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Win a Copy of 'Jamie Oliver's Comfort Food'

Mac and cheese.

Win a Copy of 'Seriously Delish'

Pumpkin pie. Especially since I discovered Serious Eats Extra Smooth recipe.

Win a Copy of 'The Beekman 1802 Heirloom Vegetable Cookbook'

Eggplant, sliced, breaded and sauteed, served with home-preserved tomatoes.

Win a Copy of 'The Ginger & White Cookbook'

anything with fruit and whipped cream

Win a Copy of 'Buvette: The Pleasure of Good Food'

Chocolate mousse.

Win a Copy of 'Paris Pastry Club'

Panna cotta with berries.

Win a Copy of 'A Change of Appetite'

Stone fruits. Smoothies. Fruit smoothies.

Giveaway: Win a Super-Fast Thermapen Thermometer

Caramel -- and racing green would be perfect.

Win a Copy of 'Vibrant Food'

Glowing peaches.

Win a Copy of 'Mother Daughter Dishes: Reinventing Loved Classics'

Sticky toffee pudding.

Win a Copy of 'Fruitful: Four Seasons of Fresh Fruit Recipes'


Cook the Book: 'The Nourished Kitchen' by Jennifer McGruther

I bake most of my own breads and biscuits.

Cook the Book: 'The Homesick Texan's Family Table' by Lisa Fain

Everything on the grill.

The Food Lab Turbo: How to Make The Best Egg Salad

@Swearj4, my family recipe is the same as yours.

Bake the Book: A Lighter Way to Bake

Cook the Book: 'The VB6 Cookbook' by Mark Bittman

A strawberry/raspberry/banana smoothie made with almond milk. For a full meal, Mahdur Jaffrey's curried tomatoes with mushroom rice pilaf and a thick dal.

Cook the Book: 'The New Southern Table' by Brys Stephens

I make a grilled cheese sandwich with my homemade pimento cheese.

Cook the Book: 'Afro-Vegan' by Bryant Terry

'Tis The Season... For SMOOTHIES

Can't wait till summer when I can throw a big juicy peach in with berries and frozen banana. Add milk and a couple tablespoons of oatmeal to make it super thick and satisfying.

When Breakfast Gets "Weird"

Leftovers, cheese and crackers, or, when fresh stone fruit is available, smoothies. Never cereal, rarely toast. On the other hand, I prefer breakfast at home, so I don't have anyone criticizing my choice.

Cook the Book: 'My Paris Kitchen' by David Lebovitz

The best cookbooks, once you are well past the beginner stage, are those that share the life of the writer.

Deviled eggs

At a luncheon today, the deviled eggs had a slight smoky taste. I thought it was from smoked paprika, but the gal who made them said liquid smoke was her trick. Mine usually follow much the same pattern as lux_lisbon's.

Great Barbeque North Carolina Style - Smoked on Rose

Do they serve SPAM?

Open Thread: White Chocolate, Yay or Nay?

Yes, as an ingredient. No, on its own.

What's in Your NYC Care Package?

As a former New Yorker, I'd like to get really good bagels, raisin pumpernickel bread, and charcoal smoked chestnuts. In return, I'd send some Oregon cheese and apples. Marionberries wouldn't travel.

Meatloaf with Oatmeal?

Our themed dinner group is doing comfort foods this weekend. Our hostess handed me a "classic" meatloaf recipe that calls for oatmeal and tomato juice. I've never put oatmeal in a meatloaf and never even heard of using tomato juice. (My usual recipe calls for bread crumbs and lots of finely chopped veggies.)

What I'm wondering is whether this is a regional difference. She grew up in Illinois, while I'm from the north east. Any thoughts?

Spiced Pumpkin Pudding Pie

Barbara Kafka's Vegetable Love is a love letter to the endless possibilities of hundreds of vegetables, both common and obscure. Being that it is about the sensual pleasures of vegetables rather than simple or ascetic vegetarian eating, I thought it... More

Hot Dog of the Week: The Jackalope from Frank in Austin, TX

The food at Frank is just as awesome as the concept, where about half of the artisan sausages are made in-house. The Jackalope is one of the most popular, but they also do all sorts of weekly specials like the Venison Corn Dog and the In-and-Out tribute Animal Style dog, an all-beef Vienna topped with grilled onions, American cheese, iceberg and Thousand Island dressing, only available during SXSW. More