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Win a Copy of 'Downtown Italian'

I had an extraordinary Italian meal at a small restaurant in Basel about 30 years ago, more memorable than anything I'd eaten in Rome. It started with a rich stew involving several varieties and just kept getting better.

Win a Copy of 'Marcus Off Duty'

tonight it is chicken-apple sausages with cheesy grits.

Win a Copy of 'Baked Occasions'

I just made my English son-in-law a sticky toffee pudding for his birthday.

Win a Copy of 'Heritage'

Shrimp and grits, or cheese grits with almost any topping.

Win a Copy of 'Plenty More'

Not all that unusual, possibly, but our family is the only one I know that mashes carrots and parsnips together for holiday meals.

Win a Copy of 'Ovenly'

"Crack" made with saltines. And @mynde, do tell more about Snickerdoodle bread!

Win a Copy of 'A Boat, a Whale, & a Walrus'

Dishes that can either be chilled or in the oven by the time my guests arrive, so that I can relax and enjoy their company.

American Chop Suey: The Cheesy, Beefy, Misnamed Stovetop Casserole That Deserves a Comeback

I'm with tereza -- peas and cheddar. But I might try it with mozzarella the next time.

Win a Copy of 'Seriously Delish'

Pumpkin pie. Especially since I discovered Serious Eats Extra Smooth recipe.

Win a Copy of 'The Beekman 1802 Heirloom Vegetable Cookbook'

Eggplant, sliced, breaded and sauteed, served with home-preserved tomatoes.

Win a Copy of 'A Change of Appetite'

Stone fruits. Smoothies. Fruit smoothies.

The Food Lab Turbo: How to Make The Best Egg Salad

@Swearj4, my family recipe is the same as yours.