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Boston: Jasper's Pan-Roasted Lobster with Chervil and Chives

Funny I should come across this. I just watched Jasper make this on a cooking show with Julia Child on PBS this past weekend.

Spinach: Way or No Way?

I know this may sound gross but I even love th stuff from from the can.


What food(s) did you love as a kid and now can't stand?

Malted milk balls. A product called potted meat. Mom would mix it with mayonaisse and spread it on bread for sandwiches. eww

Movies on Food

Tortilla Soup is great. Everytime I come across it while channel surfing I watch it no matter how long its been on.

Do You Love Onions?

First, I do love onions. When I was a kid though I wouldn't touch them. Once I started working at a restaurant as a teen is when I got a taste for them. Pumpkin, I'm not sure where you are from but from the sound of your onion love, I feel confident that you would love RAMPS (sort of a wild onion). You need to seek out a ramp feast. It will be ramp season near end of March beginning of April. Ramp feasts are all over West Virginia. I'm sure you would not be dissapointed. Beware of eating them raw. They say eating them raw makes your whole body reek for days.

Asparagus: What to do?

I'm with the GrimChef. Fire up the Barbie and grill em. When in doubt, Grill it!!


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