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I need a Cheese-less pizza idea.

How about proscuitto, figs, and honey? The sweet/salty combo is always nice.
Or you could do smoked salmon, scallions and roasted peppers
Clams, garlic, spinach, and quality evoo would also be delicious

In NYC for 36 hours...

I second the walking tours. There is a great "sweets" walking tour of the LES that will allow you to try a variety of items at the restaurants that specialize in them (eg a doughnut @ The Donut Plant, rugaluch from Katz's etc). And you get to see the city at the same time. You can go to Time Out NY to get various walking tours and other activities that will be going on in the city during the time you are here.
I also think Eataly is a great idea.
As for activities two ideas are 1)go to Top of The Rock to get a great view of the city, 2) walk over the Brooklyn Bridge (which would be easy to do if you did the LES tour).

Brunch near Union Sq?

Thanks to everyone for the suggestions and hi to my sister (Hi B :-) ). seriousb you are correct, we are in NY (however SF suggestions are noted as you never know when I'll need the info!). I think we are going to try Lillies on 17th street- has anyone been? The menu looks pretty versatile and the restaurant is very cool looking. (seriousb, not only were you correct about the NY comment but also on the Whole Foods thing- we eat there all the time!)

Lunch near the Brooklyn Botanic Garden (Prospect Park)

I was at BBG last weekend and we walked to Press afterwards for a late lunch. They have a lovely outdoor seating area in the back (no wait on Sunday at 230) and an extensive selection of sandwiches and salads. All of the ingredients are very tasty and high quality. Enjoy!

NYC Bar for Bookclub??

My book group has had success at Bowery Wine Co in the East Village. We went on a Sunday at 1pm. It was warm that day so we sat outside and got wine and sangria. The menu lends itself to group dining as they have thin cust pizzas, hummus, guac, salsa and things of that nature.
Have fun!

Mimosa Brunch Ideas

I had a brunch for 6 and made this which guests loved:
Make Ahead Eggs - Individual Baked Egg Cups:
1- Layer the bottom of each of 12 muffin tins (or however many you want) with 1 piece each of prosciutto
2 - In a skillet, saute chopped shallots and spinach.
3 - When shallots fragrant and spinach wilted, scoop a bit of the mixture into each cup
4 - Crack one egg into each cup
5 - Sprinkle freshly grated parmesean cheese on top of each
6 - Bake in over @ 350 for 10-15 min (depending on how well cooked you like eggs)
7 - When done, allow pan to cool a bit before handling and then gently lift each serving out of muffin cups (I used a knife around the sides for this part- you will find the proscuitto has formed into a hard shell to hold the egg in)
8 - Arrange on platter and allow guests to help themselves

Feel free to change up combination of veggies / cheeses you use here- recipe can be quite flexible!

Downtown'ish NYC restaurant recommendations for a group

Momofuku Ssam Bar. It is on east side and does not take reservations but you should be OK on a Tuesday night and the diverse menu which focuses on sharing is great for a group

Omakaze under $40??

1 or 8 in Williamsburg is the best Omakase experience I have had in all of NY. That includes Yasuda. I believe it is $50 for the omakase and the only way to do it is eating at the sushi bar. We initially were seated at a table and when the manager heard we were doing omakase he insisted we move to the bar. The pieces were served one by one and incredibly fresh and smooth. I could not say enough about how much I love this place. (an ps- their dumplings are fantastic as well). It is off the beaten path but SO worth the trip!!

I need some ideas for New Years Eve dinner please

I just want to thank nique jim for this post because I am doing surf and turf menu as well for New yrs - boiled lobsters, seared filet mignon, and baked potatoes for dinner. Caviar to start and plenty of champagne of course. Could use a great sauce for the steak and trying to figure out a wicked dessert to end the meal!

What Are Your Favorite French Fries In New York?

Hands down Peter Lugers in Brooklyn. Could be better than the steak itself.

Seriously Delicious Holiday Giveaway: Two Peter Luger Steaks

I know it's not the fanciest but gotta go with skirt steak. While I tend to order filet mignon more when dining out, my love of skirt steak dates back to when we used to bbq is when I was a kid. My brother would take an the end to an italian loaf, scoop out the inside, and stuff in steak, making a steak hot pocket of sorts. Whenever I have skirt steak I think of that- yum!

What do you eat for dinner the night before Turkey Day?

Sushi for sure- the complete opposite of what is in store for the next day!

Whole Wheat No-Knead Bread

Thank you!
@Climbhighak - is this based on the Times Whole Wheat Recipe that uses 2 cups Whole Wheat and then 1/2 cup each of whole rye and cornmeal (so would I still be using the rye and cornmeal?)?
Also did you do the overnight rise on the first rise?

Tomato Sauce and Panko Crusted Fish

Thank you! I think I am going to rub the halibut with some pesto and ause that as a sticking agent for the panko....
I will probably start from a can.

I am making a dinner for 6 seafood lovers people who are all pretty health concious so I was thinking of doing a piece of the fish for each person then a big bowl of whole wheat penne or linguine with a tomato mushroom sauce maybe with some shrimp in that.

Then possibly no-knead whole wheat bread if I have time....

Would love any thoughts anyone has...

Menu Ideas?

I did a similar themed BBQ...for dessert we did chocolate-stuffed twinkes. You cut a slit in between the two holes on the bottom of the Twinkie then gently puch one or two squares of a Hershey bar into the cream in the middle. Grill on each side for a few minutes - the choclate melts and the sugar on the outside seals up the slit and gets a little crispiness to it. People loved it!

Advice: group of 7 in NYC (November)...looking for great eats!

Definitely try Momofuku Ssam bar- so great for a big group so you can try everything.

Dinner Party Suggestions

Thank you so much for your suggestions! This would be super casual. I love the idea of DIY - perhaps I could do the tacos plan and allow people to choose between 3 proteins - fish, chicken, pork - all of which I can prep ahead of time.
I am going to do an icebox cake for dessert and apps are all make-ahead.
My brother loves seafood and I sadly do not have a slow-cooker. Any other suggestions certainly welcome!
Thank you!!!

Everyone seems to love but I hate...

Spicy food - you are just hurting yourself- why inflict the pain?
Pumpkin anything

I wish I loved these foods because ppl seem to get such pleasure out of them but I cannot build up any tolerance. I believe my husband actually adds hot sauce to any meal he does not want me to take bites of!

What to do with limoncello?

I make this cocktail every year for a holiday party and always get rave reviews:

Citrus Champagne Punch Recipe courtesy Emeril Lagasse
Show: The Essence of Emeril
Episode: Quick and Easy Entertaining
Recipe Summary
Difficulty: Easy
Prep Time: 10 minutes
Inactive Prep Time: 2 hours
Yield: about 1 1/2 quarts, 8 to 10 servings
2/3 cup fresh lemon juice
2/3 cup superfine sugar
1 cup vodka
1/2 cup limoncello
2 teaspoons vermouth
1 (750 ml) bottle chilled dry Champagne or sparkling wine
Lemon twists, for garnish

Combine the lemon juice, sugar, vodka, Limoncello, and vermouth in a large nonreactive bowl and stir until the sugar is completely dissolved. Cover and refrigerate until chilled, 1 to 2 hours. Add the Champagne and stir to combine.
Serve over ice in highball glasses, garnished with lemon twists.

What's the Worst Burn You've Endured While Eating?

A few months ago I was eating a pre-half marathon pasta dinner (liguine with seafood and EXTREMEMLY HOT red sauce) and midway into my first bite, some of the sauce splattered on my lip. It burned immeditely and blistered the next day. I iced it that night but needless to say, the majority of the run I was still smarting from the burn...runners beware!

Cobble Hill Eats...

So many choices! For the best (and most inexpensive!) Thai go to Joya on Court Street. Pizza-
Lucali is a must for pizza.
Italian - Frankie 457 is amazing as is Po (both very reasonably priced). Also love Chestnut for a nicer dinner and their brunch is excellent as well.
For more casual sanwiches and stuff Boca Lupa is great. Also Buttermilk Channel for a cozy meal.
More of a trip but well worth it is The Good Fork in Red Hook.
For sushi (also a trip but to me it's so,e of the best I have had in the city) Taro in Park Slope.

cupcake alternative that doesn't involve the oven?

The trifle is a great idea and I know a similar recipe which may be one of my favorite desserts ever but uses pistachio pudding instead of chocolate. The flavor is a nice addition to the chocolate in Skor bars and cake and the color makes a bit more dynamic and visually appealing.

favorite stoned snack

In college I would take a pie crust, pour in jello (preferably cherry), let it set, then smother the rest of the crust to the top with cool whip. It was perfectly sweet and juicy and just slid down with teeth needed!

Some munchies like pretzels tend to be a problem b/c your mouth is dry - not an issue here!


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