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Cook the Book: 'Urban Italian'

Pasta with Gorgonzola sauce with fresh red grapes in it. The grapes really make the weight of the creamy, cheesy sauce much more pleasant. Finishing it off with affogato di gelato is always a good plan too :)

In Videos: Rachel Maddow Mixes Drinks with Jimmy Fallon

If you watched the show, she made fun of his drink of choice, which was a Bud Light with lime. She suggested the Gin and Tonic because he liked gin, but made the Bijou because it was a little fancier to watch.

Fancy Restaurants Should Implement an Early 'Baby Seating'

The idea has merit, but I understand the concerns of the babyhaters especially because restaurants really can't say "You can only have your kids here at 5pm and waitresses (who are overworked enough). I'm not a baby hater (I nanny regularly) but I also dislike parents that either let their kids run around restaurants, because it's dangerous, and screaming babies when I'm paying a lot for food and drinks.

Parents, I understand that babysitters are expensive and hard to come by (I turn down FAR more jobs than I accept) but if you can't afford $40 for the babysitter, why are you going to a high-priced restaurant where you'll pay at least that for a bottle of wine. Sorry, but it seems like a no brainer to me.

The alternative for diners who can't stand even one screaming child while they're enjoying their seared bluefin tuna? There are at least three higher-end pubs in my small city that require all patrons be at least 19, no exceptions. My friends and I make reservations at these places all the time, because we know there is no chance of a noisy child at the next table.

No Beets Will Grow in the White House's Organic Vegetable Garden?

There was a really hilarious episode of The West Wing when the president's aide told a cook not to make beans, because the president hated beans, and it caused a HUGE debacle with bean farmers and bean advocates. The episode concluded with one of the advisers essentially saying "Isn't it ok for the president not to like beans, and won't people understand that just because he doesn't like beans doesn't mean that he dislikes beans as a vegetable? Aren't the American people smart enough to realize that not everybody loves every food, and move on?"

This is exactly like that episode.

Cook the Book: The Essence of Chocolate

A flourless dark-chocolate cake with infused with Guiness from an Irish pub. It was *fantastic*, and served with fresh vanilla icecream, homemade caramel sauce and hazenut brittle on the top. Decadent, and oh so chocolatey!

Valentine's Day Giveaway: Macarons from Itzy Bitzy Patisserie

Dark chocolate cookies with a chocolate creme and the tiniest hint of Baileys or Kahlua...mmm


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