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How Cereal Became the Quintessential American Breakfast

Chances are, it's never struck you as particularly odd that there's an entire supermarket aisle devoted to nothing but cereal. But cereal's position as America's default breakfast food is a remarkable feat, not of flavor or culture, but of marketing and packaging design. It's a century-long history of advertising, a brilliant campaign that capitalized on the intersection of industrialization, health-consciousness, and changing class attitudes that completely upended the way Americans ate. Here's how it all went down. More

Meet the Real Star of Your Favorite Food Travel Shows (It's Not the Host)

Never heard of a food fixer? Good—then they're doing their job right. Fixers are connected culinary experts who know a region or cuisine inside and out, and steer everyone from in-the-know tourists to TV personalities toward whatever it is they absolutely need to eat. We go behind the scenes with Kevin Cox, a Singapore-based fixer to find out exactly how one gets this dream job. More

Suggestions for a large party 20 plus persons in NYC?

How about BBQ? Hill Country and Dinosaur definitely have space for groups.

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