15-Minute Caramelized Onions

Did it. Added the baking soda and sugar in the beginning. I shrank the recipe because I only used one large onion and adjusted the other things accordingly. From one LARGE onion, I wound up with about 5 Tablespoons of gross onion mush. Seriously, it started mushing almost at once and turned weirdly yellow but it tasted alright.. Not really GOOD but alright.. a little sweet and oniony. So I kept cooking until it got about the right color and it tasted AWFUL.

Layered Drinks For A Crowd?

Yeah I'm a bit late replying aren't I? I realize it would get muddled on pouring, was just considering the drama of setting a large pitcher, beautifully layered, on the table. What happens after that I don't mind.

Layered Drinks For A Crowd?

Question. Layered drinks are awesome to look at when done right, but a bit of a pain if you're making them at home for several people, especially when you'd rather be a social host, not play bartender. Is it possible to layer an entire pitcher as you would a single drink?

Is this even possible? How would it best be done?

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