party 20 plus persons in NYC?

How about BBQ? Hill Country and Dinosaur definitely have space for groups.

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