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Serious Entertaining: A 'Game of Thrones' Feast Fit for Kings

After a long, bitter winter (Wall-style, minus Hodor for company), the Game of Thrones season premiere is finally upon us (Sunday at 9 p.m. EST on HBO). And there will be blood! (Probably.) Before taking the deep dive back into Westeros, you must have strength. And that means fortifying yourself with a Throne-themed meal that's...dare we say...fit for a king? More

How to Eat at Crazy Crab, Flushing's Yunnan-Burmese-Cajun Crab Shack

The key to a successful experience at Crazy Crab is twofold: flexibility and knowledge. If you're looking for a full-blown Burmese or Yunnanese experience, you will be disappointed, as the menu offers only a handful of dishes from each cuisine. And if you're in the market for a legit Cajun seafood fiesta, then I have to ask what exactly you're doing in Flushing. But if you enter Crazy Crab with a plan of attack, an open mind, and a willingness to make a cross-cultural mess on your plate, you won't leave disappointed. More

Jamie's Guide to LA's Must-Eat Mexican Food

It pains me to say this as a New Yorker, but I'll just be real here: LA's Mexican food scene is about a thousand times better than New York's, in terms of depth, breadth, and sheer scope. Every time I'm in LA, I go on a serious Mexican marathon, scrambling desperately to cram all of the city's tacos down my throat in one fell swoop. This has lead to some great gastrointestinal discomfort, but also an ever-expanding roster of favorites, and not just in the taco category. Every time I visit, these are the places I plan my trip around. More

Odessa's French Toast Forever

I don't remember exactly when I ate at Odessa (the restaurant) for the first time—it was in 2005 or 6, in a boozy haze, probably around the same time that a college friend was bartending at Odessa (the bar) next door, specializing in a variation of a Long Island Iced Tea with an unprintable name (okay, we'll print it—scroll down). I do remember that Odessa (the restaurant) made an excellent French toast, using fluffy challah bread so thoroughly soaked in eggy goo that it became almost like a caramelized bread pudding when it hit the flattop. More

Snapshots from the Mediterranean: The 25 Best Things I Ate in Cyprus

When I told people I was going to Cyprus for Christmas vacation, I got a lot of blank looks. The small Mediterranean island is a popular summertime destination for European tourists and expats (particularly Brits), but few Yankees make it ashore. If you do, however, you're in for a treat, since Cypriots take mealtime very seriously. I tried to narrow my list down to just a few highlights; in the end, that "few" turned out to be 25. Take a look at them all. More

Gift Guide: For the Globetrotting Food Lover

You probably have at least one person in your life who's always on the road—heck, maybe that person is you. Whether it's for work or play, eating well along the way is not optional—it's essential. With that in mind, here are a few handy gifts for the food-loving frequent flyer. More

What to do With Leftover Condensed Milk

I'm sorry, I just don't understand the concept of "leftover condensed milk," because I lick that can clean every single time.

Jamie's Guide to LA's Must-Eat Mexican Food

@zorazen I *love* Guelaguetza and actually am kicking myself for not including it here —what's wrong with me? Their much-heralded mole is fantastic, but I actually love their chilaquiles, too. Good stuff. @inkybrain Adding to my list for next time!

Pantry Essentials: All About Chutney

@cotejona Ha! Whoops. Should be fixed in a second. Happened last time, too--I think our CMS system has a one-track mind.

Emmett's Does Not Serve the Chicago Deep Dish You're Looking For

As a native Chicagoan and one of Max's dining companions during this review dinner, I'm throwing my hat into the ring. This wasn't just a bad replica of a true Chicago-style pie; it was a bad pizza, period, to say nothing of the subpar service before and throughout the meal. A few of the individual elements (the cheese, the sauce) held their own, but in the grand scheme of a pizza, they were overwhelmed by the amateur-level dough and inferior toppings (or...lack thereof).

Behind the Scenes in Jamie's Home Kitchen

@Chico I've never refrigerated Sriracha! I just checked the bottle to be sure, and it doesn't say "Refrigerate After Opening" anywhere. Here's an old Talk thread on this very issue — at the end of the day, I can't find any scientific reason to keep it cold, so I think it's a matter of preference. Let us know if you like it better room temp!

Behind the Scenes in Jamie's Home Kitchen

@BostonAdam wasn't a direct route! We swung down to Charleston after Tennessee and drove up the coast after that. @everyone with grain tips--yes, good idea!

Behind the Scenes in Jamie's Home Kitchen

@Ghostly I SHALL REVEAL THE CONTENTS OF MY CRISPER: some very stale herbs, a tube of Olympic Provisions salami, apples, half an onion, gremlins.

Burmese Salad Days and More at Laksa King in Vancouver

@zorazen, I know that in Burma, students eat tea leaf salad as a stimulant to stay up late and cram. I never noticed a particularly strong effect while I was there, but people with a caffeine sensitivity might feel it more.

This Week at Serious Eats World Headquarters

@Ivelisse thank you for the intel!

Ed's Head: I'm Going Vegan This Month To Keep Kenji Company

@Currigirl, yes, Vegan Month at SE is pretty strict--no refined sugar because it may be filtered with animal bone char.

Vegetarian-Friendly Mezze With a Warm Welcome at Gregory's 26 Corner

Also, not not so much vegetarian, but Gregory's has some of the best grilled octopus I've had in the 'hood. Simple, meaty, and juicy--worth seeking out for sure!

The Food Lab's Soup Month: Creamy Chanterelle Mushroom Soup

I am not afraid; just bitterly angry that the desiccated Tim remains did not seem to make it to the office from a proper burial [in my stomach].

Check Out Our Game Day Entertaining Page!

By next Sunday, we mean 2/2! We consider 1/26 this Sunday.

I Tried My First King Cakes in New Orleans, and They Were Awesome

This is great, and the king cake looks killer, but I still want to know why the cops crashed the rehearsal dinner.

A Day in the Life: J. Kenji López-Alt, Chief Creative Officer

Way to use THE most unflattering photo of me and my doughnut cake. Thanks.

Snapshots from the Mediterranean: The 25 Best Things I Ate in Cyprus

@Giannis: Thanks for posting all of this! I'll fix those factoids asap--glad to have the Nicosia/Lefkosia issue clarified, as it was (obviously) slightly unclear to me while I was there. And thank you for ID'ing the bread! Now I just have to find someplace in NYC that makes it...

Snapshots from the Mediterranean: The 25 Best Things I Ate in Cyprus

@Autumn, soutzoukos were definitely more like grape-almond gummy bears--pretty firm, with a hard chew, if that makes sense!

Snapshots from the Mediterranean: The 25 Best Things I Ate in Cyprus

@Hungry Dan: As @ccots says, Cyprus is on the Euro, and most of our sit-down restaurant meals were around 20 euro per person. Given that we were there during the off-season, however, we got some great deals on lodging and car rental that would have otherwise made this trip prohibitively expensive.

Where Do You Eat Alone in New York?

A few people have asked, so I'll spill the beans: the Italian restaurant I referenced in my eating alone article was Porsena, though as I wrote, I'll eat alone just about anywhere.

New York Gets its First Canele Shop

Oh, wow. I don't make up to that neighborhood too often, but now...I might have to make a special trip.

The Secret Life of Pie Town, New Mexico

I meant to add, "I want to go to there."

The Secret Life of Pie Town, New Mexico

This is so amazing.

In Defense of Eating Alone

Wow, guys, thanks for all the love! I'm glad to know there are plenty of dining solo supporters out there, whether for work or pleasure. I just hope this piece encourages anyone who's on the fence about eating alone to at least give it a whirl.

This Week at Serious Eats World Headquarters: Winter Break Edition

@PaulCline, forget sitting cross-legged and let your body accept the squat. It's mind over matter.

Ed Levine's Must-Eat New York Dishes of 2013

I henceforth declare this to be the best picture of our fair overlord in the history of SE.

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