I am a University student in the PNW who is poor and hungry, but I refuse to eat ramen noodles day in day out. I have found there are a myriad of ways to eat well, while staying frugal and safe.

  • Location: PNW
  • Favorite foods: Fish - Ahi Tuna or Sockeye Salmon
    Bird - duck
    Mammal - elk
    Veggie - bell pepper
    Fruit - apple
    Starch - risotto
  • Last bite on earth: mom's apple pie with a fat slice of melted hard cheddar

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Seattle Recs?

Cutters has some superb seafood. It's right next to Pike Place. Defiantly check it out (the website says crab house but don't be fooled, its a seafood fest).

Mae Phim is an awesome little Thai hole in the wall.

Sweets in Pike Place is easy, there are tons. My favorite is the old school doughnut machine that is just a few stands east of the fish market. (towards the big news stand and 1st ave)


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