Family Coming to LA? Take Them to These Restaurants

@mgnn: It's only a bummer if your parents live in Santa Barbara or La Jolla. I can just imagine the parents of 285 lbs starting tackel for ULCA visiting from rural Mississippi. The son says "lets go to Baco or Bestia". This will never happen. And never happen for most kids with parents visiting LA, no matter the age of the kid. Especially on their first visit.

Why You Should Refrigerate Tomatoes and Ignore Anyone Who Says Otherwise

And if you can't eat all of the tomatoes you bought, and they are or will become ripe, throw all or some of them into your processor, with some sweet red peppers that have been charred and skin removed, add a bit of olive oil, salt, pepper, oregano, basil, and blend as long as you want. Then cook stove top on low for about 20 minutes or longer.
You will have some very good sauce for pasta or pizza. Store in fridge or freeze.

Why You Should Refrigerate Tomatoes and Ignore Anyone Who Says Otherwise

Just like pears, mangos, or even bananas, once tomatoes are ripe they must be placed in the fridge, or be eaten very soon.
However, the key is in the diffention of what is ripe. Some like bananas green, some like tomatoes hard and not very red!

Forget Competition-Level BBQ Tricks, These Apricot-Glazed Ribs are Easier and Better

It looks like you were using a standard Weber grill. How did you set it up for smoking? Did you have to add more coal or wood after some time?

Fig- and Manchego-Stuffed Chicken Breasts With Port Wine Pan Sauce

I find it helpful to treat raw chicken and turkey like kryptonite. USDA says to serve poultry at 165°F and most chefs agree and remove it at no lower than 160°F allowing for 5°F carryover.

Ask a Cicerone: The Best American Pale Ale

@slantedwindows- Most pale ales, like the ones in the above article, are not IPAs. Generally, the beers most people drink are lagers and ales (& some stouts stouts, porters, etc). IPAs generally use a lot more hops in the process of making beer for extra bitternes, than the usual ale.

Ask a Cicerone: The Best American Pale Ale

The Alaskan Freeride is very good, and I also buy Alaskan Amber.
PS: Remember when you went to a bar, and if you didn't order a Miller Light, or a Bud Light, or a Coors Light, you were frowned on, and you were looked over up and down to see if you were a fatty? Now this was only 10-15 years ago. Things change, or does the popular media change you!

Why Does Absinthe Get Cloudy?

Having some spent time in France, the aperitif of choice was/is Pernod. And water is always added to it -and it turns cloudy as well. Both Pernod and Absinthe contain insoluble anise(Aniseed oil). Anise is also used to flavor the Arab Arak, the Colombian Aguardiente, the other French spirits Anisette, and both Pastis and Anise by Pernod, the Greek Ouzo and Eastern European Mastika, the German Jägermeister, the Italian Sambuca, the Peruvian Anís (liqueur), and the Turkish Raki, all of which exhibit the same property of getting cloudy when adding water.

Manner Matters: Can I Bring My Own Tonic Water?

I can't wait to bring in my one liter bottle of Canada Dry Tonic Water and place it on the bar. XS in Vegas here I come.
But this could also happen- "Is that a liter of Tonic in your pants or are you just happy to see me?"

Bagelnomics: The Curious Pricing of New York's Bagel With Cream Cheese

@theocean- One thing I can say for you, you have class not to say/spell out bull----. Max can learn a lesson from that.

9 Lesser-Known IPAs You Should Be Drinking

English IPAs or American IPAs are both noted for their intensified bitterness. They are not traditional ales nor lagers, nor are they stouts or porters.
IPAs started in England (GB) for use in India.
If you don't like or care to pair up foods and drink then don't. I however, would not drink a cab with a spicy burrito or chicken tikka masala( it would ruin the taste of both) but I would drink a sweet leaning riesling with that burrito or chicken . Same goes for beer. A Pabst, an Alaskan Ale or a Bud lager would go poorly with the spicy chicken or burrito. But an IPA would go perfectly.

9 Lesser-Known IPAs You Should Be Drinking

IPA beer started when Great Britian controled India in the 1800s and needed a beer to compete with/match up with the spicy foods of India.They created the India Pale Ale, a bitter beer that goes well with spicy foods. That's when I only drink IPAs, to go with spicy foods. It is way too bitter to drink on its own, or with a burger.
It has become "popular" because it is being pushed on younger drinkers who think IPA's are the end all. It is not, far from it.

Win a Copy of 'Paris Pastry Club'

Homemade strawberry sorbet, topped with
thinly sliced fresh strawberries and blueberries.

Win a Copy of 'The Meat Hook Meat Book'

The Food Lab Redux: How to Make Orange and Sesame Chicken at Home

Kenji, I read your very good article on the process of making stretched noodles. My question is what would we buy here, USA, Los Angeles, in a market, that would come closest to the stretched noodles taste and texture.

Thanks, have fun!

Why You Should Stop Boiling Your Oatmeal and Start Baking It

Wow, what a great story and comments. I usually eat oatmeal 6 days a week for breakfast. Sunday's- no. I'm a water, whole oats, 5 minute boil, 2 minutes rest person. Adding whatever I want to it from a bit of kerrygold butter, to hemp seeds, blueberries, brown sugar, almonds, walnuts,sometimes a tsp of cream, sometimes a bit of milk, raisins, cyprus flake salt, maple syrup, prunes, apple, and or cocoa bits.

I really like @lhg thoughts of the in the fridge procedure, that I will try. Also, @Josh's steamed oats is interesting, but one must be careful when removing the steamer to pour out some extremely hot water out of the pot!

I will also try Yvonne Ruperti's baked version. I'll initially make it without the egg and milk and see how it goes. I'll use water instead of milk. However, the 30 minute bake will be reserved for a none go to work morning.

10 Must-Try Piscos

During my travels, I tried a variety of pisco drinks, resulting in me making pisco sours at home at least 3 times a month. The addition of the egg whites is always a hit with guests and it's fun making them. I use Campo De Encanto Pisco.

A Guide to Tofu Types and What to Do With Them

My favorite place to buy tofu in Los Angeles is here .
Kevin makes it fresh every day. And his restaurant is awesome as well.

A Guide to Tofu Types and What to Do With Them

My favorite place to buy tofu in Los Angeles is here .
Kevin makes it fresh every day. And his restaurant is awesome as well.

Where Do Cocktail Prices Come From?

First, I have asked several average income 30 and under why they are willing to pay $20-25 for lunch or $15 for a cocktail? They say, that's what we grew up with.

Forgetting rent, cost, salaries, etc., I feel most restaurant/bar alcohol is way over priced. If they can get it they will charge for it.

Second, Many people, including restaurant/bar owners, want to live very high on the hog. Therefore, they must charge as much as the traffic will bear.

Third, If a place is highly decorated and provacative, and attracts people you want to meet and be with, it is the price of admission. XS in Vegas or Millie's in Bakersfield,CA?

Coffee Science: How to Make the Best French Press Coffee at Home

Zepper- the fine grinds of an espresso grind will leave a bunch of grinds in your cup.
LesterN-great tips, I going to try the sieve; even though it is another step in the process.
My advise-after a 5-6 minute steep- plung very slowly-take 30 seconds. It keeps more grinds out of the cup.
And after you pour all the coffee into cups or a carafe, boil more water and pour into french press over the grinds again, wait 6-7 minutes, stirring of course from time to time. You will have a nice light coffee for ice or regular coffee( especially when using expensive beans). Then after I pour out this second steep, I then I pour into the french press regular warmer water, wait and steep as long as you like, then I pour the whole batch including the grinds onto various veg. plants I grow outdoors, such as chile peppers ( or even indoor plants). I do suggest that you not take the glass press outside to water the plants. Transfer into a nonbreakable container.

Kale Caesar Salad

Number 4. above says add wilted kale.

In the main story you say "Another great thing about it is that the kale won't really wilt, even after many, many hours, so this is a great dish for potlucks and parties: make it in advance and it'll be just as delicious when it's time to serve."
Do we wait for the kale to wilt before adding it?

How to Toss Food in a Skillet

Dan, what a great world it would be if we can get away with taking back what we said with no consequences. Just say you were wrong.

The Best Sweet Use for Your Smoker? Smoked Ice Cream

And for cold smoking I bought this 18 inch tube( they have smaller, and the wood pellets.

Michael's Pizzeria in Long Beach, CA and the Problem With Lists

Any place that has classic ny style pizza. As Mozza and CPK are not ny style, they are the same to me. TO ME they are both irrelevant. Also,I think Mossa 's crust is terrible.

New Best Pizza in Los Angeles

I now have had the best ny style cheese slice in Los Angeles.I been to most places in LA and this is the best. 9th Street Pizza, in downtown LA, near the fabric district. Great crust,and taste.Just like getting off the subway at Penn Station and getting a slice at the various pizzarias.
Also, Pizzarito, in Marina Del Rey, is a close second.

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