Valentine's Day Giveaway: Peanut Butter & Co. Chocolate Hearts

DeBrand mocha truffle

Seriously Delicious Holiday Giveaway: Charles Chocolates

DeBrand Chocolate Decadence on a chilled plate

Seriously Delicious Holiday Giveaway: D'Artagnan Boneless Heritage Ham

Piles of thinly sliced ham on toasted rye bread with Hellmann's & iceberg lettuce...

Seriously Delicious Holiday Giveaway: Two Peter Luger Steaks

filet mignon

Seriously Delicious Holiday Giveaway: D'Artagnan Boneless Heritage Ham

Shaved ham piled high on toasted rye w/Hellmann's & iceburg lettuce.

Seriously Delicious Holiday Giveaway: Charles Chocolates

Debrand Chocolate Decadence

Seriously Delicious Holiday Giveaway: Two Peter Luger Steaks

filet mignon

Seriously Delicious Holiday Giveaway: Charles Chocolates

A slice of DeBrand Chocolate Decadence on a chilled plate...

Seriously Delicious Holiday Giveaway: Two Peter Luger Steaks

Filet mignon, of course!

Serious Eats Turns Three: Happy Birthday To Us

Happy Birthday to all of the SE team! Over these 3 years, you have constantly strived to improve content, come up with variety to appeal to all of us & most of all kept integrity as the main focus. Thank you!

Seriously Delicious Holiday Giveaway: Two Peter Luger Steaks

Mmmm...filet mignon.

I top my oatmeal with ______

Thanks Perky :) Oatmeal, trying to master the steel-cut variety but with little success.

I top my oatmeal with ______

I was searching for a new oatmeal topping for tomorrow's bowl...came to SE of course & jus happened to find this old talk post of mine. I'm planning on steel-cut oats topped with ____? Help!

Pimento cheese...what's your best recipe?

@CodysMom...Thanks for sharing your recipe...pimento cheese, haven't thought of it since a year ago...good recipe to start the new year :)

Seriously Delicious Holiday Giveaway: Two Peter Luger Steaks

Filet mignon is my kinda steak.

Seriously Delicious Holiday Giveaway: D'Artagnan Boneless Heritage Ham

Today's sandwich....thinly sliced, medium pile of ham, leaf lettuce, & Hellmann's on whole-wheat toast.

The Year That Was: The Top Talk Posts of 2008

Thanks for these highlights & to the SE team for recognizing & appreciating all of us on the other side of the computer.

Season's Greetings from Serious Eats

Thanks Ed, all of you at SE are the best!! Wishing all the SE community peace & joy today.

Seriously Delicious Holiday Giveaway: Edible Chocolate Box from Charles Chocolates

DeBrand Chocolate Decadence :)

Seriously Delicious Holiday Giveaway: D'Artagnan Boneless Heritage Ham

Thinly sliced cold ham, swiss cheese & crisp lettuce on sunflower kernal bread.

Seriously Delicious Holiday Giveaway: Edible Chocolate Box from Charles Chocolates

DeBrand's Chocolate Decadence served on a chilled plate.

Cook the Book: 'Baked, New Frontiers in Baking'

I have a huge sweet tooth nowdays...not so much as a child. I'd have to say my favorite back in the 50's was my aunt's homemade angel food cake with an amazing glaze drizzled over the top...

Win a Free Organic D'Artagnan Turkey Here!

I will order one Classic Thanksgiving menu with all the trimmings!

Cook the Book: 'Barefoot Contessa Back to Basics'

My friends & family know how well I always insist that I bring the paper plates & napkins :(

Win a Free Organic D'Artagnan Turkey Here!

I'll order one Classic Thanksgiving menu, please :)

What do you do with a bunch of bananas?

I read over on The Nibble site that coming up on August 27th is "Banana Lover's Day". Most days, I'm found eating a banana between breakfast & lunch...seems to quiet the belly 'til noon. Love bananas in just about everything! Nut bread, pudding, mmm...banana cream pie, on cold cereal, sliced in peanut butter quesadillas. Never eaten dried banana chips, tho' So...what's your banana speciality? Are you picky about the outside appearance of the peel? I like them best when they are all yellow & mildly freckled with brown spots. I've heard myths about using banana peels to "remove warts"...I knew they were packed with nutrients but super powers? Let's talk bananas.

How do you make the perfect ham sandwich?

A ham sandwich sounds really, really good right now...How do y'all make yours? Share your secrets :)

what kind of ham? thickness of slices?
your bread of choice?
what kind of cheese, if any?
other addtional veggies?
hot or cold?

What are your ham sandwich specs?

Can't sleep... what do you consume?

Seems like have read lots of "advice" for hungry insomniacs...warm milk, carbs, hot tea, glass of wine or no caffeine after 12:00 noon. Ahh...what works for you when you can't sleep & your tummy is growling? Hot chocolate is my first choice :)

My favorite cold cereal is _____

This was one of my talk questions back in what is new in your cold cereal world today? What are your favorite add-ins? Kind of milk? Time of day you most often eat cold cereal? Must be eaten out of a special bowl? Brand loyal? Let's talk cold cereal!

Would you rather give up bacon or french fries?

What...never eating bacon again? French fries taboo? I'll admit, the smell of bacon cooking was one of the reasons I added meat back into my meal plans. But... I'd never give up FF. If it came down to giving up bacon or french fries, which would you choose?

I throw a handful of raisins in ____ mouth :) Those giant-sized moist & chewy Dark Chilean raisins are pretty much a staple in my cupboard, I like 'em in all kinds of cold cereal & oatmeal, quick breads & my own blend of trail mix. Dark chocolate covered raisins are the best, tho' Even the salad I ate tonite came topped with some of these guys. What do you sprinkle raisins on? Entree uses? Even if you hate raisins...let's talk about it.

Hamburger buns...what's the best?

Since I have returned to eating meat, I am now craving a home grilled burger with the perfect bun...what buns do SE's serve hamburgers on? Any other bread-type suggestions?

I never knew ____ could be so complicated!

What easily-prepared-by others-dish or food always fails for you? Here's my story.... baked custard...simple, elegant, classic...easy. I cannot make it resemble the creamy, comforting memory of the little pyrex cupfuls eaten during childhood. What's a culinary struggle for you? Baking..? Grilling...? Picking out a good tasting...?

Is the kitchen the easiest place to... with friends and family? In the kitchen all the chopping, stirring, tasting and aromas set a relaxing stage for good warm "bonding" in my home. Some how magic happens when food is part of the focus...conversation can be serious or light-hearted. Do you communicate more openly while cooking or baking? Even if you are alone...maybe you talk or discuss out-loud with yourself! Or does your kitchen have a real or invisible sign..."do not enter or disturb the cook during cooking process"?

What Easter treats will you bake?

Do you bake cut-out cookies & decorate? Special bread or pastries? Make a unique shaped & decorated cake or cupcakes? Fill baskets with homemade candy? I shutter to think anyone actually makes their own PEEPS--ha!

What's your favorite warm weather beverage?

Still icy & snowy where I live...uhh, thoughts of sunny warm days & sippin' on something cool to drink. Iced tea or an extra thick chocolate milkshake would be my first & second choices. Do your beverages choices change with the weather?

You'll never see ____ on my grocery list

What food, beverage or ingredient would I never find written on your grocery list?

My list never includes any of these:
Cool Whip
fruit cocktail
cream of wheat
pop (aka soda)

Have you ever found someone's grocery list & thought.."what the heck was she/he thinking...gonna cook with that...or ?" Isn't there a site which posts the actual grocery lists found by others?

I add _____ to my oatmeal cookies

Coming up on March 18th is National Oatmeal Cookie Day--yay! What are your favorite add-ins? Dried fruits like dates (my favorite), apricots, dried cherries or big soft raisins? Nuts...maybe walnuts, pecans & I've eaten ones with pistachio nuts, too. Coconut? Spices? Chocolate chunks? Do you have a passed thru generations killer oatmeal cookie recipe or just use the one on the back of the Quaker box?

Does anyone bake Hot Cross Buns?

The seasonal sweet, current & citron studded hot cross bun is said to traditionally eaten on Good Friday. Joy of Baking cites a superstition that if hot cross buns were baked on Good Friday, they would never become moldy & one bun would be saved as a good luck charm until the next year's bun was baked. I usually manage to eat one when available locally. Being a chronic yeast-dough challenged baker, never attempted my own. Anyone make these sweetly spiced, dried fruit buns? Any local bakeries feature them around Easter?

The other kid's parents allowed cooler food....

Ellen over on the super Slashfood site had this post...thought it would be a great "talk" discussion here on SE. Were the food aromas different from what your family usually ate? Would you hang-out long enough to get invited to eat dinner? What food products did the other kids' kitchens have that made you green with envy?

What's your secret to the best tasting potato soup?

Potato soup is one of those universally popular comfort foods with a zillion variations. There are creamy, chunky, bisque, loaded-baked style, one's with bits of pork, potato soup to satisfy a vegetarian....Made with or without dairy...half&half provies even more richness. Can be seasoned with herbs or spices. Toppings abound....cheese, crisped potato skins, bacon bits...Potato soup can be rich enough to stand alone with only needing a salad to complete a meal. Served cold as an appetizer is another option. What's your secret to a killer potato soup?

Something I've never cooked before is a ______

A souffle! Is there a food or dish that feels so mysterious & intimidating that you can't bring yourself to cook or bake it? What's stopping you from taking the challenge? Ingredients, technique, proper equipment or....?

As`a kid, my favorite Easter candy was ____

If you were given a candy filled Easter basket as a child, what were your favorites? Chocolate eggs, jelly beans, those colored confection eggs (yuck), marshmallow choc. covered eggs, peanut butter filled....Least favorite? Did you go around the yard or house for an Easter Egg hunt for both real & candy eggs? Plastic eggs that are filled with candy or $ are kinda fun, too! Fancy-pants chocolate or cheapo, which candy would you like to find in an Easter basket this year?

How do you doctor up baked beans?

Yearning for some warm weather picnic-type foods like baked beans. What's your secret to the best tasting pot of baked beans? Start from scratch... all the way from soaking the beans? Based on canned ones? Molasses or maple syrup are well-known but do you add an unusual ingredient like say Coco-Cola? Shout-out about your recipe! Anyone eat 'em cold or maybe a cold baked bean sandwich?

I could eat my weight in ____

I know it's just an expression & probably highly unlikely that anyone could consume a food or beverage equal to their weight within a reasonably short time. But sometimes we just starting tasting a specific food or drinking our favorite beverage & just can't get enough. Cheese, chocolate, pasta, nuts, burgers or....?

How do you create the best tasting crunchy crouton?

I love the little bonus crunch croutions add to salads & soups! Do you have a secret seasoning & method to making these crisp bites? Kind of bread? Oil vs butter? Herbs or cheese? I like the large toasted bagette-type topped with melted brie or gruyere for soups. Any store-bought brands meet your crouton criteria?

Cheese-Filled Bacon Roll, Too Much of a Good Thing?

Photographs from FoodProof Is there such a thing as too much bacon combined with too much cheese? Look at this Bacon and Cheese Roll—a log of woven bacon strips rolled around cheese—and decide for yourself. (My answer: "Yup.") [via Holy Taco] Related Serious Eats Gift Guide: For Bacon Lovers Druids Eat Baconhenge Monuments for Breakfast All Aboard the Meat Ship, Matey Bacon Mat Reloaded: BLT... More